Perhaps This Explains President Obama’s Waning Popularity with Young Voters

At the end of last month, the Obama administration announced plans to allow even more foreign students to remain in the U.S. after graduation to take American jobs. His reasoning, on display in his State of the Union address and in his response to the wife of an unemployed engineer, is that American workers are not available or are not capable of filling the many jobs available to them.

But the President’s position immigration policy is disconnected from the reality of the labor market, which is especially brutal for young Americans, including recent college graduates, many of whom have substantial student loan debt. If the President wants a “jobs initiative” shouldn’t his primary concern be finding jobs for U.S. residents? Instead, he is encouraging foreign students to attend U.S. universities and promising to facilitate their entry into the U.S. workforce.

A new report released by the Pew Research Center details just how dire the situation is for young adults (18 to 34 years old) trying to find work.

Among Pew’s other findings:

• Only 54 percent of young Americans are employed, the lowest share since the federal government began tracking this figure in 1948.

• The median weekly income for young adults (18-34) has dropped 6 percent since 2007, “as employers found it easier to restrict the wages for entry-level jobs than to cut the pay of more experienced workers.”

• 19 percent of men ages 25-34 are not working or attending school, up five percentage points from 2007.

• Only 43 percent of young adults are confident that they could find another job if they lost or left their current one.

According to Kim Parker of the Pew Research Center, young adults in America “have a long way to climb back, and a lot of displaced workers to compete with.” What is President Obama’s response to the plight of young American workers? Bring in more foreign workers.

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    Bottom line is that Obama is not living in the “real” world. All his “needs” are provided for and he has no concept of a day’s work for a day’s pay. Even after he leaves office, all his needs will be provided for, plus he will have Secret Service agents to protect him! It’s really a hard lesson to learn by America’s young people, that by electing a young President will mean he will see things your way. The “older” candidates for President have a lot more of “life’s experiences” under their belts (kind of like Moms and Dads) and may make much better decisions than the basketball-playing, silver-tongued, Muslim we have in the White House now. Lesson—-we have to be very careful who we put in the White House and who we give so much power to.

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      Do you honestly think, for one second, John McAmnesty would have been the least bit better than Obama?

      How many times must I repeat this: THEY ARE ALL THE SAME.

      They all want unlimited legal immigration, uncontrolled illegal immigration, and birthright citizenship. They won’t even stop $4.2 billion per year (and rising) in direct payments to illegals when are nation is beyond broke.

      Bye bye, America. Hello Brazil, Jr.!

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    President Barrack Obama’s GO CHANGE” !!!!!
    Vote The Idiot in Again !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    NOT ……………………..

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    the problem is he(obama) doesnt care about american people he is a world governance person and doesnt seem to have a feeling of responsability to americans b ut quite the opposite….

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    When will the American people grasp reality, we can not afford any more of this imbeciles (BO’s) rape of U.S. citizens due to his utterly demented mind set!

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      Kyle Clark It is not that the American people don’t now,It is because they are too lazy to get off their duff and earn the right they have to live in the good old USA. It is those kind of peopl that got that guy in the white house elected.
      All they want is handouts and freebies and the hell with the rest of you.
      The only thing that can be done now is grassroots action to change government, as over the years congress has built in so many layer of BS that no one can work through it,or it would take an average lifetime to do it.
      Why elect senators and congressmen who appear to want to do the right thing but never accomplish it. Lets get it set up to hurt them where it will do some good. In the packet book! they are all too overpaid as it is
      .I turned 81 years old yesterday and spent over 20 years in service(Army) and I now sit and wonder what I gave 20 years of my life for??Lets get this illegal alien thing cured then start on the white house,Senate and congress and clean house.

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        I really don’t think that is 100 percent true that Americans are lazy. Sure 50 percent (older generation) that started this mudslide aren’t gonna do a dang. They were lazy when it came to voting in the past. And they were too trusting, believing everything they were told by the NEWS MEDIA AND CANDIDATES. They are mostly responsible for the decline in good presidents and voting informatively if voting at all.
        The other problem is those so caught up in making a living (burned out) workers that really did or do not have the time or energy to be involved in this very important process of electing a leader for our country that these sleezie hopefuls count on. And of course our younger generation of voters that “bad presidential hopefuls “count on; they will vote with their self serving emotions rather than getting factual information and considering whats best for the whole not the few.

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    The Bureau of Labor Statistics data for long term job growth in many STEM fields, my particular interest, is grim. The White House and Congress should abolish this and the National Center for Educational Statistics if they are not going to use the data collected which demonstrates that there is a surplus of US citizens and current legal residents in the pipeline for the projected 10 year job growth – not a shortage.

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        I’ll explain it: Far from being an imbecile or naive, Obama is a committed SOCIALIST who is pushing government take-over of all U.S. programs – financial, mortgage, energy, education, industry, healthcare, etc., etc.. He wants America to become more like Europe (total dependency on government to provide everything – even though this is impossible) and he will spend us into financial ruin to get there! Additionally, he feels that America has too much, when compared to the rest of the world. For Obama, it is much easier to bring American living standards down, than it is to try to raise other countries up to our living standard.

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          And George W. was any better? Really?

          And Mitt Romney will work to reduce legal chain migration, end birthright citizenship, and enforce our (weak and poorly written) laws against illegal immigration? Really?

          THEY ARE ALL THE SAME. The seeds our our own destructrion were sown in 1965.