New CA Law “Accommodates” Illegal Aliens

State Senator Gil Cedillo’s (D-Los Angeles) mission in the California Legislature (if not life itself) has been to allow illegal aliens to obtain California driver’s licenses. Only the veto pens of former Governors Gray Davis and Arnold Schwarzenegger have kept him from achieving his mission.

Cedillo is nothing, if not determined. Since he has been unable to get driver’s licenses for illegal aliens, he is now trying the next best thing: Eliminating meaningful penalties for driving without a license.

Today’s LA Times reports that the California Senate has approved legislation that would prohibit cities from impounding cars for 30 days from sober drivers caught at DUI checkpoints driving without a license. The bill is now on its way to the Assembly for final approval.

Proponents of the bill have said that the impounds “unfairly” target illegal immigrants (because most of the people driving without licenses – and insurance – happen to be illegal aliens). But what is abundantly clear is that there seems to be no law that is inconvenient to illegal aliens that the California Legislature won’t change. This in a state that is facing a budget deficit of over $14 billion in 2010-11, and is hit with an estimated $21.8 billion in annual expenditures on illegal aliens.

In California, it seems, even public safety has to take a back seat to making sure that illegal aliens can do exactly what they want to do. Here’s to hoping that Governor Jerry Brown gives it a thumbs-down realizing the foolishness of this new bill that, in essence, gives illegal aliens license to drive without licenses.

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    Since many boards of election require valid proof of identity instead of citizenship to apply and vote, is mass voter fraud being perpetrated by Boards of Election across the nation, – AND will elections be stolen by our own boards of election in the future?

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    Ana Zuniga-Maus on

    As I said before, we got governor Davis recalled few years ago and we can get Brown also if he continue to cater to illegals and go for every thing Sedillo wants for his illegal friends. We should unite and clean house, just like other states have done, we need new blood in Sacramento, we need representation for the citizens of this great state. Right now most of the elected officials are representing the illegals, not us, they don’t care that the state have record unemployment, they refuse to enforce immigration laws and free the jobs for our citizens, they cut teachers and classes from our schools with the excuse of the budget, and they give illegal kids a chance to go to school and compete for the few classes left open and now they will give our tax money to help them get an education, awhile many citizens cant send their kids to continue their education on this economy. None of this make any sense to me and unless we unite and tell them we got enough, they will continue doing what ever they want. All the new laws been pass in Sacramento are aimed to help illegals, as if the citizens here don’t have any problems, they should be working on putting people back to work and help the economy, but that is not a priority to them.

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      I totally agree with this lady. My son could not get the classes that he need to complete school in four years
      So it took him five. This was at a state collage. Also we are hard working middle class, single widow but make just slightly over the cutt-off to get scholarships or grant money. I work two jobs for this income. My son also works a part time job and a a full time summer job. If this state wants to get ahead we should start electing libertarians and republicans. It seems that every state that has had great economy has had either one as governor. I think most politicians are opportunists but we should stop re-electing people who don’t keep their promises. Most of all we should demand a change in term limits. We don’t need people in the gov who make it a career. It was not intended that way. Of course people did not live as long when they wrote the constitution. These people who stay in government accumulate two much power. It’s not good for our country. Most of all we need our citizens to be actively involved in what happens with our state and country. Read about these people. See if they have shown that they are honest smart people. Sara Ortiz

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    Charlene Norris on

    It’s our own fault…. One bill Gil should have been impeached, and we put Moonbeam back in office, for those who remember his first time around we should have known better (I can say with honesty I did not vote for him this time either) Politicians like Cedillo, do not represent their constituents, they represent a foreign government. Unless he is admitting that illegals are voting and living in his district without consequences. Tony Villar is another good one, with the tattoo’s removed, and a fancy office and title oh and don’t forget the name change to Anthony Villaraigosa a known leader of Mecha! We need to do something and fast California is imploding due to our own mistakes.

