California Asks Supreme Court to Overturn Arizona’s SB 1070 BECAUSE IT WORKS!

The U.S. Supreme Court is scheduled to hear arguments next month in the case of Arizona’s immigration enforcement law, SB 1070. Just about everyone with an interest in immigration policy, including FAIR and the Immigration Reform Law Institute (IRLI,) is submitting amicus briefs in support or opposition to SB 1070.

But leave it to California to come up with the most novel argument as it tries to convince the Court to overturn the Arizona law. A document submitted by California Attorney General Kamala Harris asks the Court to overturn SB 1070 because it is likely to result in illegal aliens in Arizona moving to other states – like California. In other words, as a far as California is concerned, the problem with SB 1070 is that it works.

But wait a minute! I thought California wants illegal aliens. California needs illegal aliens. The California economy would collapse without illegal aliens. California offers every benefit imaginable to attract illegal aliens. You would think California would want the Supreme Court to uphold SB 1070 just so California could attract more illegal aliens to come and live there.

If California doesn’t want all the illegal aliens in Arizona to relocate to California, that’s another reason to ask the Court to uphold SB 1070. As soon as the Supreme Court declares SB 1070 to be constitutional, California could pass its own version of SB 1070 because, by the state’s own admission, it works.

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Ira joined the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) in 1986 with experience as a journalist, professor of journalism, special assistant to Gov. Richard Lamm (Colorado), and press secretary of the House Defense Appropriations Subcommittee. His columns have appeared in National Review, LA Times, NY Times, Washington Post, Newsweek, and more. He is an experienced TV and radio commentator.


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    OHIO will leave America and become our own country ..if they pass this bill then there is no stoping the peolpe from Mexcio from sneaking in to America because there will no bill to stop them America has become weak and lets none America tell it what to do

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    As long as they have people like Luis G. in office the illegals will have a puppet they can control to help them stay in this country. Vote him out and save America.

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    The State of California has nothing to do with Arizona, so why do they care about the new law of Arizona? Our Government does nothing to deport illegals, so each State should do it and Obama better be happy he is still President until this November, when he’ll be voted out for good.

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      I sure hope you aren’t holding your breath waiting for (Yuk) Obama to leave office. Don’t be too surprised if he claims that being President is his job for the rest of his life. YuKKK. He doesn’t even know what are Country is about or how our ancestors settled it. We strive for self sufficency and to get ahead. Bless his little heart, he thinks the Government has to give it to us. It would be nice if he would get the h—- out of Office and out of our Country.

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        As I understand, Obamam attended Occidental College on a California State scholarship for Foreign Students.
        If Obamam was in fact an American citizen, then he committed a fraud against the State of California.

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    If the people of CA are stupid enough to let the illegal liens vote in their local elections, they deserve what they get. We’ll eventually get an administration in Washington that will enforce the immigration laws of this country. If CA continues to let the illegals walk all over them, that’s where they’ll all end up. Good luck, as CA continues to go down the economic toilet.

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    Esther Barba on

    I’m one of the few conservatives left here in Ca. , we tried like hell to get rid of the libs in Sac. last election but Meg and Carli lost before they started. They didn’t have a chance with all the illegals voting for Brown and Boxer, by absentee ballot or just a regular id. to vote. Ca. is 90% immigrant now. End of story.

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    khatty kathy on

    It just amazes me that if you enforce the federal laws….the federal government is suing you but if you are a sanctuary city (aiding and abetting illegals) that is against the law…the federal government hails you! Strange way for Washington to run the country! And we wonder why citizens are upset! They throw us issues (birth control paid by college insurances and same sex marriage) to detract us from the real issue…like unemployment, illegals taking jobs, services, education from our citizens. What fools are we to believe their garbage! Vote them all out. Have limits on offices so they can’t make careers and fortunes on our backs!

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      Unfortunately it takes big bucks nowadays to get elected. Those bucks come from big money who says “vote our way or lose the primary”. And big money benefits from low-wage immigrant labor. That’s why no mandatory E-Verify.

      So the (national) ballot box is not the way to correct the problem. Better to work with State legislatures and hope the Supreme Court doesn’t screw them up.

