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Bad gets worse in California.  For many years illegal aliens in that state have qualified for in-state tuition.  Three months ago, Governor Jerry Brown signed the first half of the California DREAM Act allowing illegal aliens to apply for state-funded scholarships and aid at state universities.  Yesterday, Brown inked the second portion of the act giving illegal aliens the right to apply for state-funded scholarships and aid at state universities. Common sense dictates that illegal aliens should not be allowed to even attend universities, let alone access programs subsidizing and enabling them to do so. Not only are they not residents of California; they’re not even residents of the United States! But could it be that enough is enough, even in California? New polls indicate most Californians are overwhelmingly opposed, left and right…. California Assemblyman Tim Donnelly (R-Hesperia) is about to find out how deep that opposition really is as he launches a petition drive to force a ballot initiative that could overturn the legislation.   Donnelly is fiercely determined and the odds are that his efforts will at least put the issue directly in the hands of voters….Speaking of fiercely determined, President Obama’s Department of Justice has ratcheted up its fight against Alabama’s new immigration enforcement bill. Immediately after a Federal District Court green-lighted most provisions of the bill, it took about a nanosecond for the DOJ to file a challenge in the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta seeking to overturn that decision. Meanwhile, the legal immigrant community in Alabama is being exploited by far left special interests who are whipping up rumors of roundups,  profiling, and lawlessness even before the law goes into effect.  The Southern Poverty Law Center – centered in Alabama – is leading the charge, reporting that a “humanitarian crisis” is unfolding.  It should be a very good month for SPLC fundraising as they try to equate Alabama with the Sudan….Say Adios to the term “Illegal Alien” in newspapers. The Society of Professional Journalists just passed a resolution to urge newsrooms to drop the terms “illegal alien” and “illegal immigrant,” Too bad because the term “illegal alien” works just fine. “Alien” is a word precisely defined in 8 USC Section 1101 and is used by all legal professionals across the board including the United States Supreme Court.  Use it and you’ll be in good company.  One has to wonder what alternative term would be quite as objective and appropriate. “Undocumented Workers?”  With a few keystrokes the illegality is removed and it suggests all are gainfully employed, which they’re not.  Plus many illegal aliens, do in fact, have documentation – it just doesn’t belong to them….with the rising violence in Mexico, could immigration attorneys and special interests be coaching illegal aliens living in the U.S to file for asylum status?   One illegal alien in Alabama was quoted in an Associated Press article saying, ‘We’re afraid to go back to Mexico because of the drugs, the cartels and the killings.”  A trend to watch.

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    I get so upset over the immigration issues. I have been trying for 3 yrs to get my English husband approved for permanent residency. No one ever speaks to the fact that when you try to do legally the cost, the time, the stress. I am his sponsor, he can never ask for help in the way of aid. But, he is not asking. he is a very successful man in his own right. he would be an asset to the US. But no one ever speaks of the people who want to do this legally, I feel no sympathy for the illegals. However, it should not be so costly and stressful for anyone who is above board.

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    wilbur roberts on

    Let’s see if I got this right – an illegal alien can break US laws (i.e. violate national borders, use false I D , steal someone;s SS #), and the punishment is: simpy to be sent home! (by the way, that’s what “deportation” actually is – being sent back to one’s homeland) But, If a US citizen breaks the law, ttheyre not “sent home” they’re sent to prison!

    And, regarding familiies in such cases being “broken up” – when an illegal alien is sent back to their home country, they can take their family with them. What happens when a US citizen goes to jail? Isn’t their family ‘broken up?”

    Finally, regarding the Dream Act: since when are children allowed to gain from the illegal activity of their parents? Can the children of a US citizen who robs a bank, for instance, keep the money that was taken??


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    I forget which left wing pol used the term undocumented citizens. I’m not positive but I think the idiots that “We The People” have selected to represent us in Washington believe that they are there to come up with an endless stream of oxymorons. It is time to flush the political system clean of over educated, Ivy League, elitist tools and send some Americans who have actually held a job and balanced a budget (even if it was their own) to drain Nancy Pelosi’s swamp. Illegal alien is the terminology because they aren’t legal and they aren’t Americans. Legal aliens, on the other have gained permission to enter the country. If you are offended by the language, don’t violate U.S. Immigration Laws. Problem solved.

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      You are not a citizen if you have no documents. you should have a Birth certificate, but since Obama doesn’t seem to have a valid appearing BC himself, and the country feels they owe him the benefit of the doubt. That was stupid every other person who runs for office is required to have the proper paperwork. As for the( Society of professional Journalist) ain’t crap without a place to publish the stuff they write, and if the newspapers, both print, and electronic, and magazines aren’t read or subscribed to and these so called news outlets go broke sooner than they are anyway then these papers magazines, and cyber news units and their editors best call a spade a spade, and Illegal immigrants what they are, and not do any more politicization of a crime against America.

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    Ann Wilson Kingsley on

    Since we have laws against illegal immigration, how is it that we have a president that can get by with fighting state laws on illegal immigration and essentially giving amnesty to illegal aliens? And, yes we know, Mexico has a problem with drug cartels, but the only way Mexico will ever change is for the citizens of Mexico to stand up against the drug cartels and make the change. Because of all of our illegal immigration, we now have Mexican drug cartels operating in this country. We cannot allow every Mexican citizen or citizen from any other country for that matter to come to the U.S. They need to stay home and clean up their own countries because ours is becoming a mess from all of the immigration, legal and otherwise. It is time people in these other countries were made to take responsibility for the problems in their countries instead of running to the U. S. to mess it up. The principal reason for the fall of the Roman Empire was too much diversity from too much immigration: People were fleeing to the Roman Empire because the Roman Empire provided a safe haven. The idea that the United States must clean up the problems in every other country when we cannot even begin to handle our own problems is both ludicrous and insane.

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    “It should be a very good month for SPLC fundraising as they try to equate Alabama with the Sudan”

    Yes, as part of its never-ending fear-mongering fund-raising campaign the SPLC was bemoaning the fact that “thousands” of Hispanic children were dropping out of Alabama schools last week.

    This week, however, the Decatur Daily published the actual numbers. Last Monday, 2,285 of Alabama’s 34,652 Hispanic students were absent, including those with excused absences, or 6.5% of the total. By last Wednesday, that number had dropped to 1,357, also including excused absences, bringing the total to 3.9%.

    Of course, stating that 96% of Hispanic students were still in Alabama schools last week doesn’t bring in the almighty donor-dollars nearly as well as the “imminent disaster” scenario, but the SPLC has never been big on accuracy in reporting.

    Two weeks ago, the SPLC’s $147,000 dollar-a-year public relations guru Mark Potok was caught on video admitting that his much vaunted “Hate Map,” the SPLC’s primary fund-raising tool which claims to identify “1,002 hate groups in America” was actually nothing more than “a very rough estimate” and “an imperfect process,” at best.

    Potok admitted that he had no idea where up to 20% of his alleged “hate groups” were hiding, though the actual number is 262, or 26% of the total.

    Unfortunately, the media, the donors, and even the DHS take Mr. Potok’s spurious numbers literally.

    Some “experts”