Joe Wilson Was Right About ObamaCare for Illegal Immigrants

On September 9, 2009, President Obama addressed Congress as part of his push for a health care “reform” law. One of the things the President said that night was that “the reforms I am proposing would not apply to those here illegally.” In response, Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC), shouted out “You lie!” Wilson later apologized for the outburst, and the House voted to rebuke him.

However, now that HHS has begun disbursing grants for community health centers for migrant workers, it’s clear to see that President Obama’s promise isn’t bearing up. Instead, as statements from HHS (reported by CNS news) make clear, these clinics “won’t ask about or collect data on citizenship or other matters not related to the treatment needs of the patients seeking health services at the center.” These clinics are targeted at a migrant workforce with a significant number of illegal aliens.

Congress should think hard about what the President’s promises are worth the next time an immigration bill comes up for debate, because as the administration’s record on “prosecutorial discretion” has made clear, what the President says and what federal agencies do are not always the same.

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Content written by Federation for American Immigration Reform staff.


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    My wife came to the US illegally in 1996 and we were married in 1998. After 2 years she was able to receive legal permanent residency. It cost us 1400 bucks to the INS for fees and penalty plus the Immigration Atty fees. Not cheap but the only way to go for us. She does have many friends who are Illegal aliens and I could fill this page with stories of abuse and fraud that takes place in the hispanic community. I e-mailed all my reps (Obama down to Mayor) last year about the immigration problem but they pooh-pooh the issue. As long as illegal immigrants are able to receive Food stamps, Sec8 housing, free education (not available in mexico sadly) and any other government benefit they can lie their way into getting , they will never leave. If you check the FED website it says people here illegally are NOT elligable for federal benefits but that’s a crock. Again, if these laws were enforced there would be even less incentive for them to stay. We can’t deport them all sadly but we can sure as hell make it harder for them to stay. Hell, I have an illegal Brother in law that collected the $8,000 tax break because he bought a house in 2009. He is a manager at a McDonalds. My other illegal Brother-in-law is the HVAC and IT guy for 12 McDonalds restaurants. He bought a new house in 2007 and just missed out on the Tax break unfortunately. My Insurance Agent also tells me it possible for illegals to aquire auto coverage without a drivers license. How is that, I have to present my License get auto coverage. Have you been to a swap meet or flea market lately. 75% of the booths are now hispanics. Up until a year ago there were only about 5% at my local flea market. E-verify is having an effect but not nearly enough. I am sick of this and will no longer stand on the sidelines! Who has a petition I can sign?

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    I am a first generation American, natural born, and more than proud of this fact. I have honorably served in the United States Army and worked in Detroit, 11 years, in the Chrysler automobile plant, paid my taxes and kept my nose clean. I have been actively fighting “illegal aliens” for 55 years. I lived in California for 50 of those years. I am completely 100% against illegal aliens, and I never refer to them by any other title. Undocumented is used by people who for some ridiculous reason cannot call them by their rightfully earned titled of illegal aliens. I do suggest a moratorium on our immigration allowance and note that other countries are supposed to be allowed in with their quota. I suggest a 5 year moratorium on all further immigrant for that same five years.. The implementation of E-Verify, and that checking in time should be les that several years. Hire someone to close the matter in a lesser time, so those illegal aliens can return to their native land, in the shortest possible time. I m glad that my parents decided to come here legally. One never ha to fear the cry of “immagracion” and the flight from the officials raiding your workplace. Further, the child is not being wrentched from their parents, unless they have been incarcerated for further dealings with our courts. Drive them to a special place on the border, let them off and recross at that point, with their necessary possessions. They can apply for legal entrance, to become valid after the five year moratorium and the legal applicants who were forced to wait and first welcomed into golden door. God bless every bit of our America. By the way, for those of who do not know about it, direct action can be furnished to your Congresemen and Women, through http://www.NumbersUSA .Please forgive errors, for at 80 yes old, my cataracts do not allow my vision to be what it once was.

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    My brother was murdered in Fresno Ca. by an illegal more than 25 years ago. Ronald Reagan gave amnesty to more than 3 million one year later. The California State police wouldnt even look for the perportrator. He was a known criminal to them. Their excuse was ” he will go back over the border until things cool off” it happens all the time. Bush sr. did nothing about illegals during his administration, Bill Clinton did nothing for two terms, Bush jr did nothing about the flood coming into the US during his two terms and Obama seems to be following suit. The US Congress and Senate have done nothing for decades except give more and more incentive for the illegals to come, free education, free medical etc. The business communites around the United States and world for that matter have the politicians in their hip pockets. Cheap labor is what business wants. Until the businesses that hire illegals are punished with heavy fines for the first offense and license suspension there after nothing will change. NO EXCUSES

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    Margaret Paddock on

    This one his plan from the beginning – to lead America into a World Government thus making it a “third world” nation. He is doing a good job of it with the help of those that think we need entitlement programs to help everyone. The do gooders just happen to forget that there is not enough money to “spread” around and when the going gets tough even the poor will pay more by doing with even less.
    The Beast is championing his workers with short term success, but God can and will prevail. Pray with faith!

