“Study” by Illegal Alien Advocates: Save Money, Turn Illegal Aliens Loose

Will closing immigration detention centers save taxpayer money? That’s what a study by the National Immigrant Justice Center and the Midwest Coalition for Human Rights says. According to the Associated Press, the Chicago-based advocacy groups found three detention centers in the Midwest they claim provide inadequate facilities, and demand that the Obama administration stop plans for any new detention centers. The organizations believe closing these centers will save taxpayer dollars, particularly since these immigrants have committed no crime, they merely lack legal status.

The conductors of this study suffer from a major flaw—the failure to think.

Entering this country without inspection is a crime. Is the government only to prosecute those who have compounded their crime with other crimes? FAIR estimates illegal immigrants cost $113 billion a year in services, welfare, and lost American jobs, even taking into account their tax contributions. The cost benefit of closing these detention centers would be negligible, not to mention the additional costs these aliens would accrue should they commit additional crimes, take advantage of public benefits and services such as emergency health care.

While human rights are immutable, allowing illegal immigrants to stay in the United States—to drain taxpayer funds allotted to healthcare, education, and public services—doesn’t make sense, fiscal or otherwise.

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    American voters must be among the most ignorant voters in the world. They keep voting in Republicans or Democrats who are bank rolled by the same elite who have been tag-team raping them for years.

    They can’t see that the same 1% who rape them are the same 1% who rape the undocument­ed.

    Failed immigratio­n is created and designed by the elite who run both government­s. This is no different than failed mortgages, failed health care, loss of jobs, and our failing economy. This insidious 1% causes these failures because they profit at the expense of both the US taxpayers and the Mexican undocument­ed.

    Are American voters really so propagandi­zed that they can’t figure out why not one single U.S. politician criticizes the Mexican government for anything? The undocument­ed would not come or stay here if that filthy, corrupt co-trading partner of the American elite would take care of its own citizens. The majority of undocument­ed care deeply about their families and would stay at home if they could make a decent living wage working with their families.

    Its about bi-nationa­l drug profits, trade, oil, remittance­s, the privatizat­ion of prisons, cheap labor, weapons profit, NAFTA, and a 40 year long political platform that only sways back and forth, and never forward.

    I invite OWS to embrace the undocument­ed who are protesting­. Shame on both these pitiful government­s who fail to address the immigratio­n nightmare that they profit from.

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    We can also save money by closing all emergency rooms in the US too; however, would that be wise? I am amazed by the lack of thinking skills some people have in doing “research” on this topic. Anytime you spend less, or don’t buy something, you save money. If we closed all the jails in the US, we would be “saving” money. But, again, we woukld definitely lose any such gains in other ways – both financially and socially as the two are linked.

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    I think turning illegal aliens loose to save money is a great idea, but not if we turn them loose in America.
    To put it simply, these illegals are waiting for a court date. They are in custody because they are considered a flight risk. If we provisionally deport them to their respective home countries, and allow them to attend their hearing via electronic conferencing at our consulate, they will get their day in court. They will also get a head start in resuming their lives in their home country.
    If they prevail in court, we can pay to return them to our soil, if they don’t, so much the better. If they choose to re-enter our country illegally, they get jail time and a ten year ban.
    We can set them free, save money, and get them out of our country, all the while guaranteeing them a fair hearing.
    What’s not to like about that?