ICE OK With Vermont ‘Look the Other Way’ Policy Towards Illegal Aliens

Ironic, isn’t it. ICE Director John Morton made a special visit Monday to the National Bulk Cash Smuggling Center in Williston, Vt., to congratulate agents on busting a Colombian cocaine smuggling ring that exported drugs internationally. ICE agents did their jobs and deserve a pat on the back from the boss. But an important part of ICE’s mission is to enforce laws against people who violate U.S. immigration laws – a responsibility that neither he nor his local hosts seem to take very seriously. During the course of his sojourn to Ben & Jerry Land, the ICE director failed to even note that Democratic Vermont Gov. Peter Shumlin recently passed a “look the other way” policy prohibiting state police from asking about a person’s legal status or launching a criminal investigation if they believe the person is an illegal alien.

What gives?

We know what gives. Mr. Morton does not want immigration laws enforced because it is inconvenient to the political objectives of his boss (President Obama), while Gov. Shumlin does not want immigration laws enforced because it is inconvenient to the interests of a powerful Vermont business interests – the $560 million dollar a year dairy industry. It is an industry which has gotten used to a plentiful supply of Mexican farmhands while bypassing thousands of jobless Americans in Vermont.

We don’t need to speculate about Gov. Shumlin’s motives – he’s quite open about them. “Vermont farmers can’t survive without workers from outside America. That’s just the way it is. We’ve got to keep our dairy farms strong, so we’ve always had a policy in Vermont where we kind of ‘look the other way’ as much as we can.”

Gov. Shumlin, thank you for admitting your state’s reliance on illegally employed labor. You’re also to be congratulated for shrugging off responsibility for your country’s security. But the big question here is why isn’t John Morton pressuring Vermont to cooperate with federal immigration enforcement agents? Morton “looking the other way” on Vermont’s policy shows a lack of commitment in the Obama administration to enforcing illegal immigration.

States like Vermont want federal funds for education, civic works, and public services—amenities used by illegal aliens—yet they don’t want the responsibility of cooperating with federal immigration enforcement. The snake rots from the head down. If the Obama administration isn’t going to insist states get onboard in protecting our borders, governors like Shumlin will have no trouble continuing to make their states attractive to illegal aliens. In any case, the Vermont government’s announcement is a clear green light for those who would use non-cooperation for criminal purposes—including farm workers.

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    This reminds me of a story I vaguely remember in Alabama, I think. Anyway, the governor there tried to cut down on illegal aliens working on the crops. He ordered a crackdown on businesses hiring illegal aliens in that industry. Needless to say, the crackdown completely shut down the produce industry for a good while. The consequences were quite devastating. The crops went unharvested and they lost millions of dollars in produce. People came out of the woodwork complaining on what a stupid move the crackdown was and how they had to rely on outside shipments of produce at that time, costing consumers more at the grocery store, not too mention all that wasted food that went unpicked on the farms….The thing is, if that type of thing was ordered 20-30 years ago, nothing would have happened. People forget that there was a time when food was harvested and things operated just fine without the illegal immigration problem we have now. Instead of being appalled at the governors decision, we should all be appalled at the fact that now, the illegal immigration problem has become such an epidemic, that a widespread crackdown has such drastic results.

    We in America have waited so long to even begin talking about this problem, that doing something about it seems to just pull the rug out from under an entire industry. That is the real shame. Now people are opposed to such things and companies that do not want to hire illegal immigrants end up losing to the competition that does. As long as it’s “allowed” certain companies will always try and get over by hiring a workforce on the cheap. Then the competing companies that don’t hire illegals lose to grocers and suppliers that can buy produce cheaper. The whole thing stinks and has been brewing for so long, because no one did anything about it until it was too late. That is exactly what keeps happening and will continue in other states and industries.

    I read on how 1 in 4 children in the US is now hispanic. Not that I have a problem with any race, but there is a complete imbalance of immigration, legal and illegal. The history of the US, everything from Elvis, to Michael Jackson to Hip Hop. From the golden age of Hollywood to Family Guy. From the first Ford to the Wright Brothers….it goes on and on. We in the US have grown up with a history that defines us and I do not understand why it is ok for anyone to just sneak over and set up a life without contributing or even being able to relate to much of anything that made this country. Now I have to understand spanish to read signs in my neighborhood. I have to be sympathetic and compassionate to a group of people that have nothing to do with what made this country so desirable in the first place. I have to tolerate spanish culture, music, etc, everywhere I go, while the history of all that this country stands for becomes lost in just a few generations.

    The influx of the latino community, and the irresponsible birthrate, and outright refusal to integrate with American culture is unacceptable. In the next 30 years or so , they say latinos will be the majority in the US. A majority of people that have not contributed and have no way to relate to the culture of what “was” America. Instead they force their own culture on Americans, while gladly taking American benefits like welfare, medicaid, etc. There are sanctuary cities all over the place, and there are whole societies of people that have been in this country for decades that cannot speak and will not learn english. They receive all the benefits, then work and send the money out of the country, because their bills paid for by the US government. The very least they could have done was learn to communicate with the citizens that have contributed to those benefits. No one will do anything other than complain and talk about it…and that only began recently. I guess we will all have no choice but to learn spanish and get used to watching our US history be destroyed…Oh and by that time, there will be no money left to give to the actual citizens of this country once they retire…Let’s all accept the future that WILL be the United States of America….(PS, name ONE lation nation that is thriving….that will be what the US will be in just a short time…remember I said this when it’s too late)