Video of the Day: Arizona Doesn’t Share a Border with Mexico

While expressing her opposition to Arizona’s SB1070 immigration law, Milwaukee County Supervisor Peggy West (D) observes that Arizona and Mexico don’t actually share a border. Watch the video below, it will leave you speechless….

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Content written by Federation for American Immigration Reform staff.


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    Its amazing when the loonies pop up when there is an important issue. The lady is spewing bull, and un fortunately there will be liberal followers (also known as useful idiots), who will take what she has to say as actual truth.
    A recent ;iberal tactic when debating or even just discusiing an issue on TV. They will spew what they assert are indisputable facts, yet they will offer no support or documentation of their assertions. They also have the habit of contradicting a conservative speaker by saying “oh thats not true.” Once they say that , they assume the media & their liberal supporters will automatically believe what they said, even in the face of truth that shows their assertion is baseless, if not an outright lie. The old media tend to support their “oh thats not true’ line & almost never question them. Yet the conservative is expected to provide three references & an affidavit signed by the governor of any state.
    The old media now are calling for TV, print, & radio, to stop providing “balanced” coverage, since it distracts the people from dealing with the issues considered important. Never mind that the opposition view (the balanced report), totally debunks the drivel they have been spewing, supposed journalists now want the media to police their product & deny access to those whose oppostion view “they” consider wrong. ‘After all, “we lnow what is true”, so why allow those with an opposing point of view the opportunity to speak, since that distracts from the goal of solving the problems we face.’
    If that type of logic coming from professional journalists, supposedly well educated people, does not scare you & raise all sorts of warning flags about the intentions & credibility of the left!

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    She got her job Susan because she has the letter “D” after her name. No education required. Hard to believe she holds a job of importance but understandable in THIS state.

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      On the contrary. She has an education. Her liberal instructors did their job well on her. They taught her how to rabble rouse, but they did noit teach her any actual facts or truths. Typical liberal tactic. Incite, but make sure people are not informed of the actual facts on any issue.

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    i feel wwe should bring back cchain immigration act aand no more anchorbabies act as federal lawws. all states should use 287(G),E-verify if people want work.this qwould cut illegals welfarew money7 by 2/3! to be here legally yoyu must have a passport,work visa and aa ssuporter