ICE Union President Accuses Administration of Deception on Immigration Enforcement

In testimony before the House Judiciary Committee’s Immigration and Enforcement Subcommittee on Tuesday, National Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Council President Chris Crane leveled some powerful accusations against the Obama administration and the political appointees who run ICE.

Speaking in favor of the “Hinder the Administration’s Legalization Temptation Act” or the HALT Act (H.R. 2497), Crane confirmed nearly all of FAIR’s assertions that administrative amnesty is being pursued via internal directives and memos in order to circumvent Congress’s refusal to enact it legislatively.

By broadly expanding the use of prosecutorial discretion, the Administration is manipulating immigration enforcement “to satisfy complaints from immigrants’ advocacy groups,” Crane told the committee. He also warned bluntly that, “law enforcement and public safety are no longer the priority at ICE; politics are the priority at ICE.”

The ICE union president also accused the agency of publicly touting policies that are not actually enforced, such as a task force to track down illegal aliens who do not respond to ICE correspondence. Of the program, Crane said, “the entire policy is merely another attempt by ICE to avoid enforcing violations of U.S. immigration laws for political reasons, while simultaneously attempting to convince the public that ICE is taking some type of legitimate law enforcement action.”

When political strategy trumps immigration enforcement, Americans and legal immigrants lose. They lose not only because entire categories of illegal aliens are given amnesty. They lose because the methods used to achieve it are not transparent and run in direct contrast to the will of the American people. Perhaps, most importantly, they lose because any time an administration in power asserts for itself the right to simply ignore laws it does not like or finds inconvenient, it is a threat to the very foundation of our constitutional democracy.

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Content written by Federation for American Immigration Reform staff.


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    With ‘revamped after acquiring different names’ Acorn organizations, DMV’s and Boards of Election working at full speed to register more voters(often without requiring valid proof of citizenship) and Obama’s open door policy that permits growing numbers of non-citizens to enter the US, will the US ever have fair elections again?

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    The so called” late, great ronald regan” started amnesty for law breakers and it has gone down hill since that time. It is about lowering American wages & eliminating the American middle class, obumma & napoliclowno just happen to be bolder & more aggressive than previous tyrants.

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      This is about the new world order people.This week in Florida there was a meeting held on Agenda 21.If you do not know what it is,you need to check it out. Illegal immigration is a big part of it.All of this is to keep your attention off of what is really happening,because they know that Americans would be up in arms if all of us knew the truth.Don’t think for one minute that all on the hill are not aware.They are part of it.They are the people who stand to gain the most.

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    This is the most DAMNING PROOF of the fraud Mr. O and his mis-administration are illegally undertaking for purely political advantages to them. The ‘Oath of Office’ taken by Mr. O in fact means nothing to him – I see him now as never before…this man is a fraud!! He makes George W. Bush look like a good President…

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      Oh please, they all do it. If you believe that Obama is the first your are sadly mistaken. We have been screwed by every administration.

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        Edward Miller on

        Is that a reason to keep getting screwed? Shouldn’t we, at some point, say enough is enough and attempt to effect change for the better or should we just sit on our collective a$$es and watch Charlie Sheen disintegrate on TV tabloid shows while shoving Doritos in our pie holes.

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      this reaaly reaaly makes me sick 2yrs ago ice agents told us here what was going on they said their hands were tied but because everyone is affraid the race card will be used nothing will be done

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    I just spoke my mind and you didn’t think it was worth printing.

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    When President Obama unilaterally decides to ignore enacted law he is usurping power unto himself and taking on dictatorial powers. Underlying the question of illegal immigration is the concept of the rule of law and constitutional government.. The evidence continues to show that the United States of America is no longer a constitutional republic.

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      Impeach him! Where are our checks and balances? Throw him out and send him to Mexico, all is friends are there so its a win win!

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      Yes, his majesty obama has decided in favor of the illegals. All you whinning citizens just suck it up, work longer and harder to pay for all this and then my work will be done (and the country too).

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    During the depression Herbert Hoover ordered the deportation of ALL illiegal aliens to make jobs available for Americans
    Harry Truman deported over 2 million illegal aliens to create jobs for returning vets.
    1954, Dwight Eisenhower deported 13 million mexicans “Operation *******” so WWII and Korean vets would have a better chance at jobs. It took 2 years but they deported them.
    dont forget to pay your taxes 12 -20 illegals are depending on us.

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    Attacked from outsiders and now insiders. Who is looking out for US Citiens??? we need those jobs. obama, you better start thinking.Your job is on the line here. We will never forgive or forget if a blanket amnesty is passed. In fact any amnesty. We want them OUT. Go home, illegals. We don’t need or want you here.

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      Obama just wants to give the illegals amnesty to get their vote! He knows his popularity here at home is dwindling and anyone with any sense at all won’t vote for him except for those that like handouts.

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    Thank goodness someone if finally speaking the truth. This Administration’s bent on destroying our country any way they can. Taking care of the illegal has cost us a lot of money, i.e., welfare, education, medical, prisons, etc.

    Finally an official who has not sold his soul and willing to speak the truth. God bless you!

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    Marshall Dillon on

    I agree with Federale – Where is the leadership on impeaching this president? He has obviously done enough on several facets of his administration to merit dismissal, and even conviction in federal court for lying, cheating and stealing his way through the past three years.

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      Obama should be impeached for not upholding his oath of the Constitution. Our country has been invaded by foreigners (drug cartels in our national parks). He and his administration are also trying to destroy us from within. No one has the guts to pursue impeachment.