Alabama Law Hits Temporary Roadblock

This week, a federal district court judge in Alabama temporarily enjoined the state’s new immigration enforcement law, HB 56. The law—which covers a wide array of immigration matters including employment, voting, education, and enforcement—was scheduled to take effect Sept. 1. However, due to the temporary injunction, stakeholders will have to wait possibly until the end of the month for a ruling on the legality of the law (according to her order, the judge will issue an opinion on the merits of the case no later than Sept. 28).

Despite arguing in its complaint against Alabama that the federal government has “preeminent authority” over immigration and that federal law does not permit a “patchwork of state and local immigration policies,” Obama’s Justice Department continues to allow state and local governments with sanctuary city policies to persist without consequence. Unlike many of the provisions of Alabama’s HB 56 that mirror federal law, sanctuary city policies directly contravene it. Nonetheless, the Obama Administration continues to go after state and local governments, which bear the bulk (75 percent) of the costs of illegal immigration.

See the latest FOX News interview with FAIR’s Bob Dane discussing the Alabama lawsuit here.

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    Screw what the judge says, enforce the law anyway. Her ruling is unconstitutional and therefore does not have to be obeyed. We can’t continue to allow these liberal judges to make law. Only the legislature makes laws. Arrest the judge for Malfeasance of Office. Report her to the state bar association and have her disbarred. Fire the State Attorney and hire one who knows the law and will do something about it. Get off your asses.

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    It is an evil travesty that our citizens cannot even obtain the low-paying jobs in America. Even the Wal Mart stores are hiring illegals. California doesn’t blink twice about hiring them on all levels. Americans are being out-sourced like extinct dinosaurs! Seniors who desperately need jobs to keep abreast of the economy since they are denied a COLA are very rarely given any type jobs. Our teens cannot get any low-paying jobs because of illegals. Our medical systems are over-burdened with non-paying illegals while the waiting rooms pile up with them. And our government keeps giving them more and more assistance on all fronts, even into education. Wake up Americans!

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    This Is Another Example Of The ‘Federal Government’ Denying The Citizens Of America the Means To Protect Themselves From The Invasion Of Interlopers From Mexico And Central America. How Many States Will It Take For The FEDERAL GOVERNMENT To Defend Its Citizens”! The federal Government Is Derelict It It’s Duty. Namely, defending America’s Borders’! OBAMA And His ‘Stooges’ Must Be Repealed In The Next Election’!