RI Gov. Chafee Shows Lack of Knowledge of Immigration Law

In an interview with NBC 10 in Providence, Rhode Island, Governor Lincoln Chafee said that he would veto any bill that would allow for the use of the federal E-Verify program as state lawmakers consider legislation aimed at preventing the hiring of illegal immigrants.

The Governor followed his statements up with a real head scratcher:

“We’re always going to pursue the law and make sure to the best of our ability that people are adhering to the standards and laws of our nation, our state and our community, but let’s not be divisive.”

Asked if he would veto any E-Verify legislation passed by the Rhode Island Legislature, Gov. Chafee, who reversed his predecessor’s executive order requiring E-Verify for state employees and state contractors, replied, “Yes, I’m consistent.”

Someone ought to mail the Governor a copy of the U.S. Code, specifically section 1325: Improper Entry by Alien. They may also want to include a dictionary, so he can look up “enforcement,” “divisive” and “consistent.”

You can watch the whole interview segment below.

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    Edward Killeen on

    Absurd that you favor lawbreakers over American citizens. When I was at Brown (class of 1951) Rhode Island had plenty of very corrupt politicians, but none quite as stupid as your opposition to E-Verify indicates you must be.

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    I can’t believe that everyone in the state of R.I.even liberal Democrats are as dumb as Gov. Lincoln Chafee. Who does this guy think he is ‘Lincoln the Law giver’? What a moron to have for a leader even a Green Head Parrot has more smarts.

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    Yeah Gov, because it’s so much better to divide your citizens than it is to divide by legal and illegal. You’re a governor without a clue on how to govern with the benefit of your citizens foremost, in a State referred to as an island that’s not an island at all. The sooner Rhode Island voters run your worthless hide out of office, and the State, the better. I just feel sorry for those in the area you wind up in.

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    Obviously he doesn’t comprehend how many benefits being given out… to people who have NO right to them… which are being paid by legal citizens! Horace is right……impeach the schmuck!!!

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    The man is retarded. He fails to recognize his true constituency, the voters and other citizens. He needs to be removed from office.