D.C. to Illegal Immigrants: Don’t Ask – Don’t Tell – Don’t Worry

While the Department of Justice is suing states like Arizona and Alabama, cities and states that blatantly ignore federal immigration laws are getting off scot-free. To the list of cities refusing to cooperate with federal immigration authorities, we can now add the seat of the federal government: Washington, DC.

It is absurd for a city almost wholly supported by the federal government to provide sanctuary to illegal aliens breaking federal laws. Check out my take on D.C.’s sanctuary city policies in “D.C. to Illegal Immigrants: Don’t Ask – Don’t Tell – Don’t Worry” on FoxNews.com.

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    Immigration’s Onslaught: Overloaded Nations and Failing States

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    When there weren’t many people living on welfare, people didn’t mind. Now that welfare is abused, there is a great deal of disdain for ‘baby mommas’ and others who live off society. Immigrattion seems to be following this same path. Our country is built upon the notion of immigrant coming here and working hard for a better life. Now, because of welfare, immigrants come here to be supported by taxpayers. Although people are complaining about illrgal immigrants, the truth is most immigrants are using our welfare system. We can’t afford to support them and we ar enot morally responsible for them. As far as Mexican immigrants (the majority), their standard of living is far better than most other countries in the world. If we want to help people, we should be looking at Africa, India and other areas where people live in abject poverty.

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    Maybe DC is the best place for illegals. Let them all go there. It’s not like CA with lots of space. Perhaps if enough of them crowd out everyone else, the idiots in congress and the rest of the fools in power will do something about it. Statistical law: the more there are, the higher the chances of someone “important” getting killed or maimed. Then the tune will change.

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    As long as illegal immigration provides cheap labor for anti-American businesses, and its anti-American supporters provide votes, it will continue. And until we elect people who care more about this country and its citizens than they do of the welfare of those who laugh at our laws, it will go on. Not one of the Republican hopefuls will come out and demand that illegals leave and enforce every immigration law and use every means possible to rid this country of them, the invasion will continue. I am a lifelong Republican, but I don’t see much difference in the two parties when it comes to this. They are all too cowardly to do an “Eisenhower” and demand illegals leave and to tell the world we’re no longer its dumping ground.

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    i, like all americans, want this on the national ballot asap so we can put illegals to an end and kick them out of our country! Our government has no damn right deciding the future of illegals and anything they try to mandate would be illegal because only the american people have the right to make that decision period! i for 1 would vote all of them out! john george columbus ohio

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    Office holders like the Mayor take an oath to support and defend the Constitution. Deliberately encouraging illegal aliens (who are not under the jurisdiction of the U.S.) to take up residence in violation of federal law surely is placing the security of the nation at risk. This has to be prosecutable, if not impeachable or cause for recall. After all, if a broken promise of marriage is a prosecutable breach, why in heavens name is flouting federal border and immigration law for political gain not? Perhaps all that is needed is the public will expressed to public prosecutors.

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    Some of this people are just trying to survive just like we the US citizens are, I know some day one of you is gonna need some help one day so always take into consideration you may be in the same situation one day and we will see who is gonna give you a hand when you need it most.
    Some of this illegals have no choice how would you feel if you as a mother or father had to run 20-50 miles away from your family to get enough money so your little ones can eat and keep a roof over their head?

    Instead of fighting to kick em out why not work with their government to help them stay in their home, help them have in their home land what they are so desperately looking for here a better quality of life. Instead of been selfish be a Good Samaritan been nice is better and it feels good too!!

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      Tell that to the president of mexico who sent back 2 Cubans who asked for asylum. They both had college degrees and wanted to work. They asked for LEGAL ASYLUM. These aliens don’t ask, they just cross illegally and demand their rights. They are ILLEGAL, they are CRIMINALS, they BROKE the LAW. What part of that do you not understand. By the way, my mother was an immigrant. She walked in on 2 feet, she learned the language, she did what the Constitution and the government said she must do. She didn’t have a president who wants to destroy the country. At that point, who’s going to take care of anyone? Go back where you came from and work to fix that place instead of sucking this one dry.

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      Government doesn’t protect us citizens. It gives more and more to illegals. Time for us to put a stop to this! If voting doesn’t solve it, then it’s time to take other measures.

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    Uncontrolled iimmigration is s disgrace. It benefits only the Democrat party by offering a pool of ready voters who have no stake in the process and after the vote for one party they become a huge drain on our already strained medical and social systems. No other country would dream of having such a helter-skelter policy, the danger of which is about to be demonstrated Bin a wreckless and selfish act by Barac Obama. It is widely held that he will grant immunity to huge numbers of undocumented interlopers as a means of assuring him of the votes needed to guarantee him another term. He and the Democrat party do not care that this act could do irreprable harm to our nation.

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    Why does the US put up with and cater to illegals? What is “illegal”? It means not legal. Why do we have laws then? They come over illegally then have their anchor babies, get on welfare, get good stamps and WIC. Companies that knowingly hire illegals should be severely punished and fined…then maybe they would stop. If we did not hire illegals, they would not come here. There are plenty of Americans who can do the jobs of illegals. We have Americans on welfare that can do the jobs that illegals are doing. Get rid of all the illegals in our jails and send them back to Mexico. Why should we take care of them. How about we make a deal with Mexico and pay them 1/8 of what it cost to maintain an inmate here and let them keep them in a Mexican jail. We’re taking care of illegal inmates anyway. At least this way we would not waste so much money on these illegal criminals!

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      How about if we charge Mexico with the cost of sending illegals home!!? That way, maybe the mexican government would help to stop the flow of illegals breaking our laws and illegally crossing the border?
      This is totally out of hand, and our politicians are doing nothing to stop it!!!
      Time to bw rid of Obama and all his cronies and all the cowardly politicians who don’t care about us citizens.
      Time to reunite the citizens and overhaul the government, especially getting rid of Obama and all his czars and followers!

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    OMG will this issue ever be straightened out, what is wrong with the good old US of A? I thought there were laws that covered this. My grandparents seemed to know when you go to a new country there are certain rules to follow. Where along the line did this change?