Will the Media Mind Terribly If We Say We Told Them So?

FAIR has appeared this year on a number of major TV news networks to refute the Obama Administration’s claim that immigration enforcement has been rising. Despite protests to the contrary – even by the anchors themselves waiving spoon-fed DHS statistics and shouting “you have to admit the numbers are up”- FAIR held fast and explained overall enforcement numbers are down. While criminal alien removals have increased, the administration is deemphasizing enforcement against non-criminal illegal aliens, and it is reflected in the lower overall numbers.

According to the just released U.S Department of Homeland Security Immigration Enforcement Actions 2010, it appears we were right.


Criminal removals 131,840

Non-criminal removals 263,325

Total Removals 395,165


Criminal removals 168,532

Non-criminal removals 218,701

Total Removals 387,242

The thing that’s really “up” is the PR spin of this administration that they are serious about immigration enforcement. Don’t hold your breath however for corrections, retractions or clarifications in the mainstream press.

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