Pearce Loses Election despite Continued Voter Support for SB-1070

During an off election year, a well-financed coalition of illegal alien advocacy groups and business interests pursued a recall campaign against Arizona Senate President Russell Pearce. Their goal was to take down a politician they saw as too conservative on a number of different issues, while attempting to frame it as a referendum on state immigration enforcement.

Pearce’s defeat, while disappointing, does not indicate any public rejection of state-based immigration enforcement. A special recall election of one legislator that attracted a narrow selection of the electorate to the polls cannot be used as any kind of barometer of public sentiment on immigration reform. And, the immigration legislation Pearce championed, SB 1070, remains popular with voters across the state and across the country.

Immigration reform is a statewide and nationwide phenomenon. It is a grassroots, non-partisan movement of Americans who will continue to push their elected officials to protect American jobs, communities and wallets from the influx of illegal immigration.

While illegal labor exploiters and special interests worked to unseat one man, activists for immigration enforcement passed groundbreaking legislation in Alabama, Georgia, Indiana and South Carolina. The Supreme Court upheld the Arizona’s statewide E-Verify law. Maryland voters collected enough signatures to get a referendum to defeat illegal alien in-state tuition on the 2012 budget. And, Californians are now confronting their legislature over the wasteful expansion of public benefits for illegal aliens.

Politicized attacks from the Obama administration and special interests didn’t stop the momentum of state-based immigration enforcement after SB 1070, and the recall of one politician will not stop it now. Though intimidation tactics employed by the Department of Justice and their amnesty partners do not go unnoticed by legislators, support for immigration enforcement and reining-in costs is consistently stronger at the polls.

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    As the main story indicates, California is now circulating a referendum to overturn Part 2 of the state’s DREAM Act that would give children of illegals access to taxpayer-funded scholarships, thus increasing competition for those funds and denying that aid to some students legally entitled to it. As one who is active in this campaign and others, I am hearing from some of our hispanic candidates that their potential voters, who are citizens and parents of children born here legally, are very unhappy with this part of the DREAM Act and actively supporting the referendum to overturn.

    I would sincerely hope the same is true in Maryland or any other state that chooses to circulate petitions opposing the use of taxpayer funds to support those who break the law to get here—irrespective of their desires to have a better life. Do it legally, and we’ll help you. Do it illegally, and I have no sympathy for you.

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    And all this from a state that continues to elect a sham RINO like McCain ! Arizona voters are just not that smart . My fear is that the same state will vote to elect Obama . I live here and deal with the public every day of the week. If you talk to the citizens here allot of them did not like the efforts of Russel Pierce, or Joe Arpio . What an ignorant poorly educated lot when it comes to the facts that would keep them Free

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      The local and national illegal immigration activist are framing this issue around race and making anyone who suggests that enough is enough a racist. Most people who are against illegal immigration are NOT RACIST and do not want to appear to be racist so they simply backdown from their position.
      We need to frame this issue in a better light and take it out of the hands of those who are getting TV & print publicity and calling the shots. We need to frame this issue to tell it like it is. We are still a nation that opens it doors to LEGAL IMMIGRANTS but we are a nation of laws and our laws should and must be enforced otherwise we WILL have another 9/11 and our standards of living will continue to degrade because of economic pressure brought about by a job market flooded with UNDOCUMENTED WORKERS.

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        We are a nation of OUTSOURCING. We open centers in other countries hiring locals because companies don’t want to pay minimum salary, taxes and insurance. We have agreements with different countries to hire their people to work for American Companies offering 15 000/ year, the company gets 10 000 and the worker gets 5,000. Because expenses are covered by the company. Yes they do pay social security and state and federal, but when the worker goes back to his country that money goes with him to his country, we keep nothing for our elderly. We are giving 70,800 H1B visas, and 14200 available for this year still, these are sponsorship employment.
        If you want to know who is taking good paying jobs in this country are Universities offering internship to teachers, research companies, GE hiring engineers from India. If we are concerned about security we need to stop allowing sons of terrorist to study in USA: Moammar Gadhafi’s son Khamis Gadhafi.
        It doesn’t seems we have to worry about the undocumented people doing terrorists acts, when USA is allowing KWNON TERRORIST enter the country and work at AECOM Technology Corporation
        Gaddafi was touring the United States in February 2011 as part of his internship, including visiting military sites and landmarks. WHAT A JOKE!!!!!! WE ALSO TRAINED AIRLINE PILOTS, but MONEY TALKS!

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          Pretty damn scary is’nt it? You don’t have to look any further for a prime example of whats walking in the White House – With the MONEY doing all the talking… When have you ever heard of a countries government suing its own citizens for trying to protect themselves,doing the job that the Governments supposeded to be doing – and not – for its own self interests? TYRANNY – Seems to me thats a repeat of a certain countries PAST history.But then common sense was never a prerequisite for their line of work – SCARY…

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    Pierce should check to determine how many votes against him came from illegal immigrants.It is time for a recount of actual legal voters. I’m sure he lost by VOTER FRAUDS.

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      I totally agree. The Chicago thugery stole votes and destroyed the competition to put Obama in the Senate and then into the presidency just like they are trying to knock Cain out of the running with false accusations. The radical left are violent criminals, lacking in intelligence, morals and character. Fraud is common place for them. The rich rulers, atheists, behind the scenes who are financing all of the chaos in this country and around the world should be prosecuted to the extent of the law, that is before Obama changes the law to suit his agenda.

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    I donated to this man, and being familiar with groups that are for illegal immigration, it doesn’t surprise. Maybe it was a good sign!

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    Pierce should check to determine how many votes against him came from illegal immigrants.It is time for a recount of actual legal voters.

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    Pearce showed great personal courage standing by his principals. A man with such high integrity and political skill should have no trouble finding employment. Seeing the success of this recall campaign should harken us wishing for the recall of Luis Gueterriz.

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    I am greatly disappointed at Sen. Pierce’s loss in the recall election! I am extremely upset that illegal aliens can sneak into our country and vote our citizen-elected officials out of office! Sen. Pierce would have possibly survived this challenger if the real truth about illegal immigration was told on national TV. But, I guess we’ll just have to get used being villified in the media as ‘Racist”.

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      Insist upon e-verify to be mandatory for all employers. This will reveal who the illegals are and they will go run ning back home before they get caught. This will free up jobs for the suffering millions of unemployed Americans. Do something by going to your town, USA and insist upon mandatory E-Verify!

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    Thanks for this column. And while this loss is disappointing, it’s important to note that the very well-funded post American open border cabal attacked Pearce on a whole host of other issues. And note these nuggets buried in the Yahoo news report on this:

    “However, attacks against Pearce largely avoided his record on immigration” and Lewis didn’t make his more “moderate stance” on illegal immigration a “centerpiece of his campaign.”