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    Colin E Kerdachi on

    Great Idea ! but it won’t happen, as Californians are hell bent on destroying themselves! They don’t need any help, and We the People are not bailing them out! If they love illegal aliens so much, let them pay for them to live for free!
    My idea u ask? With hold taxes! with NO MONEY HOW ARE THE POLITICIANS GOING TO BUY VOTES! As the tax base leaves for over taxation of businesses. They use the money to support illegals welfare, there will be less and less tax money coming in from taxes, so up goes the taxes to get more money to waste, until a point where there are not enough people or businesses to get tax from, so up it goes again taking from less tax paying pool!! All they will be left with is NON TAX PAYING ILLEGALS who have got used to paying no taxes! so who pays the bills now! Illegals go into the streets and protest, when they get nothing,they will riot!Police will come in, and because of POLITICAL CORRECTNESS , the police will have their hands tied,the rioters will burn and loot everything! and u’ll all wish Darrell Gates was around still! Good luck with the illegals! they’re entrenched and not going anywhere! Thanks Jerry Brown! Now I know why they call him MOONBEAM!! moonbeams come and go!!

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    Everything that I have ever posted about “reconquistas” ( their main focus (NOT JOBS) see: from this historical event: (1)
    is coming to past. I live in Virginia and even here when I visited the Wal-Mart there were thousands. WE HAVE BEEN INVADED. And, as I have see repeatedly, the ONLY way to stop it is to repeal the 14th Amendment to the US Constitution. This is the loophole that gratuitously allows them to increase their overwhelming demographics. Pretty soon, situations such as that in California will permeate every state in this country to the detriment of US citizens to benefit Hispanics as their numbers continue to grow. Now estimated to be at 45-50 million and growing daily. Any day you’ll see pregnant members of this ethnicity who know the US will not knowingly separate or deport families whom have American citizens in their families. THEY KNOW THIS. Unfortunately, liberals are hell bent on seeing to it that the whole of South America enters, stays, and is bequeathed citizenship in this country. This WILL NOT make this a better country. Read the information in the URL sites I’ve provided and extrapolate for yourselves the fate that awaits this country, NOT FROM CHINA, NOT FROM RUSSIA, NOT FROM IRAN, NOT FROM AL QUEDA. The enemy is already here and has done so without firing a shot.

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    Open Borders Movement Flexes Muscle Again
    Last Updated: Mon, 08/29/2011 – 10:30am
    Under intense pressure from the increasingly powerful open borders movement, a major U.S. city is abruptly ending a federal law enforcement partnership responsible for dramatically reducing its record-high crime rate.
    Known as Operation Community Shield, the program targets violent street gangs by sending special Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents to assist local police in areas infested with gang activity. In this case, the northern California city of San Jose enrolled in the program a few months ago because a steep rise in gang violence pushed the homicide rate to the highest level in decades.

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    While it makes no sense to impound a motor vehicle for 30 days (as the law is now!) for a driver driving without a license SOBER (regardless of whether the driver is legal, illegal, etc.), it makes even LESS SENSE for those who DO NOT HAVE DRIVER’S LICENSES to have PHYSICAL ACCESS TO MOTOR VEHICLES! WHY IS THERE NO LAW THAT PREVENTS THIS? If those who don’t have driver’s licenses, COULD NOT HAVE ACCESS TO A MOTOR VEHICLE TO BEGIN WITH, this whole “driving without a license” issue would NOT be a problem, regardless of the immigration status of the person! Then again, that would make too much sense, which CA legislation is not known for (on an even more onerous note. those who get caught DRIVING UNDER THE INFLUENCE, STILL get their cars either: a.) NOT IMPOUNDED AT ALL, or b.) impounded for what will become the same length of time to get a car out of impund, once the new law here in CA kicks in (01/01/12).

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      Who the hell votes these idiots into office in California????? Do the illegals have voting rights in California?

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        Phyllis, yes these illegals do vote, they vote by absentee ballot.they voted Jackass brown and boxhead in the last election our voting laws are a joke.All across the state they voted where are the republican leaders.They’ve told me they can’t do anything about it. I’m planning to leave mexifornia.

