La Raza Polls Itself and Finds Immigration Is Top Priority For Its Latino Activists

In a press release issued last Wednesday, the National Council of La Raza (La Raza), the nation’s most powerful Latino special interest group, tooted its own horn by announcing that a recent poll found that the issue of immigration (read amnesty) overwhelmingly trumped the economy, education and healthcare as the most important issue for Latinos. Who was part of this grand poll you might ask? Not 1,500 individuals picked at random, but the 547 supporters and attendees at the 2011 “La Raza” Annual Conference.

It seems rather absurd and self-important to issue a press release nationally to tout results of a completely unscientific poll of a self-selected group of like-minded people. But hey, when you are having a hard time getting your message across you will try just about anything, right? Talk about undermining your credibility.

On a more serious note, La Raza showed an enormous amount of arrogance in its press release by claiming that immigration is the most important issue without feeling it necessary to poll anyone outside of its circle of activists, especially considering our current economic situation.

On a side note, the final results of the poll showed that the issue of immigration couldn’t even muster 50 percent of the votes. It’s no wonder that even President Obama has avoided anything other than lip services when it comes to “comprehensive immigration reform.” NCLR [La Raza] has a hard time even selling it to their own members.

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    To all Latinos and Immigrants,we all have to OBEY the Laws of the U.S,so No AMNESTY Just obey our law and do the proper paper work to get your Green Card like everyone else,stop pretending to be something Special!!!!!!! And Obey OUR LAWS!!!!

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    Hey, this is not racists.This is law. Obeying the laws of the land. Citizens wanting to be treated 1st , not last. Balancing our budget.Imagin the difference if 15 million illegals were thrown out.unemployment would be over. We would import lots less oil.Lot less prision population.Lots less welfare, lots less crime, lots less everything bad that these uneducated, un American illegal bring to our country (see California) Think about it!

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    Are you surprise? There is still at least100 millions other voting Americans whom I am sure think differently.