Obama Getting No Love on Immigration

When President Obama unveiled his administrative amnesty policy in mid-August, his hope was that the majority of Americans who oppose amnesty for illegal aliens wouldn’t notice, and the vocal minority who do would remember him fondly come November 2012.

It hasn’t quite worked out that way. Not only did the American public notice that President Obama was granting administrative amnesty to millions of illegal aliens (and even offering work authorization to some illegal aliens), but they noted his constitutionally questionable end-run around congressional authority. The Administration might even have expected to catch some short-term flak for its policy decision. But what they probably didn’t expect is that they’d come under fire from illegal alien advocates. Less than two months after the policy decision was announced, the president is being criticized by the illegal alien advocacy network for not going far enough or acting fast enough in carrying out the administrative amnesty policy.

According to Politico, the administrative amnesty announcement “stoked huge expectations in immigrant communities that deportation of mostly law-abiding illegal immigrants will end immediately.” As much as the president might like to accommodate those expectations, political realities have forced him to maintain the pretense that he is enforcing immigration laws. To do that, the Administration has tried to ratchet up the deportation of criminals, including those convicted of “minor” offenses. This effort has not pleased the illegal alien advocacy network which believes that only violent criminals should be subject to removal.

The political timetable also appears to have forced the Administration to make the announcement before they were ready to implement the policy. ICE Director John Morton admits, “We are still working as a department to develop the process and guideline” for administrative amnesty. Illegal alien advocates are putting the president on notice that their patience is wearing thin and that unless an administrative amnesty policy is in place soon he will have risked the wrath of most voters only to disappoint his political base.

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Ira joined the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) in 1986 with experience as a journalist, professor of journalism, special assistant to Gov. Richard Lamm (Colorado), and press secretary of the House Defense Appropriations Subcommittee. His columns have appeared in National Review, LA Times, NY Times, Washington Post, Newsweek, and more. He is an experienced TV and radio commentator.


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    Obama must go
    Americans must take a trip to Washington to protest, and threaten not to pay property tasxes. If we hit the politicians in the pockets they will listen to us.

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    NO AMNESTY please. Somedays mexicans can occupy in White House, Congress & Justice branch just by votes only. They do not neeed use guns or anything if tle level of invasions continue. NO MORE ANCHOR BABY & all anchor babies are illegals because the law only apply for slave people at that time only not apply for anybody now. NO country in the world is aloud anchor baby. It’s ridiculous. I know why anybody want to live in USA because it’s the last FREEDOM country on earth. The best country on earth but Obama regime & liberal congress destroyed it. I hope we can get back our prosperity in Nov. 2012. God bless USA.
    Liberal democrap communist all over our government level & schools. NY trash protesters are products created by failure brainwash of our school systems.

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    The human population of the U.S.A. is significantly beyond the carrying capacity of the American land mass. Why are our “leaders” pushing hard to increase the population?

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    Michael Walters on

    law-abiding illegal immigrants? Isn’t that an oxymoron? Didn’t they brake the law entering this country? There”s no such thing as an law-abiding illegal alien. They come here and drive wages down steal Identities so they can steal Social Security numbers so they can steal Jobs from Americans. And this is Law-abiding? I think not NO Amnesty send them all back and secure our boarders. And Obama should be locked for treason because he failed to stop an invasion of this country and supports this invasion.

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    We don’t need to increase funding to the courts… Just DEPORT them. THey are illegal just on the fact they have no papers and are NOT US Citizens. Why do we need to add the expense of the court??? Send them home PERIOD.
    NO AMNESTY of any kind… What part of “NO” doesn’t this congress and president understand???????????

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      You are absolutely right these felonious invaders of this country deserve no more consideration then any border jumper. The simple fact is most every woman comes here to have their anchor babies, and get our state, and federal government to pay the bills, and of course any benefits they can steal. That is also the way they get their legal bills. No more ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS none ever.

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    When Raegan was president he gave amnesty to these lawbreaking illegal aliens because they would pick the crops that American workers wouldn’t do so why do we need more freeloaders.Answer because once they were citizens they to didn’t want to do the jobs to do the jobs Americans wouldn’t do.

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      Mr. Reagan thought he had a deal with Ted Kennedy, and other liberals, but of course they renigged (sic) and have searched high, and low for new voters, and below the border has always been their first choice. No deals with the left, or the invading illegals.

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    “of mostly law-abiding illegal immigrants will end immediately,” this doesn’t sit well with me. These illegal immigrants are not law-abiding citizens, they have broken our laws by coming (or staying past the legal time on a travel visa) into our state with our being accepted as a legal immigrant by going through the process that our own families (which is always brought up as a rebuttal) did when they came through Ellis Island or any other time befoe this wave of illegals in the late 20th century and in this century. Obama thinks that by impressing the mexican voting block that he will win the election. I have the distinct feeling that he is going to be a 1-term president. Not that I really believe that any other politician will do a better job considering that once elected the most important issue for a polititian is to plan to get re-elected and it seems that nothing else matters except that and returning favors for those who gave money and whatever else it took to get them elected in the first place of which they owe someone(s) something everywhere the turn. Viscious circle of our National leaders, now that is fearful. I want him out of there because he is such a liar. Not only is he a liar, he doesn’t seem to care that any one knows this and thinks that he will win on his charm. Hey I have some really charming dogs, but I don’t want any of them want to be president, besides they lie also to get their way with me, just like Obama is doing to all of us. He is a chameleon changing to fit the crowd that he is currently in, for example when he is was speaking to the black caucus, he became a down home black boy and when he speaks in other arenas he becomes whom ever he thinks will be the most influence on that particular group. No love for you from me, Obama, because nothing you could do now would change the way I think of you now and I voted for you. Call me a flip flopper, because of Obama I switched over and re-registered to vote as a Republican. Now what?

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      There are NO law-abiding illegal immigrants they are law breakers simply by coming to this country without even a day pass, or any form of visa it requires more than ” I WANT A BETTER LIFE AMIGOS ” if it wasn’t the rest of the world would throw us out, and take what ever they want. One world government is for suckers.

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    We do not need to increase funding to the courts. We need more ICE raids so people will self-deport. As NumbersUSA says – Attrition through Enforcement. Every time ICE has done a raid, several thousand people go home. And hundreds of people line up to take the jobs held by illegals. A Win Win.

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    My great-grandfather came to this country to work, to learn English, and to become an American citizen. He didn’t sneak in, and he idn’t demand welfare. Can’t we keep it that way??

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      He came when this country was wide open with land, and work for those whom wanted to become Americans, not those that take jobs from those that belong here, and sent the money back to the land of their birth, don’t pay any tax except sales tax that they can’t avoid.

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      how long was he waiting for his visa/?….o ooo he did not need a visa back then….but now u are citizen .. bunch of crakheads

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    The following sentence in your article is really curious.

    “According to Politico, the administrative amnesty announcement “stoked huge expectations in immigrant communities that deportation of mostly law-abiding illegal immigrants will end immediately.”

    Did you ever hear of a square triangle? Isn’t it similar to a law-abiding illegal?

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    Wayne Crawford on

    I have a close relative that works for the U.S. federal court system, the problem right now is they don’t have the resources to deport all the people in the system. What we need is to lobby congress to increase funding for the courts so they can handle the workload, until this is done we will not be able to overcome Obama’s argument that we must only focus on the criminal element because the courts are over burdened. The U.S. attorney’s office needs more judges and lawyers to do the job correctly

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      Pathfinder0100 on

      We don’t NEED to deport ’em!! Just get e-verify passed. No jobs for illegals and they go home. It works!!!!!