President Obama Trashes Our Constitution to Grant Amnesty to Illegal Aliens

Imagine that a stranger that you have never met one day shows up on your property and decides to pitch a tent. You approach him and kindly ask him to leave your property, but he refuses. You walk back into your house, lock the door and call the police. However, you are told that there is nothing that they can do – unless the stranger tries to actually break into your house or physically harm you, their hands are tied because trespassing is not one of their priorities.

Last week the Obama administration, stating that it makes “no sense” to use resources to remove illegal aliens who have not yet been convicted of felonies, announced a plan to conduct a case-by-case review of all individual cases currently involved in removal proceedings. This approach will basically allow the Administration to dismiss all cases that do not meet its “priorities,” namely all illegal aliens who have not been convicted of a felony or terrorism.

Not only will removal proceedings against “low priority” cases be dismissed, including all of those who would have been eligible under the repeatedly failed DREAM Act, but the Administration plans to grant work authorization to those who have their cases dismissed – essentially giving the equivalent of amnesty to hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens.

Efforts to push through amnesty under the guise of immigration have gone nowhere over the past ten years, because the American public has steadfastly opposed the idea. However, the president is attempting to ram amnesty down the American people’s throats, defying Congress’s exclusive authority to make immigration policy.

The president’s actions last week make this more than an immigration issue. The move is a direct challenge to our constitutional separation of powers. If allowed to stand, President Obama will not only have instituted sweeping changes in our immigration policy without authorization from Congress, but will have set a dangerous precedent that severely weakens the system of checks and balances established by our founding fathers.

Americans must respond to this assault on the very foundation of our democracy. You can call your Representatives in Washington and tell them to vote in favor of the “Hinder the Administration’s Legalization Temptation Act” or the HALT Act (H.R. 2497), meant to prevent the Administration from further abusing its prosecutorial discretion to grant administrative amnesty to certain classes of illegal alien. You can also call the White House (202-456-1111 or and voice your opposition to policies that condone illegal activities and fail to enforce the immigration laws of this country.

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Content written by Federation for American Immigration Reform staff.


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    Call your representative and demand impeachment of anyone who attempts to bypass our laws on removing illegals.
    If your representative refuses, initiate a recall petition?

    Refuse to pay taxes!

    The people have been lead about by their noses by our courts and govt for much too long!

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    Everyone should really consider what this means. The leader of our country has disregarded and gone aginst our constitution. If it doesn’t stop here, our country will not be worth living in in the very near future. It’s not to be taken lightly no matter how sorry you feel for people from other countries. There are LEGAL ways we can help others without degrading our laws and constitution.

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    i believe president obama is trying to do the right thing.It makes no sense for illegal immigrants to stay in this country and enjoy our resourses without paying tax to the government.Our borders should be secured to prevent further entry and those illegal immigrants who have not committed any crime to this country but are only trying to survive should be given work authorization.

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    If Congress believes Obama has usurped their Constitutional authority to determine immigration policy, it would help if they would says so. While Congress clearly has the power to make the call, if they don’t assert their prerogative, the Constitutional issue at stake won’t likely find its proper expression. Silence could be seen as to imply assent. If that’s the wrong message, shouldn’t we expect Congress to do something about it.

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    Joanne or whatever you call your self, you don’t come on a public website/forum and insult people. everyone is entitled to their opinions,where ever you think you come from, your fore fathers are immigrants, this is a land of immigrants,found by an immigrant.I am an immigrant and understand all what you are saying, even the enviromental impacts that is caused by people that don’t pay tax is not sound very interesting to me. constitutional law and separation of powers is extremely important in any country. disregarding the constitution is no it, because people will think its a play thing,however, if you are a considerate person, you will understand that people that are living in this country illegally, and has not committed any crimes,only trying to live the American dream, which i think is a mirage, should be given the opportunity to pay their fair share to the govt, of course, they work and make money, does not change anything,they should pay taxes like other people and stop living off people, they enjoy the good roads,enviroment, e.t.c. The govt/immigration will also make money from it.

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    I notice the person saying Obama knows best is—wait for it—Hispanic!

