Anti-HB 56 March Trivializes Civil Rights Protests of the Past

A “re-enactment” of the 1965 civil rights march from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama, is an affront to those who put their lives on the line to win full rights for black Americans a half century ago, writes Dr. Frank L. Morris Sr., a member of FAIR’s board of directors, in an opinion column published by the online news site, The Daily Caller. “The media stunt being staged by advocates for illegal aliens has nothing whatsoever in common with the noble fight waged by those who made the trek in 1965,” he states.

Read the complete op-ed on The Daily Caller website.

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    Jonette Christian on

    Thank you Frank Morris for reminding us of what the Civil Rights movement was really about. It is indeed insulting to Black Americans– and insulting to our history, when corporate funded illegal immigrant advocates seek to manipulate and use our emotions about the Civil Rights movement to further a cause that has nothing what so ever to do with civil rights. Shame on them.

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    “United We Stand Divided We Fall” is a very true statement, similar to, “Divide and Conquer.” By allowing a foreign people to inhabit our nation ILLEGALLY the establishment has succeeded in creating division within our borders and has systematically been chipping away the foundation that so many sacrificed their lives to build. Our country is falling apart, and while illegal immigration is not the sole cause it is a significant enough problem to warrant being delt with immediately! However, illegal immigration is a symptom of a far greater problem… The American people have become lazy sit-at-home whiners, who love to voice their frustrations but are not willing to challenge the establishment and actually do something about it. We sit and home and watch our rights being slowly (not so slowly lately) but surely stolen away from us, and yet all we do is go on FB or Twitter or whatever and voice our opinion, as if someone else is going to hear our words and do the work for us. Listen, America was not won by people sitting at home and whining about things they wanted changed, it was won by Americans who were willing to fight and die for a cause they believed in. If you want our country back then it is up to you to take it back, and when you finally decide to rise to the occasion there will be men like myself by your side, but until then try making a REAL difference and get involved locally by going to city council meetings and such. Get involved in the voting process, ensure that votes are being counted accurately and that electronic voting machines and tabulators are banned from your voting locations. Get involved and restore America today!!!!

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    The illegal immigrants who march should be arrested. This is the problem with this country. Illegal immigrants are allowed to march in our country and protest a law they break. What a joke! Lock them up, Alabama! Edwin, New York City.

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    My congressmans office said this is a state bill and not a national bill.
    Rep Woodall’s office.
    I called this morning.

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    These people have no rights to protest in this country being here illegal if they don’t like our law then go back to there country now