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    Gloria Wedemeyer on

    It amazes me why one state would care what another state is doing. I guess they can’t compete with their liberal politicians and policies and want to bring Arizona down to their level. I think every state should be able to make their own laws. I don’t think we need so many laws of the land. Texas has the right to secede and if they ever decide to do, they will have a new resident, me.

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    areopagitica on

    Fourteen counties in the Republican Valley of south central CA wanted to annex themselves out of the state to form a new one, called South California. Arizona should welcome their insurrection and invite them to annex to your state as a response. There is little that Sacramento has done for the productive part of CA except ration their irrigation to their friendly allies and tax the earnings of the farm belt to subsidize their sanctuary slums of Jokeland and Wayward and Jerkeley and Santa Schmuz.

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    Harry Elston on

    It is just stupefying to watch the dismantling of this state by the leftist and if we don’t stop this
    nonsense the entire U.S. will be overrun by them.

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    This is unreal. Only the Peoples Republic of California could come up with something like this

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    All you suckers out there that are tired of illegals. Vote for something other than the marxist that are running things.

    Does that make sense??????????????????????????

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      It’s too late to rescue California. It is now a welfare state that is overwhelmed with ilegal immingrants who take medical and other social services and make our schools the worst in the nation. We also are chock full of takers who rely on government checks to pay for their dope so they can chill and do nothing. Physicians and anyone with money are planning to move from this once great state or have already done so. There will soon be no one left with a high income to pay the taxes for the losers and they will give the state to the hordes of the poor who are scaling the fences from the south. Housing prices and school test scores will plummett further and anything that ever made this state great will soon be a thing of the past. With a deficit of $70 Billion dollars and one-half trillion dollars in unfunded government union pension obligations, Jerry Brown and his left wing democrat whack-job Mexican panderes have also given FREE college tuition to illegal immigrants. Screw the people that were born here legally and pay taxes, they must pay full boat!. WHo in their right mind would want to stay here anyway! Unfortunately the rest of the country is not far behind. We will be Greece with riots and anarchy in the streets within 5 years if Obama is reelected. USA, R.I.P.

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        Super G ….. You have correctly described the demise of the once golden state..California!
        It is now a Balkanized Dystopia with Sacramento controlled by La Raza and the Open Borders Crowd
        and Los Angeles now known as the Illegal Alien and Gang Capitol of the USA!!!
        The 1/3 of its population who believe in the USA are outnumbered and demonized by left wing radicals who think
        the USA is a bad country!!

        Please join and fight back

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    kathy schweigert on

    I think as Bill O’reily would say ” You people in California drink to much koolaid” Your state is broke because of the unions, you want every thing pd buy the government, you want your kids on drugs, but smoking is so bad. You keep electing the same Dem’s like Pelosi and Reid from Az. and you can’t understand why we think you people are nuts!!!!! Your paying for all the illegals that come in and Nancy along with the other kooks from the Dem. party are is happy as can be that your stupid enough to keep voting them in office. And you wonder why your state is broke and your taxes so high??? Wake up you idiots!

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      Tired Of Illegal Immigrants on

      kathy schweigert: The primary issue in California (mexifornia) is the impact of illegal immigrants! No debate can be had in this one. Other states have the Dems, unions, etc. but do not have the budgetary issues that CA has… Tge economy, our well-being, infrastructure, land use is all fouled up BECAUSE OF ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS.

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    What worries me most is that California will be our Greece! And the rest of us will have to bail them out. They can not keep running huge deficits year after year. Eventually, they will implode and possibly take the country with them.This recession is far from over and it may even get worse. The last thing we need as a nation is more immigration even if it is legal.

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      If we don’t stop all immigration (legal and illegal) the whole nation is going to fall off the same cliff that California fell off in 1974. Both legislative houses dominated by left-wing Democrats since 1974. As of 1990 Cal had 52% minorities and immigrants. Who knows how high it is today?

      Ted kennedy knew the way to destroy the nation was to flood it full of immigrants from third world countries. How do poor people vote? Left-wing of course. Ted knew that. That’s why he authored the legislation in 1965 to open our borders to immigrants. It’s why he upped the ante in 1988 and 1990 by authoring legislation to increase the quotas from third world countries and reduce the quotas from Europe.

      Ted Kennedy. The man who destroyed the America we were born into.

