Border Patrol Ordered to Stop Routine Transportation Checks

According to reports from the Associated Press and the National Border Patrol Council (a national union representing border patrol officers), the Department of Homeland Security issued a directive to U.S. Border Patrol field offices around the country instructing officers to halt routine checks at transportation hubs that are not “intelligence driven.” Until last month’s directive, which has garnered little attention, Border Patrol officers were able to conduct what they refer to as “transportation checks” at bus and train stations, as well as airports. These checks allowed officers to use their trained eye to catch illegal border crossers and potential terrorists before they reached the U.S. interior. Now, under the new directive, these once routine checks can no longer take place unless there is: (1) “intelligence” indicating a threat, and (2) approval from Border Patrol headquarters in D.C. approving action on the threat.

Barring a law enforcement agency from conducting surveillance in places where they are likely to find laws being broken is poor public policy. Is the Drug Enforcement Administration prevented from conducting routine surveillance in places where they believe narcotics are being sold or transported? Is the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives barred from staking out places where alcohol, tobacco, firearms, and explosives laws are likely to be violated? An agency cannot gather intelligence if it is precluded from looking for it.

As such, this new directive is nothing more than yet another attempt by the Obama Administration to defy U.S. immigration law and circumvent the will of Congress. In June, there were the Morton memos; in August, Secretary Napolitano’s letter indicating a review of all cases in deportation proceedings; and now, in October, we’ve seen the Border Patrol directive. How many other ways will the Obama Administration come up with to avoid doing its job? How many more illegal aliens and terrorists need to enter the U.S. before Congress makes it?


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    Different official estimates indicated that three to ten thousand illegal aliens cross the Southern border of the United States each night, transported in with drugs by cartels that have over 135,000 gang members in their smuggling operations according to the Pentagon. More than 1200 people have been murdered by these same cartels in Mexico this year.

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    Again, I state: Amnesty will not produce a new breed of patriots from the illegal alien masses. These people have no desire to become citizens of our country for they are acutely aware that this process will require them and their myriad family members to be responsible for their own welfare. Their existence in this country will radically change from that of parasitic to one of autonomy. This method was attempted years ago and failed for these very reasons.

    The consensus of the American people is that we have tired of Razaunida and other hispanic crusaders lobbying in Congress. The proof of this statement is manifested in the increasing mantra which is pervading from state to state: Representation of Americans in Washington, not illegal aliens!
    These radical groups have but one goal and that is to incite chaos and violence within our communities. Neighbors against neighbors and friends against friends. Sadly, thus far they are succeeding.

    The illegal aliens brag that Americans will not work the jobs that they are willing to do. Americans will work. We, however, cannot work for the wages that the illegal aliens accept for we do not get a free ride in our own country, nor do we expect it! We pay incomes taxes; social security; healthcare; education and provide food for our families without assistance. The illegals can work for a mere pittance for they enjoy all of our freedoms without paying a dime.
    Razaunida rants that the illegal aliens are subjected to pathetic environments and poor wages. They neglect to state the obvious: these people are not forced to cross our borders illegally, they make this decision on their own volition with complete knowledge of the ramifications.
    One must question: If Raza is so determined to create a united mexican race, why will they not return to the country of their origin and alter the path of destiny within Mexico’s borders?

    Now, our corrupt governors have decided to arbitrarily determine that these uneducated aliens deserve free tuition to America’s colleges!
    No problem Washington! Our government simply refunds the millions and millions of tuition dollars expended by all of us who paid dearly for our college tuitions and our educations. The media has already reported this week that families across the country are stressed because the tuition rates have immediately risen within this time span. Again the American people are paying for the illegal aliens, not our elected officials.
    Incidentally, the members of Congress passed legislation which guarantees that their family members do not have to repay their college loans. Nice touch, right?
    Congress and Washington have opened Pandora’s Box with this decision to provide free tuition for illegal aliens.

    As for our country’s future: Are we such a lazy and apathetic people that we are content to allow the best of America’s best to continue fighting for our freedom while Congress and the current Administration hand our nation to Mexico without a battle?
    We are losing our rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness due to the illegal alien crisis. We cannot allow Mexico to dictate our nation’s future, otherwise we will awaken one morning to see the Mexican flag flying over the White House! Think about it.