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    Colin E Kerdachi on

    The guy that was Obama’s room mate at Columbia University, says that Obama prayed 5 times a day, and was a devout Muslim, and that no one will listen to him, in fact he was threatened if he did’nt “mind his own business”, Boy! do I believe him! This guy won’t let us drill, thus sending $800 billion a year to our enemies, that can turn the spiggot off any time they want! Does’nt make me feel too safe! Giving them money to blow us up!! Sound good to u, Yes! then u’re nuts, or one of the stupid uneducated fools that voted for him!! Reminds me of “none so blind as those who will not see!”
    Our president says what ever his audience wants to hear! He is nothing but a bold faced liar! He is making our country unsafe, siding with our enemies, Assad has killed over 2,000 of his people because they’re protesting having NO FREEDOMS, did our president ask him to step down?? No way, and Assad hates us and what we stand for!! But Mubarak, who kept the peace for 30 yrs, kept the very radical Muslim brotherhood in line, and was PRO USA !! get’s told to step down by our Muslim president!! and he was our friend for 30 years, and did’nt kill 2,000 protesters either! Guess who is about to take over Egypt? Those wonderful America hating Muslim Brotherhood, that Obama literally put in power!!
    When the students in Iran, who are very pro USA , protested in the streets, what happened to them? They all got shot, did Obama ask their “Down with America” president to step down, NO ! OF COURSE NOT! Makes u think!! For yr own good look up “Cloward and Piven” and see where our country is going! Greece here we come!
    Guess who refused to have a CHRISTIAN Prayer Breakfast, but had one for the Muslims yesterday! and praised them telling them what a great contribution they’d made to America, and how they’d help protect America, guess he meant 9-11 !! Is this guy effing crazy!!?? Once again he says what they want to hear!
    Muslims don’t wear jewelery during Ramadan, guess who was’nt wearing his watch at the press conference? Obama!! when asked by reporters where his watch was, he said it was in for repairs, sounds OK! Right? but No wedding ring, guess that was in for repair too!? That’s why I call him a Muslim?
    He is bringing this country to it’s knees, and that’s why u should read “Cloward and Piven” are u in for a rude awakening! ” Long Live Our America”, not Mexico’s America nor Obama’s America, but that great country I came here to be part of!

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    As a 56 year old California native, I am sick and tired of these CRIMINAL FREELOADERS invading our country, comitting heinous crimes and killing American citizens, filling up our jails, overcrowding our schools and hospitals (at taxpayer expense, of course) and living off the backs of the hard working people of this state!!

    Our “president” is determined to coddle and reward these lawbreakers with amnesty for the sake of advancing his own political career at any cost to the future detriment and destruction of this state and our country. His arrogance, ignorance and ego motivate his every move, carefully orchestrated to dismantle and destroy this country! His contempt and hatred for the U.S.A. and it’s people is OBVIOUS to anyone with a brain!

    As California has a “Three Strike Law”, I believe that illegals have committed STRIKE 1 by ignoring and disrespecting immigration laws by sneaking across the border in the first place! STRIKE 2 occurs when they are given employment (mostly accomplished with criminal activity – IDENTITY THEFT- as part of the deal……) and work “under the table” thereby avoiding paying their fair share of income taxes (both State and Federal) This makes them guilty of TAX EVASION! Any and all crimes committed after this (minor or otherwise) = STRIKE 3 and should result in a one way ticket back to and/or incarceration in the country that they came from at that country’s expense. Any and all U.S. financial aid to the home countries of these LEECHES should be cut off IMMEDIATELY if they refuse to comply and deportation should still take place!

    The “Anchor Baby” law should have been changed 30 + years ago!! Because of the generosity of the American people and laws, we are now being unjustly accused of breaking up and separating families, as the children of these undeserving criminals are given automatic citizenship!! The anger of these freeloaders, La Raza and other RACIST GROUPS is unfairly misdirected at this country!! They are “gnawing” on the hand that has fed and supported them instead of directing their hostility and discontent towards the corrupt governments and sleazy officials that robbed them of all opportunities and freedoms. They have allowed their home countries to continue existing as lawless dirty disgusting “Third World Hell Holes” controlled by the drug cartels!!

    If we had a president that told the TRUTH and was HONEST with the American people that elected him to do a job, he would PROTECT us from any and all enemies (unfortunately, that is what illegals have become….) our borders would be secure and U.S. citizens would not have to worry about falling victim to these undocumented opportunistic predators or bear the unfair financial burdens that they create..

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    Illegal Immigrants are still streaming across our borders and will continue to do so until a security fence is built, they are documented properly, and all of the freebee benefits are curtailed in a constructive manner.

    Previously the United States constructively documented immigrants as well as allowing a specific number to enter our country each year. Each country was given the privilege of sending a specific number to live in the United States. Applications and proper forms were required and a specific Agency viewed the applications and gave their approval or disapproval of the immigrant’s entrance.

    This is the intelligent safe way to allow immigrants to enter our great nation for them to live, work and become a prospective legal tenant of our great nation.

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    The one thing you must always remember about any politician is not to listen to his words but to pay attention to his/her actions. Actions speak louder than words !!

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    why do I keep reading:
    if this president wants to be re-elected..blabla..Does any one wants this man to lead for another 4 years..?? NO ONE even the ignorant that screamed in 1998:”Obama is going to pay everything for me and I don’t care where he gets the money from”.
    I only pray that he will continue playing his atrtocious games and downgrading us, our society, our constitution, our prosperity..because he is good for no one:::: except his zars, his friends, his family, his enormous ego, the Muslim world and Kenya.. does any of you care about the lastest ????

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    Obama and his fellow Democrats and Liberals, and also his lap-dog Socialist from VT, ALWAYS lie.
    There is no news here.
    Other than, maybe, that it is being reported by CNS.

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    Granting amnesty to 12-20 million illeglas, which is Obama’s plan, would forge a permanent Democratic electoral majority. It would sounds a death knell for our nation’s sovereignty.

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    It should be perfectly clear to everyone that what this president says and what he does are two entirely different things! The only hope for this president to be re-elected in 2012 is to get the votes of illegals as his base. He has no qualms about lying to any of us about his true agenda for this nation that he hates so much.