Business Week Thinks You’re Unpatriotic

Picture in your mind the most fanatical advocates for illegal immigration. In all likelihood, your mind congers up images of militant ethnocentrists, or radical multiculturalists. Well, think again. Some of the shrillest advocates for illegal immigration are likely to be wearing hand-made suits and cashing-in on the tax credit for private jets. They also, very likely, maintain a subscription to Business Week magazine and have a Bloomberg terminal perched on their mahogany desks.

The current issue of Bloomberg/Business Week features a 1,360-word op-ed entitled, “How to Be a Patriot: Hire an Illegal Immigrant,” penned by Charles Kenny. Yes, the folks who have exported millions of American jobs to Third World sweat shops, who put nice shiny ribbons on toxic mortgages and knowingly sold them to you as “investments,” are the true patriots. Now, as their next act of patriotic selflessness, they want to give away your jobs to illegal aliens – that is, those they haven’t already given away.

Insatiable greed and avarice are bad enough. But in an age of supreme shamelessness, the gluttonous class sees their own behavior as nothing less than noble. Their moral imperative to further line their own pockets, in their estimation, justifies just about any act to achieve that desired end. “When a law itself prohibits doing the right thing, when it is immoral rather than just annoying or inconvenient, and when breaking that law does no great harm to any others, it is justifiable for people of conscience to choose to break that law,” writes Kenny. “Current U.S. immigration laws have all the moral standing of pass laws in South Africa.”

No doubt that is exactly why Nelson Mandela languished for 27 years in a prison cell so that he could serve as an example for those exercising civil disobedience in the great moral crusade to prevent “putting greens [from becoming]infested with crab grass,” as Kenny writes.

Critics often try to demonize those who advocate for true immigration reform as people who cold-heartedly want to deny those who have nothing an opportunity to achieve something. In fact, the labels and the epithets are more appropriately applied to those who already have everything and believe it is their patriotic duty to demand more.

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Ira joined the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) in 1986 with experience as a journalist, professor of journalism, special assistant to Gov. Richard Lamm (Colorado), and press secretary of the House Defense Appropriations Subcommittee. His columns have appeared in National Review, LA Times, NY Times, Washington Post, Newsweek, and more. He is an experienced TV and radio commentator.


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    The filthy rich wierdo kids from the sixties are the ones in charge now and are running our great nation into the ground! They realized that the bottom up approach didn’t work so they put on suits and cut their hair and now push their socialist agendas on America from the top down.

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    Illegal immigration is not just an economic disaster. In California, for instance, K-12 has gone from best in nation to 48th and is now over half Latino. Immigration is the basic cause of population growth that is swamping the country. says we must end chain migration started under Ted Kennedy’s Immigration Law of 1965.
    I loved this article, Ira Mehlman. Thanks.

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    In the decline of every great civilization comes a time (ours started with the filth and weirdos in the 60s) when evil becomes good, when wrong becomes right, and when common sense, the rule of law and moral sense become irrelevant. BUSINESS WEEK has just joined the weirdos.

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      This comment was none too bright.

      The hippies weren’t the downfall of America.

      The exportation of labor, the rise of offshore banking, these were the factors in America’s downfall. And the architects of America’s decline are assuredly well groomed individuals “wearing hand-made suits and cashing-in on the tax credit for private jets”.

      The “filth and weirdos” from the 60’s never exercised any control over this country.

      Get a brain!

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    Edward Koziol on

    What makes this bird think that hireing is patriotic,these illegals come here and undercut the American pay scale so naturally business owners want to hire them the les they pay to them the bigger their profit.But when they take over his business (ex: landscaping) he’l be singing the blues like a lot of Landscape owners in SC are doing.Ship them back and don’t buy newsweek.

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    Oops, just realized my ire was misplaced…. Businessweek was my intended target…. my apologies Mr Imehlman

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    Imehlman you’re an idiot…….. the illegal aliens have illegally poached millions of jobs from American citizens. 9.2% unemployment and a large number of underemployed Americans; how do you think that is fair! Illegal aliens are economic terrorists…. no real Patriot would ever hire an illegal alien!

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    Obviously this guys job is not threatened by the illegals so he has no skin in the game. He wants to take away an Americans ability to provide a decent life for his family so he can make a few more bucks…there should be a price to pay for trechery…