    Remi: I know best: go back to whatever Latino country you snuck in from.

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    Anybody Home? on

    Post my comments; you present a site for discussion, but like LaRaza you shut down the debate! You decide what is acceptable when the majority of Americans are shaking with frustration and rage!

    What is FAIR doing besides offering phone numbers…I already know my rep’s number…he is in agreement with again the majority of Americans, but he talks out of both sides of his mouth just like all politicians…shut down the borders, stop welfare of those that illegally enter, blah, blah, blah – anybody that has had their lives destroyed by illegal aliens can offer and offer and offer only to be ignored by those that have a voice: Our professional politicians; our sanctimonious academia, our movie stars, our idols protected by gated communities and our mainstream media – our supplier of news who have betrayed themselves as journalist and the trust long held by Americans…for what, illegal aliens? How about those that wanted to be Americans bad enough that they waited, and waited; they followed the laws; they came with respect for this nation, because they wanted to be Americans…not Mexicans et al in America. Law abiding as opposed to law breakers…you let them get in front of the line and reward their lawlessness…then you expect that they will be good Americans…you foolishly are destroying this nation of laws…for the lawless!

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    “He knows the best for American citizens”…has Media Matters hijacked this site? This indicates a person incapable of thinking for himself or the reprecussions of this failed administration.

    Be honest, don’t you have the feeling that this president is a puppet for those more interested in the global/world economy, more interested in the demise of all that this great nation stands for, more interested in lowering our wages and our borders…not birthed from compassion, not birthed from dedication and devotion to America and our citizens, but birthed from greed, hate for this country and power?

    I too want to know what our elected officials are doing on both sides of the aisle to stop the ra pe of this country. This isn’t about party affiliations Democrat or Republican, left or right, conservative or liberal…but it is all about the wellbeing of our country. I am furious with every member of Congress and our Senate…have they forgotten our citizens and our demands? Who will stand up and stop this backdoor amnesty? Who cares about America – who has the character, the integrity, the strength to demand that illegal aliens be sent home – we still have laws…I am sick to my stomach at watching my neighborhood turn into Mexico et all, I sick of the Spanish language…most of all I am sick of pandering lying politicians…and I know that I am not alone…do we have to take to the streets, is this the goal of total shut down of this nation…divide and destroy? Do some you, pansies!

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    susan mariano on


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    So we either have to vote for Obama again, or vote for a Republican and hope he/she will enforce our immigration laws, but along with that comes continued tax breaks for the wealthy, no more abortion choice for women, pushing Christian agendas on us. What is the answer? I’m so sick of this. We have 1 million LEGAL immigrants coming in every year, with 9.5% unemployment makes no sense….

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      I didn’t vote for him the first time and I won’t next time. But its true, the alternative choices are not so good. And now that we have a horde of imported voters to vote for him and his gang. how do we stop it when “normal” people don’t do their due diligence on their votes?

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    OK, so we can call our Reps and tell them to push the HALT Act, but seeing as how this will not get through the Senate even if it passed the House, WHAT ARE OUR ALLIES IN CONGRESS DOING ABOUT THIS???

    Is FAIR pushing Lamar Smith or Jeff Sessions to hold hearings, or defund the relevant rogue departments??

    I’m not mad at FAIR, but I want more than a few statements from Pete King, McCaul or Lamar Smith. What is the GOP going to do about this? How can we stop or roll this back? Can we? What is the game plan, other than trying to elect a new president next year…

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    Today, President Obama is our President. He knows the best for American citizen and we all support his leadership. No more no less.

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      Joanne Edmiston on

      To Remi Adeyemo and Stacy Lamart:
      It is ignorant people such as you who are aiding and abetting the worst President in American history and causing this Country’s free-fall into a “third-world” economic and political dictatorship.
      You both are part and parcel of what is wrong with America today.
      I am Ashamed to call you countrymen.
      I would even be quite surprised if you, Remi, are in this country legally!
      You both need to be force-fed lessons in Constitutional law and the Balance of Powers. Neither of you belong on this web-site as you both come across as ignorant sheep.
      Try posting on CNN or MSNBC where fools are welcome.