FAIR Field Staff Making Inroads in New England

FAIR has been very active in New England over the past three months – most notably in the state of Massachusetts. We held informational meetings with representatives of the Greater Boston Tea Party and other activists groups in Boston, MA on August 1 and 2, and the response and enthusiasm has been overwhelming!

Local activists in Massachusetts are most concerned with Governor Deval Patrick’s opposition to participation in DHS’ Secure Communities Program and with the cost of illegal immigration to the state’s taxpayers. As a result, FAIR is currently working with activists to pressure Governor Patrick to reverse his stance on Secure Communities, to encourage legislation to address illegal immigration, and to encourage local law enforcement agencies to NOT ignore illegal alien criminal activity in their communities.

As a sign of initial success, the Governor’s recent actions have caused two Massachusetts sheriffs, Thomas Hodgson (Bristol County) and Joseph McDonald (Plymouth County) to publically challenge the Governor’s protection of criminal aliens.

If you are in the Boston area, you can learn more about our efforts on Saturday morning (Aug. 13) on WCRN/AM830. I will be a guest on the John Weston “Conservatively Speaking” show at 7:30 AM to discuss illegal immigration. Stay tuned for more to come.

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    As a “Maine-iac” involved with the restrictionist movement I’m glad to see FAIR working in New England. FAIR has been helpful in the past and I appreciate their efforts. New England, particularly Maine, doesn’t have the huge problems with illegal immigration that the southwest does. Still, we’re starting to see more illegal aliens all the time.