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        Mark Sullivan on

        AMEN! Kennedy achieved his goal: an uber-rich liberal elite presiding over a sea of struggling worker gnomes.

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    One thing I think most of those who posted don’t “get” is that elections here in CA and some other key immigration states; just like the national elections are controled by the NWO. Real Americans are faced with a choice of watering the Liberty tree and watering the Liberty tree.

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    Like I have said all along. Bring all the troops home from our stupid wars, keep them working by station them on the borders with enforcement authority….problems solved.

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      Bill I do not believe in the U.S. being a protectionist country. We are in fact a world leader and we need to strengthen our allies to realize what an assault is being played out in the Middle East. We may not like what is happening in the world but burying our heads in the sand will not make us a safer nation. We do need to close down these borders for sure, and we need to deal with a nuclear Iran. I can’t understand this administration and the policies that they have used over the last 3 years. Egypt, Libya, Iraq, and Afghanistan have all been turned over to our most dangerous enemies because of this administrations policies. The next big mistake this administration is ready to make is to throw Israel off the bus. This is a very wrong and dangerous policy. I could never support it.

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        You don’t understand? It’s because President Osaudikingbower is a Muslim. He was born and raised a Muslim. A leopard can’t change its spots.

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    Arizona’s Law mirrors almost exactly the United States Immigration Law, except it’s not quite as Stringent. Other States have passed far more draconian immigration laws, and very little is said by comparison, “but boy do they go ballistic on our law.” Remember, it’s not even fully functional, parts of the law was kept from going into force California, so what are you whining about?

    They were going to protest our state, didn’t want to do any business with us, yet they still wanted our share of excess water, and of course we still should supply them electricity to quench the ever growing Illegal population that they encourage by protecting them, and giving them benefits we don’t provide. Could that be the reason they are still running to California?

    Arizona is the Gateway into the United States since California has the whole border fenced, Unlike our State. That is why we need the law, they dump tons of Trash along our border that we have to clean up, they steal from people’s houses as they pass through, and in some cases kill our Citizens when they invade our State. If you want the law struck down California, help us finish building the same fence you have….Don’t Whine!

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      California votes for their representatives as every state does. They keep them in office nomatter what they do. No other state should have to bail them out or help them pay for their stupidity.

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          To me STUPIDITY is pretty close to about every thing the Government of Calf. does. Not an insult, TRUTH!

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          Tired Of Illegal Immigrants on

          DJ: Californians were ignorant on social issues and continued voting in anti-American Dems as a result of their laziness and ignorance. Please do not let the labels of “stupid” or “ignorant” offend you; that is “junior high”. Many, many Californians, I do not blame them, have invaded my home state of Colorado and that angers me because they bring their anti-American beliefs with them. For example, we’ve voted on “mandatory time off legislation”, tuition breaks for illegal immigrants, etc. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine this would happen in COLORADO. We give thanks to our Californians for the messes now…

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    Screw you Calif.! That’s what you get for being such a libtard state! Electing idiots like Pelosi, Boxer, Villagarosa, etc. has gotten you what you deserve. Now you can have all the Illegal Crimmigrants that you have so ardently protected. Your state is bankrupt because you have allowed millions of them to usurp your entitlements benefits and turn some of your cities into dumps. Now suffer retards. I feel for the very few conservatives left in that state, but they need to get out while they can. Az. will be building its fence along the Mex. and Calif. borders. We don’t want your problems here.

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      There may be more conservatives here than you think. Between San Francisco and Los Angeles we are pretty much outnumbered by libs and illegals. San Diego is military no matter what. The desert and mountain towns are like any other small town. This state has and has always had a lot to offer so writing it off isn’t wise. The central valieys are the bread basket of the nation and you all should help us protect that, Unless of course you like eating food from China and Argentina.

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        Both California legislative bodies have been under Democrat control since 1974.

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        Tired Of Illegal Immigrants on

        DJ: The central valley is providing food but will have a difficult time in doing so without water and water supplies are dwindling because of ignorant, left-wingers in the state. We The People can survive without the central valley’s illegal immigrant farm workers. Again, lazy, ignorant voters and illegal immigrants caused ALL of California’s woes.