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    400,000 and they’re just waiting for OBAMA’S LA RAZA AMNESTY!

    There are currently over 400,000 unaccounted for illegal alien criminals with outstanding deportation orders. Those are just the ones apprehended. At least one fourth of these are hard core criminals. Nobody knows how many more there are, but they are numerous and roaming your neighborhoods, preying on you and your family. Read more about it here.

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    Ana Zuniga-Maus on

    We all know the Obama administration does not want to enforce immigration laws, they play with deportation numbers, to make America believe that they are doing their job, when in reality they are not. Until they stop all the incentives that bring illegals here and so long as big business continue to require cheap labor, nothing is going to change, regardless of who is in the White House or who control Congress and the House of Representatives. The Republicans are more strict with illegal immigration, but they also have to answer to the big business contributors, that like cheap labor and want business as usual in America.

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    The Bush administration was every bit as disinterested in immigration as the current one. Despite selective enforcement deportations are up albeit not nearly enough. At least the current administration has gone after a few (not enough) employers who are the real problem. If you think the Republicans are with you on this issue you are sadly deceived. The Fat Cats that bankroll the party want a steady supply of cheap scared exploitable labor. Even Herman Cain made his fortune with illegal labor. who do think is cooking at Godfathers?

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    About 10yrs ago we were talking about this same subject..My buddy told me that the Labor division figured it out that with the child rate so low..One or Two kids per family or None per household that our labour work force wud be short for the work that is going to be needed to be done in the 2020’s …and on..So Until the Labor work people think we have enough people in the Us to do the work that has to be done ..They will not stop the Illegals from walking into the US..Now weather U belive this or not..I didn’t,,,my thinking was the US wud stop or do anything they could to stop Illegals from crossing our borders..But as time has passed I see that we really don’t do everything we can to stop the Illegals from coming into the US..So Maybe My friend was rite ..We are loading up the work force to be able to keep up with the work load that is coming in the yrs to come..I remember when I was a kid in the 60’s the Illegals were in the news back then ..I remember Walter Cronkit saying that ..The US will be sending more Border patrol agents To Protect our borders and we did send more agents and we have done alot to protect our borders..But My Friends 50yrs later we are still talking about our borders with Mexico and needing more Agents..My Question is why isn’t the border looking like a dog pound..We should have 50 dogs down there at every entry smelling the cars for drugs and weapons and cash coming or going back into Mexico..I sent a letter to OUR homeland surcurity people saying that when a car gets detected for drugs the agents go over and tear the car apart..they go off the line and tear the car look for drugs..Why don’t they have other people there to tear the car apart to find the drugs..and keep the Agents on the line!! We have alot of unemployed Mechnics for the employ to look for the drugs..With all the Money we snag going back into Mexico ..that money could be used to pay for the Mechnics and not take the agents off the line..NO RESPONSE back yet…If you watch the border wars on tv like I do..YOU can see nothing but money that should be made from all the cars and trucks and weapons being snaged by agents …everything should be resold even the weapons since americans can buy these weapons anyway..everything should be auctioned off and the moneys put back into the system to pay for the payroll or to buy new equipment that they need….With the system that we are doing …what happens if the agents find 10 cars that need to have a secound check ..they wud not have any gaurds at the entry they wud all be tearing the cars apart..this is insane..get some Mechanics in the shop..and get some more dogs ..and for gods sake get some motion detectors around all the water drains..Makes me sick how we are protecting our borders or how we are not protecting our borders…

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    Come on Congress get some stones, it’s time to force this administrations hand we out number these treasonous people. What are you going to do wait until next election, or are you going to start saving this nation from these criminals, and anti-American. Every day brings a new horror story about what this trash is doing, and how they blow off the congressional over site committees, and basically thumb their nose at the AMERICAN PEOPLE.

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    Until the GOP is becoming proactive in preventing this destruction of the legal government, this will only accelerate, until all border states resemble Oakland,s latest “Mostly Peaceful” destruction.

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    Apparently nothing that comes out of DH(IN)S is intelligent driven, so isn’t that an oxymoron?