Too Miffed To Do Their Job?

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It looks like our Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency is too upset to do its job. According to a statement by the Maricopa County’s Sheriff’s Office, it recently refused to take into custody illegal aliens just because it disapproved of Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s work methods.

The incident occurred shortly before Christmas when sheriff’s deputies arrested 12 illegal aliens involved in human smuggling in northern Maricopa County. It turned out that six of them could not be charged with felonies under Arizona’s human smuggling laws.

According to the statement, after realizing that, the deputies contacted ICE and asked the federal agents to take the six into their custody. The response was a flat refusal. The deputies were told by ICE officials that following a “new order from Department of Homeland Security,” ICE would not pick up these illegal immigrants, the statement said.

ICE officials were directly asked by the sheriff’s deputies if this new policy only applies to the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office, and the answer was, “Yes.” The deputies then contacted Casa Grande Border Patrol, which agreed to accept the illegal aliens, the statement pointed out.

The refusal prompted a sharp rebuke for the sheriff, known for his uncompromising stance on illegal immigration. “Not accepting these illegal aliens is nothing short of unannounced amnesty,” Arpaio said.

We all know that the sheriff is not on the best of terms with the federal government. In December, following a three-year investigation, the Justice Department accused the sheriff of engaging in widespread civil rights abuses, including mistreatment of Latinos and racial profiling. Arpaio has rejected the charge. But in the wake of the report, the Department of Homeland Security revoked the sheriff’s office’s authority to identify and detain illegal immigrants.

I have little appetite for sorting out the tiff between the sheriff’s office and the federal government. But in the case of ICE, it looks like politics has gotten the better of the federal agency and eclipsed its primary mission, which is to protect the border and catch illegal intruders.

Personally, I don’t care if the illegal aliens are being handed over to ICE by Fidel Castro himself or any other human rights violator of his ilk. The job of ICE is not to do political cherry-picking, but to take all the illegal aliens — regardless of where they come from — and process them as required by the law.

And if the agency decides it is too angry with somebody to do its work, maybe Congress should also get angry and cut off ICE’s funding.

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    Anyone who doesn’t do their job should not be paid a wage. If they continue to shirk their job responsibilities, then they should forfeit their jobs. Believe me, there are those of us who would relish just having a job right now. If you don’t stand up for the laws of your country and keep allowing exceptions to the rule, then eventually you don’t have a country and your rules mean nothing. Bravo to Sheriff Arapaio and boo to ICE. Ever heard of the saying (or song) that says, “If you don’t stand for something, then you’ll fall for anything”? Our country is on a downward slide. We’ve lost control of our immigrants, we’ve lost our AAA rating, we’ve lost control of our economy, we’ve lost our jobs, we’ve lost our #1 standing among the nations of the world, and as Donald Trump says…………..we’ve lost face. Other countries and people are laughing at us because we have become so weak. I’m reading a book called the “Harbinger”, by Rabbi Jonathan Cahn. According to the message contained therein, America will be destroyed if we don’t turn back to God, as the original founding fathers intended. The Israelites were given several warnings because they strayed, but they continued to push God aside and worship money and objects and things of the flesh. Their cities were destroyed by the Assyrian “terrorists” and their people were scattered far and wide. Think about this and see if there are any modern similarities.

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    Rather than cut off their funding, they should fire every ICE official in the area of Maricopa, bring in some new ICE people and do the same thing. If they (ICE) refuse to do the job they were hired for, then they are guilty of malfeasance. And should be treated accordingly.
    With luck and enlightened American voters, the problem will be solved from the White House, by simply issuing an Executive Order that states ALL illegals will be deported “forthwith” and maximum speed. (No, contrary to Liberal courts saying the opposite, illegals have NO Constitutional rights here.)

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      ICE follows orders. Sherriff Joe has NOT certified O as a citizen and thus he is still not on the ballot for the Pres. election in Maricopa County AZ. Each sherriff has to do it. Pima County has Clarence Dupnic–a Dem. and of course he will sign off on it. O is upset with AZ. as many of our illegals are not Mex. but are Arabic or Asians. and we still want them gone. We have miles of desert ruined by the garbage from illegal crossers and that’s just for openers. Their 1st 2 crimes are illegal entry and littering. Then they get creative. This week? A body without head, hands, or feet. Today? A body all cut up in a laundry truck that had stops in Nogales, tucson and Phoenix. Someone takes $ from the cartels to turn a blind eye and open door to illegals. Who or how many?

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    Lisa Ray, You are absolutely correct. We have welfare laws that date back to when society had self respect and worked hard. Those days are long gone and living on welfare is a chosen way of life for generations of people. People should not be able to choose to have a child they can’t support and have the US taxpayers held responsible. Once hispanics realized we gave amnesty and gave free citizenship to babies born to illegal mothers, the numbers skyrocketed. We reward bad or illegal bahavior with free housing, food, health care and money. We need to end welfare for immigrants (legal or illegal) and give citizenship to children of citizens or legal permanent residents only. Our school system has been destroyed by this same welfare system. Our economy is bankrupt because of this welfare system. Our health care system has been destroyed by this welfare system. Why do we continue this system?

