Immigration Enforcers Differ on E-Verify Bill

In separate articles, two experts on the immigration debate take opposing views of Rep. Lamar Smith’s (R-TX) E-Verify bill that is being debated in Congress.

In his article on the New York Post, Kris Kobach, the current Kansas Secretary of State and co-author of the Arizona and Alabama immigration enforcement bills, says that while the Smith bill sounds good, in fact, it hobbles immigration enforcement as it was negotiated with the pro-amnesty US Chamber of Commerce and would establish a fairly toothless E-Verify requirement while defanging the only government bodies that are serious about enforcing immigration law — the states.

However, Mark Krikorian, head of the Center for Immigration Studies, in an article on National Review Online says that Mr. Kobach’s objections to the Smith bill, though real, just aren’t serious enough to outweigh the benefits of the legislation, adding that concessions in the bill aren’t a big thing to give away in exchange for all employers in all states to use E-Verify in hiring.

What do you think about their differing views and of the push for a national E-Verify program?

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