Why Is $113 Billion Illegal Immigration Cost Ignored In Debt Ceiling Debate?

While the debt ceiling debate rages and Congress is busy haggling over who should be taxed and what programs should be slashed, they’ve promised to consider all options except…one.

Lawmakers have chosen to forget that immigration is a discretionary social policy that by definition is designed to be adjusted to serve the nation’s broad national interest, particularly during difficult economic times. This discretionary policy is a powerful economic tool, but only if it is brought out and used.

Read what immigration reforms Congress could enact now to lower taxpayer burdens in this article that I penned for FoxNews.com.

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    I can not believe whenever I see the ever rising costs of illegal immigration in the U.S. that politicians do not pen the laws to rid the U.S. of these criminals. Will they ever take off the blinders and do the right thing for our nation? They must before like many other things in this country right now it is too late.