Border ‘Insecurity’ Puts Americans in Danger

I had the wonderful opportunity last week to visit our law enforcement friends down in Pinal County, Arizona. There, I was able to witness the problems of illegal immigration and drug trafficking with my own eyes. As you might expect, I walked away acutely aware of how years of ignoring illegal immigration and border security have created zones of lawlessness along the U.S.-Mexico border. Interestingly, the unexpected lesson I brought back was how local law enforcement in this area roughly 70 miles north of the U.S.-Mexico border is in many ways bearing the brunt of our porous borders.

To get a feeling for what the local sheriff’s office deals with on a daily basis, the attached video aired by Fox News is definitely worth a look. It aired nearly a year ago, but it gives a strikingly accurate picture the dire situation in the desert south of Phoenix. In the video, you witness how portions of the state have become major conduits for drug smugglers, human smugglers, and (frighteningly) terrorists.

I returned from my trip with an even greater sense of the urgency regarding the need to secure our borders and beat back the drug cartels. Yet, I am struck at how local politicians, Members of Congress, and President of the United States continue to sit on their hands and claim there is no problem. Americans can no longer afford lawmakers who are in the dark when it comes to border security. Perhaps we should send them some night-vision goggles like the ones the local deputies wear in this video so they can see the bad guys.

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    Ana Zuniga-Maus on

    The drug cartels of Mexico are here already and the government of Obama is just looking the other way, to avoid confrontation with Mexico and the Mexicans. It is his way of catering for their votes, the problem here is that we need to learn from Mexico and the lawless situation they have there now and way in the way here also. The Mexican government look the other way to long and let the cartels get stronger, when they finally try to take control, it was to late, they were already to strong and powerful. Unfortunately they are operating inside America already and way in the way to power [ see video from a sheriff that quite his job in LA, he tell us how it is been done. I saw the video on FB]

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    The issues of illegal immigration and legal immigration through H1b visas and similar entry permits
    are encouraged by both parties for political benefits such as appealing to ethnic groups such as
    illegal entry is supported by many Hispanics, and influence by business interests in the U.S. who
    want the cheap labor and make campaign donations and other gratuities to congressmen, influential
    officials in the executive branch. There is a staggering $$ flow of 3 billion pouring into congress through
    lobbyists and special interests. The oligarchic agenda of both parties also has an ideological/ethnocentric
    basis as held by Luis Guitierez (D) Rep. from Il. Barack Obama who wants to redistribute wealth in the
    interests of “social justice” and dilute the demographics of the U.S. away from a white majority and by
    those who will vote Democrat. A current bill HR 2885 e-verify would deny jobs to illegals and return them to
    Americans but is being stopped by John Boehner, House Speaker and Eric Cantor due to corrupt influences.

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    I feel that This problem threatens our national security, certainly reduces the opportunity of our legal citizens to compete in the job market for a decent job, and Increases the taxpayer burden and reduces the availability of assistance services for our citizens. The real problem is not what is taking place, but those that are making sure nothing it is done to enforce the existing laws or add new restrictions. This politicians are responsible for undermining our American society and are guilty of treason, is this not as bad as a subversiry terrorist attack against us that threatens to destroy this nation from within.

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    Why can’t we build a border fence like Isreal has? Illegals are trashing our state and national parks along the border, killing Americans and bringing all kinds of diseases into America. Remember when it used to be that you could not come to America with a contagious disease? Now old diseases that used to be under control are now thriving. These people are handling our food supply and medicines. Remember when America never had “bed bugs”? Overcrowding in America will destroy us. The melting pot is FULL. There are more gangs than ever in our cities and towns. We are doling out citizenship to criminals who have babies in America. US citizenship should be an honor, not a reward for people breaking our laws. Illegals can get FREE health care and legal Americans cannot. Americans are going bankrupt because they can’t pay their medical bills. Has our government gone crazy?

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    Sadly, most all the politicians are interested in getting votes! They aren’t really interested in what’s best for the country! They want to get in office to pad their wallet and get their lifetime pension! The only outspoken politician against illegal immigrants is Rick Santorum. Rick is a wonderful, honest, trustworthy Christian man who is the right man for the job of POTUS.

    Illegal immigrants are draining our economy of resources WE DON’T HAVE!! They come here expecting to get free education, free medical care, food stamps, etc, etc…. AND OUR GOV’T IS STUPID ENOUGH TO GIVE IT ALL TO THEM!! SEND THEM BACK UNTIL THEY SUBMIT THE PAPERWORK, FILL IT OUT, GO THROUGH THE PROPER CHANNELS LIKE EVERY OTHER LEGAL IMMIGRANT IN THIS COUNTRY, AND ARE APPROVED FOR CITIZENSHIP!! If we went to another country and pulled a stunt like this we would be thrown in jail!!! ONLY IN AMERICA!!

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      To Karen Allen……..Ron Paul, M.D, is more against illegals than Santorum. I say, “No more lawyers in the White House as President !!!!!! Lawyers in the White House do nothing but lie and ignore American citizens.”

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      Santorium is honest and trustworthy?????????????????????? Where do you get your information????????? He will destory anything left ( once Obama is finished and gone) of America. Even Congress will not support him………
      He just said…. If We the People intend to vote for Romney as POTUS…..we may as well just keep Obama. That isn’t even being a patriotic Republican.
      He will definitely take away most woman’s rights…you know the rights we had to fight for in the first place. Barefoot, pregrant and AT HOME for women………….That’s Santorium.