Vice-President Biden Clueless on H-1B

In January, President Obama said that there was a shortage of engineers in the U.S., or so he had been told. The President also seemed not to know the H-1B visa program does not require employers to seek to hire American workers before bringing in a foreign guest worker. Vice-President Biden has now made it clear that this administration either has no idea how the H-1B program works, or is intent on supplying false information to the American people about the program. Here is an exchange between the Vice-President and an interviewer at an Iowa television station. Emphasis added

Question: Are two many H1B visas given out each year? Are too many highly skilled jobs going to people outside the United States?
Vice-President Biden: No h1b visa can be granted to an employee to come to a company unless they can prove there is no American to fill the job.

This statement is unambiguous and it is absolutely untrue. As FAIR has pointed out, H-1B employers do not have to make any effort to “test” the market to see if there are available American workers. Vice-President Biden is usually portrayed as the White House’s comic relief, but there is nothing remotely funny about this gaffe.

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    The requirement that qualified native workers be sought before hiring an H1-B was done away with the “American Competitiveness in the 21st Century Act” passed in October 2000, and sponsored by Kennedy (deceased) and Feinstein (laid up with a broken leg from skiing so she abstained). very ironically named bill. The main purpose of the law was to raise H1-B visas limits to 195,000 for a number of years, before reducing it back to 65,000. However, for research and educational institutional institutions (Harvard, UCLA, MIT, Rockelfeller University, etc) there is no cap. So a corporation like Phizer or Microsoft or Eli Lilly or Roch-Hoffman, etc, can fund research through a university and hire all the foreign engineers, scientists, physicians, and technicians it so desires. Thanks to you Ted and Dianne.

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    Breaking news in tech circles…….

    but will the mainstream media ( the corporate media complex) expose this issue ??

    Indian IT firms are Heading for a Fall

    Democratic Underground: Indian IT firms are heading for a fall

    Computerworld‎ – by Patrick Thibodeau‎ – 1 day ago
    Our legal system facilitates a fight, as India’s IT companies are now learning. Three of India’s largest IT outsourcing firms, Infosys Technologies, ……………………………….

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    How to FIX Congress:

    Warren Buffett, in a recent interview with CNBC, offers one of the best quotes about the debt ceiling:
    “I could end the deficit in 5 minutes,” he told CNBC. “You just pass a law that says that anytime there is a deficit of more than 3% of GDP, all sitting members of Congress are ineligible for re-election.

    1. No annual budget passed by the deadline each year??? . . . No pay for Congress OR the President!

    2. Congress must equally abide by all laws they impose on the American people. And, Congress shall pass no laws that pertain to them that do not pertain to the American people as well. Congress should not be exempt from the laws they pass.

    3. No Tenure / No Pension. A Congressman/woman collects a salary while in office and receives no
    pay when they’re out of office.

    4. Congress (past, present & future) participates in Social Security. All contracts with past and present Congressmen/women are void effective 1/1/12. The American people did not make this contract with Congressmen/women.

    5. Congress made all these contracts for themselves. Serving in Congress is an honor, not a career. The Founding Fathers envisioned citizen legislators, so ours should serve their term(s), then go home and back to work.

    Vota all incumbents out so they can get a job in the economy THEY created!!! No retirement benefits!

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    As long as the “voter” keeps perpetuating this love affair with the two parties and let them split you and divide you, then the “business as usual” will be the rule???Quit sniping and vote the greedy bastards OUT and think for yourself…?

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    Viet Nam Vet 67-68 on

    I made a mistake in another blog when I said that Obamination should do the World a favor and commit suicide I would like to change that to BIDEN and Obamination.

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    About 2003 the engineer’s and computer programmers jobs went offshore from Chicago suburbs to Mexico. Just like l600 each Maytag workers from Galesburg IL and another 1600 workers from Maytag plant by Amana IA . The plants one hour from each other went offshore from there to Mexico.. Three Tyco Plants from three IL cities two offshore to Mexico and one offshore to China. Two steel plants one from Chicago and another from IL city. offshore to Mexico. The one engineer from Chicago suburb whose job went offshore to Mexico was on C Span and said that he would never make as much money, but neither would the American people get as much SS and US taxes from his salary.again.

    Then at the same time in CA they told these 6 engineers to train in India and they won’t lose their jobs. But 6 months later after the 6 engineers got back to CA all 6 were fired.

    Now less than l0 years later after outsourcing the engineer’s jobs to Mexico and India they want to bring in foreign engineer jobs to US.. All as a means for Soros to destroy the US even more.

    It is a Soros Party of Two and the left against you. So you will be Don Quixote, but keep fighting against them never give up and stick together.. No I don’t mean Revolution that is what Soros wants you to do. Like in his “Velvet Revolution with Occupy, Obama bankrupting the country, controlling the media and the mainstream TV
    and the Shadow Party that Soros and Hillary put in to take over the real government, never give up against the challengers”, which are the American people. “Say he has used this Velvet Revolution to take over other countries and has done all the steps on the US. Except Soros usually gets involved with the military and they couldn’t see it in the US” I wonder if not indirectly..

    Soros is 8l, but he could live to be l00. Plus he has three sons and a daughter with money. The one son is just like him and I believe about 48 years old. He could have his son set up to take his place.

    It is a Soros Party of Two. Yes Soros started out with the Democrats with clintons as his first puppets to do the above for him. But Soros and Gregorian crossed over the aisle, he wanted the Republican Party too. 6 years ago someone who would know said Soros and Gregorian “had the Democratic Party, Republican Party, Judicial, who benefit from amnesty North American Union and Iraq. They manipulate and engineer the election. No longer put in the best of the best, but puppets who won’t stead the show. ” Numbers USA with all the Republicans being for amnesty and Fox News taking off Beck and replacing him with the Left proves.


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    “testing the market” was a joke back when they used to have to do it. I remember seeing these very obvious help wanted ads that would have ridiculous specific and unlikely requirements and even more ridiculous low salary. They would often end with “or presently working in position.” If I was stupid enough to waste a stamp on any of these.

    The H1B program is for wage busting, only. I’ve been an engineer for 25 years and I have been out of work for nearly the last year. I know many other former colleagues who are in the same situation.

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    And Obama and Biden are not the only ones calling for more skilled worker immigration, claming we have shortages of skilled workers

    Hillary Clinton reaffirms support for more H-1B visas

    John McCain & Meg Whitman on H-1B Visas

    and it goes on and on and on
    Who supports the American worker?

    “The goal is NOT to Find and American worker!”

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    Steven Friedrich on

    I didn’t have an opportunity to attend colege, so said my mother. So I joined the US Navy and became a Data Systems Technican. Due to H1-B, I have been unemployed for 7 of the last 12 years. I have been homeless for 8 months. Corporate America can hire THREE computer science grads from India for what I get paid. So they DO. Because corporate America has no values, scruples, honor, or patriotism. The ONLY parameter they care about is profit.

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    kind of reminds you of the childhood song three blind mice, Guess we could call em the do less duo

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