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    This is what happens when Demoncrat politicians are in charge of DHS. Ms. Napolitano and Mr. Holder choose to flout Federal Law, because their boss says they can. HORSE SH*T! If and when we get an administration in power with balls, we need to hold these traitors accountable. I use the word “traitor” because their cumulative actions amount to allowing our “enemies” (persons whose actions are damaging to our nation) ;which in this case happen to be foreign (Mexican with a few Hezbollah mixed in), to walk across our borders at their leisure. The Presidential Oath of office says he “will support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America, so help me God.”
    Here’s a novel idea: ENFORCE EXISTING FEDERAL LAW…..FUND BORDER SECURITY (FENCE, MANPOWER), DEPORT ILLEGAL ALIENS (“UNDOCUMENTED” FOR YOU PC FOLKS). Unless we act decisively and quickly our nation will be toppled from within, which is the Russian goal and end. For those of you who think Russia loves us now, just look at the Middle East. They are NOT our ally.

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    I would hope people consider actions like this when going to vote this year. The current administration policy that is flowing down to all Federal Agencies/Departments is one of selective enforcement of our laws. If they can’t or won’t work to change them, just ignore them. It’s a mind-set of “any means to an end” and that is not leadership or right, only leading to the end of the rule of law, the very basis of our country. The Dept. of Justice has become the Dept. of Politics, and Homeland security has morphed into a National Police Force by another name, more intent on spying on its citizens than any outside threat, and both are at the beck and call of the President and his personal idealogical “wants.” This was not the intention of these and/or other departments, or our laws, from Education to the ATF doing the same as well, and it has to stop. We are slowly sliding into the end of a Republic, our Constitution deemed irrelevant, outdated, or as stated by Obama “fundamentally flawed.” We now have an era where the law instead is selectively controlled by political influence and power at their whim, rather than what is written and to be enforced for The People it is intended to protect.

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    Well I was going to comment on this but Lisa Ray took the words right out of my mouth and more. Great comment Lisa Ray!

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    I completely agree with this story and especially the last paragraph, if ICE can’t do their job or won’t do their job than they shouldn’t be paid and for DHS to deny the Sheriff because things didn’t go the way they thought they should (SB 1070) and to use this by basically breaking FEderal Law themselves is wrong. There are laws in place that have to do with the way in which the illegal aliens should be treated and it seems to me that when I was younger that INS would round up illegal aliens and send them back to Mexico, no questions, no problems. When we needed farm labor the farmer was responsible for providing housing and the workers stayed for as long as they were needed and then returned home unless they wanted to move on to another ranch or farm and work until the crop had been picked and the harvest was done and then they returned. They didn’t need to bring their entire family with them, they were mostly men until around in the mid to late 1960’s and the women and children shouwed up with them at these farm labor camps and that was when the trouble began. I remember the state of California had the best schools around and now look at us. Most of our schools (aat least where live in the Central Valley) are almost entirely Hispanic and failing miserably. The only schools I know of that are succeeding with the no school left behind are in the mountains where the hispanic population in the school is around 5%, where we are in the valley the hispanic population is 95% and how do we expect the kids to succeed when the parents won’t even try to learn English so they can help their children succeed. We don’t need an amnesty program, a dream act or for more immigrants to be granted citizenship (when they came here illegally and thus are criminals-great way to start your kids off) or for their children to be automatic citizens. What we need to have happen is for our government to allow INS or ICE to do their job and enforce the laws that are in place and for us to let people in that have something to offer our country such as intelligence to be scientist, mathematicians and such and only bring their families if they make enough money to be able to support them without having them collect from our social service system that it already stretched to the breaking point and not to allow those who are here illegally to earn things such as the earned income credit and to have to go to the back of the line as far as immigrations is concerned because they cheated and tried to cut in front of someone else. If we let in 5 hispanics then we should let in 5 chinese, 5 japanese, 5 Indians, and so forth to be fair. The reality is that even though we are settled by masses of immigrants it can’t go on forever, we can’t afford people who come here and can’t take care of themselves or their children. It is the 21st century and we need to be selective about those who are granted citizenship. Both Congress and the Senate need to stop making reelection funding a priority for themselves and actually do their jobs while they are in office. It seems that Prez Obama must have taken a bunch of money from those who want Amnesty because he sure is doing all he can in an underhanded sneaky way to further the cause of La Raza (the race that wants all white people to be exterminated in anyway possible) so that they can further their goal of taking over America, sort of sounds like what Hitler wanted to do in Germany with the Jewish people..