SPLC Continues Scamming the Media and Public with Phony Claims

SPLC claims the number of “hate groups” increased 66.4% from 2000 to 2010, yet FBI statistics show a 30% drop in hate crimes from 2000 to 2009 (2010 not yet available). What gives?

What gives is that the SPLC uses an invented and undefined “hate group” label to stigmatize groups they don’t like and then claim that the number of those groups is rising each year. On the other hand, the FBI uses a well-defined, legitimate and measureable term “hate crime” and simply reports the facts.

The facts contradict the bloated claims the SPLC uses year after year to retain their relevancy. So instead, the SPLC often cites that specific populations – Hispanics for instance – are increasingly victimized as a result of the “heated rhetoric” of the immigration debate. Here again, the facts say otherwise. In 2000 there were 763 Hispanics victims of hate crimes, while in 2009 there were 692. When properly indexed to account for Hispanic population growth during that period, the incidence of hate crime against Hispanics has dropped 34.6%.

That’s very good news for America, but very bad news for the SPLC. Less crime doesn’t stoke the donor base of an organization whose fortunes depend on creating the illusion that there is a surge of dangerous groups operating in America. And it doesn’t keep their membership in a perpetual frenzy – or a perpetual state of giving. But inventing “hate group” labels and claiming that America’s internal threats are rising does. And it delights the SPLC’s “non-profit” fundraising department which generates fistfuls of money by manufacturing bad news – donations of $32.8 million and total assets of $250.8 million to be exact, according to their most recently filed 990.

Granted, the far-left agenda of this organization has been obvious for years; most Americans know that the SPLC would indict a ham sandwich as an extremist threat if it served their goals. Yet, their attacks are increasingly vicious and the SPLC’s list of individuals and organizations they identify as “hate groups,” and whom they hope to silence, is expanding. Most disturbing is the fact the SPLC has never been held accountable for their actions, further emboldening its McCarthy-like crusade.

So What is a “Hate Group”?
The short answer is “who knows?” No definition exists for “hate group” in federal statutes or anywhere in any law. The label was concocted by the SPLC and the organization itself has offered only vague and varying definitions, which makes the term an exceptionally flexible weapon for it to wield, and exceptionally difficult weapon for a victim to counter. Since the SPLC has taken it upon itself to determine what constitutes a “hate group,” just about anyone can be tarnished. Lacking any useful specificity, the SPLC uses this highly charged term to dupe the public, stir the pot and increase fundraising.

Undisciplined journalists unwilling to test the accuracy of the information or question the motives of the source, simply parrot the “hate group” labels. And of course, if a lie is repeated often enough it becomes perceived as truth. In the electronic age of researching decades old information, and in which everybody and his brother is pretending to be a credible “reporter” on the internet and on blogs, the myths and exaggerations keep getting recycled and keep getting more extreme.

Are there nefarious individuals operating in America? Absolutely, and they should be tracked and stopped. But allowing the SPLC to have free license to affix inflammatory labels to individuals and groups whom they oppose politically is antithetical to a healthy democracy and tramples our precious First Amendment rights.

Ultimately, the actions of the SPLC demonstrate that its goal isn’t stopping hate, it’s shutting down debate.

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    The $PLC is a discredited organization, truly despicable. Whenever I see this rogue group mentioned or quoted in a news story, I stop reading right away as I know that the reporter is sloppy, biased, and/or lazy.

    Keep up your great work FAIR.

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      It seems that SPLC’s definition of what constitutes a hate group is what makes their statistics valid(?).

      For them hate groups fall into the following categories:
      1. Those who hate SPLC
      2. Those who hate President Obama
      3. Those who hate the Tea Party
      4. Those who hate scientists who think humans cause global warming
      5 Those who hate liberals
      6. Those who hate the GOP and most of it’s presidential hopefuls
      7. Those who hate people who do not favor illegal immigration
      8. Those who hate telemarketers
      9. Those who hate high gas prices
      10. Those who hate cell-phone users in libraries.
      11. Those who hate welfare recipients
      12. Those who hate unions

      These are just a few of the many haters in our society. How many groups are formed to represent them depends on how many website designers are out there looking for easy donations. No wonder SPLC’s list is growing so fast.

      Of course, by smearing any group they don’t agree with SPLC itself becomes eligible for Hate Group status.

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        No they recieve taxpayers money through anti-american orgs like LA RAZA, WHICH IN RETURN RECEIVE MORE TAXPAYERS MONEY FROM THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION.

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    Right on! You have got their number (SPLC). Goto their website and try to comment on any of their BS and incorrect statements and they will not post it. They like to keep their members in the dark and feed them a good dose of their one sided propoganda. Yes, as long as there are stupid people in the world, they will always keep the donations coming in. They don’t care about anyone or this country, they are in it for the “MONEY”.

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    Only a complete imbecile would believe the BS coming from this utterly useless organization!