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    Calif. the state with the most to lose must have incredibly stupid people that are voting for the public officials in that formally rich state which is soon to be bankrupt both financially, and morally by pandering to illegal aliens. Send them home, empty your prisons, and send the gangbanger’s home. This is not a reflection on Hispanic’s it is a reflection on scum that break our’s, and their own laws. Also that means all illegal immigrants no matter where they come from Europe,Asia, Africa,the Middle East, and South of the Border.

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    OMG! Here in Calif. we have been dealing with this illegal stuff for almost all of my lifetime! Doesn’t someone understand this is illegal?!

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      When we had Prop 187 proposed over a decade ago, 49 other states were screaming that Californians were racist! I wonder what they are screaming now that THEIR state is overwhelmed with illegals and the country is going broke!

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        Racist? They scream WE are racist. It seems to me the very title of their group LA RAZA ( translation THE RACE) IS racist–theris. This whole thing makes me sick.

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      Barara, if you’ll read my above post, you’ll find that California is one of the target states as provided for within the URLs accompanying the post. Visit those sites and you’ll find that Mexico, and Hispanics in general, feel those states actually rightfully theirs and therefore have a perfect right to be here. WRONG.






      If you will take the time to educate yourselves, you’ll discover that these people are NOT here primarily to look for jobs, although that may be a side benefit, but with the support and urging of MEXICO are here for the stated purpose of recapturing, or “reconquista” of those named states. Study your census and you’ll discover these states are heavily populated with Hispanics. States, such as Virgina, Georgia, Carolina are just capturing the overflow. If we don’t demand our congressional representative address the issue of the 14th Amendment which grants automatic citizenship to any person BORN IN AMERICA, “Anchor Babies” will continue to perpetuate the ever increasing deluge and influx of these invaders and just strengthens them until American society and culture will be forever choked off and changed and , trust me, America will NEVER recover.

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        RE: ‘they feel these states are rightfulyy theirs.’ Something that is completely forgotten here. Why do Hispanics speak Spanish? Because THEY were the conqueror starting in 1521 when Cortez came here to conquesr the Americas. Seems to me all Hispanics should go back where they came from : SPAIN before they have a word to say to Americans, who paid Mexico for they land the ‘took’ as a a result of the Spanish/American War.

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        Actually, I think the Reconquista is just the propaganda being fed to the useful idiots. Think for a moment. What better way to overcome serious opposition to the formation of the North American Union than to divide and disenfranchise legal American citizens, one vote and one state at a time? Add to this the fact that this administration has deliberately set the stage for WWIII in the Middle East, and you have the perfect storm. Win, lose or draw, the last of our country’s strength will be spent, and we will have little choice but to capitulate to the creation of the NAU and a one world government. In less than ten years, our troops will be returning home to a very different country and culture. I am not sure there is much we can do to stop it now, as events have been set in motion that nobody can control at this point.

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      Is there a sign on the borders going into Ca…that says leave your common sense at the door? Got Liberalism?

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    I wouldn’t put any faith in Moonbeam to do the right thing and veto this outrageous legislation should it go to his desk. He’s done nothing but pander to the ethnocentric extremists.

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    We are losing California to Mexico! Its slipping away folks and the pols are very happy about this.Isn’t it amazing? Well the I hope that when the last native American is evicted, he/she brings our flag with him. they ( the illegals) would just crap on it. God save America. No one else will.

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    I woder if all legal insured drivers can sue the state for passing that law if they get in an accident w/ one of those drivers …Lawyers, the city has deep pockets!!!!! By the way the constitution states law makers cannot exempt themselves from any laws!!!! The people of Calif. should demand that the names of those that vote yes for the law to pass be posted so they can be sued civily HELLO LAWYERS!!!! thank you……

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    Not until one of those cars hit a politicians child, wife, or parent will they be against their own ruling!!!! Can’t wait for that time… Lets see how important that vote is!!!! thank you…