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      Rock I agree with you but that is what Communist, Socialist, and Progressives do. They’ll get the vote and they’ll get to choke on it. I feel bad for any true American and conservative that has to live there, I experience it myself here in Rhode Island. Very bad indeed.

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    Lets face it Calif is the state that passed a law requiring schools to teach the achievements in society of gay people, sexual orientation has nothing to do with achieving anything and someones sexual habits need not be pointed out to school kids.

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    Living in California is like living in the “Twilight Zone”. They always do the opposite of what is logical because their love of political correctness and entitlements for the few always wins out.

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    I have always said…illegals in this country would not be an issue until they start migrating north of the Mason Dixon…welcome to the world of Texas which has fought this problem for 35 years.

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    Living in California is like living in the “Twilight Zone”. They always do the opposite of what is logical but their love of political correctness and entitlements for the few always wins out.

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    Tired Of Illegal Immigrants on

    Thank you Kamala; about time you realized that illegal immigrants are being “forced” to move from AZ to CA… Jan Brewer, I applaud you!

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    The key word here is not immigrants, it is the word ILLEGAL . How can we as law abiding citizens teach future Americans to obey the law, when we do not as parents and leaders? Our country needs someone to stand up and uphold the laws of protecting the United States and its borders, We did it with success 20 years for the Korean government. The last time I checked protection is part of being the Presidents responsibility (OATH). Personally. I am questioning the 21 plus years I spent in the military, I look around and don’t know what for? Maybe waiting for a different CHANGE!!!.

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      jamie, the reason they probably won’t pass it is because the 1% in Alpharetta and Roswell, and other places like that have the illegals clean their houses, do their lawn work, repairs, etc. They’re unwilling to pay a taxpaying legal business, but are the first screamers when their taxes go up. The ladies of leisure pick the illegals up, fix their lunch, and bring them back to their congregating places. One told me that she was unhappy because she had to buy real Coca Cola for them, they wouldn’t work for her if she didn’t feed them what they wanted. The only thing that will spur a law there is when one of the illegals robs and kills a lady of leisure. Then you’ll see how fast the law changes. I lasted 6 months in GA and had to go back up north where I belong. Yes, there are problems, but not like other states.

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        The reasons as I see them for the reticence of most states to move to pass laws similar to Arizona’s is this; the business community ( small businesses) supported by the Republicans do not want to lose the cheap labor and the Catholic Church and other religious organizations don’t want to lose contributing parishoners. Its all about the money and then we come to the democrats who don’t want to lose the latin vote. So we the tax paying American’s are screwed because nobody represents our views and we are called racist if we attempt to point out that cheap labor is driving down everyone’s living standards. We are called selfish and are told that none of us are natives and they are correct most of us came from somewhere else but most of us did it the legal way.

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          RICHARD HARRIS on

          What, you mean you weren’t born here? If you were born here you are a native. Don’t swallow the left-wing doubletalk. That’s the stock-in-trade of the totalitarian left-wingers. Don’t tell a lie. Tell a Big Lie. Tell it often enough until people believe it. It comes down to this. If you’re an American citizen you belong here. If you’re not an American citizen, you don’t belong here.

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      Then tell your Representatives so! Call them or email them today. The Dumbocrats don’t want e-verify because they need all the votes they can get come election time……The farmers don’t want it because wages will have to go up……..I believe in controlled immigration, where everyone gets a fair shake at becoming legal but I don’t think you should become legal because you’ve been here for years illegally and raised your children using benefits that you have not EARNED!

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        And the Republicans don’t want it because it will cause businesses and much of their “base” to provide better wages and working conditions to legal workers.

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          RICHARD HARRIS on

          Don’t say Republicans. You need to be more specific. Fat Cat Republicans want to flood the country with immigrants in order to drive down living standards so they can hire engineers, accountants, and MBA’s for minimum wage. Conservative Republicans want to enforce the immigration laws that are on the books, including deporting all illegal aliens. Conservatives want to protect the borders, language, and culture of this country. They especially want to deport illegal alien workers, who are stealing jobs from Americans.

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        All immigrants (legal or illegal) are left-wing voters. Are you sure you want to allow legal immigrants in here so they can vote left-wing and establish permanent Democrat control of the Congress and the Senate, and the White House?