New FAIR Publication Addresses Questions About Alabama’s Immigration Enforcement Law

FAIR’s legislative team just issued a new Q&A about HB 56, Alabama’s new immigration enforcement law. The document addresses many of the issues that other states have faced when trying to enforce immigration laws and dispels many of the myths that the open borders lobby has been promoting since the bill’s passage.

With Alabama lawmakers introducing a bill last week that would revise HB 56 and strip it of critical enforcement measures, dispelling these myths is more important than ever!

You can find it on FAIR’s Website here. It’s well worth the read.

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Content written by Federation for American Immigration Reform staff.


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    I’m in total agreement with nearly everything said above. Sadly our Politicians are bought and paid for Cowards. All the Developed Countries have implemented or changed.the requirements for Citizenship. In the late 70’s and early 80’s people like Republican Governor Pete Wilson warned us to more strictly enforce our Borders and Laws. California was going Broke even then because of Illegals. Congress has been pleaded with for at least 30 years, to change Citizenship requirements to mirror the rest of the World. Despite the peoples requests every bill to change the Laws has been voted down. Bills have also been forwarded to make American English the official Language. All were voted down. It seems that despite what the American People ask for, our Government does not care. The lowest pole results I’ve seen show ” We The People

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    We need another ‘Atlas Shrugged’. Ayn Rand had the right idea. Read the book several times over the years. What I’d really like to say cannot be published, it would all have to be bleeped out. My take on the election is it’s between king bamma and the last of the 3 stooges still standing. Not much choice.

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    To put it in the simplist terms Homeland Security is one of the biggest jokes for a protection department the U.S. or for that matter any country has ever had. Till there is a qualified person in charge Homeland Security remains ineffective. Janet Napolitano head of HS has the same views as Obama when it comes to illegals, the more the merrier and the more votes for Democrats even if they commit voter fraud.

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      Pete Wenzel, Esq on

      DHS MAY have been a noble effort at rooting out internal terrorists initially, but it has since been co-opted buy Husein and his DICTATORIAL AMBITIONS to be answerable to him, and HIM ALONE through its “Czar”, who Congress has no real effective control over.
      For an EXTREMELY FRIGHTENING look ahead at America’s future, look back at Adolf Hitler’s NAZI regime. Simply put, Hitler and a rather unsavoury fellow named Ernst Rohm began organizing for the NAZI takeover in Germany by recruiting “street toughs, thugs and violently inclined Party Members” into a “private or party army” called the SA or “The Brownshirts.” It was the job of the SA to root out Communists and Dissidents (anyone NOT for the “Party Line”) and ensure their arrest and detention by the State Police (and ultimately, to the so-called “Death Camps”).
      Their parallel in this country, already made to order and in place and at divers locations, are the Officers, men and women of DHS.
      When the role (and the numbers) of the SA began to appear a “Paramilitary” Threat to the Army, and even to Hitler himself (due to Rohm having been appointed as their commander by Hitler at their inception); Hitler used his own PERSONAL bodyguard troops (The SS or “Blackshirts”) to plan for and execute what later became known as “The Night Of The Longknives”, during which ALL OF THE LEADERS of the SA were “purged (read EXECUTED summarily with no courts martial or Judicial Order), and the numbers (and subsequently the power) of the SA were greatly reduced.
      Hitler got the army to agree NOT to interfere with this by throwing ONE DEMAND at the Army General Staff, he insisted that ALL MEMBERS of the Armed Services and their General Staffs SWEAR ALLEGIANCE TO HIM and The German Empire (The Oath begins “I swear to thee Adolf Hitler and the German Empire loyalty …”). Very cannily, Hitler inserted HIS NAME FIRST, thereby insuring thal ALL members of the Armed Services would OBEY WITHOUT QUESTION ANY ORDERS given by Adolf Hitler.
      During this time, Hitler was busily expanding the ranks of the SS (his bodyguard DIVISION first and then OTHER “Elite Fighting Divisions.” THE SS SWORE ALLEGIANCE TO HITLER AND ONLY HITLER! As a sop to the Army, the Fighting Divisions were placed under nominal control of the Army; HOWEVER, when push came to shove they were really only responsible to Hitler due to their Oath.
      NOW, APPLY THIS paramilitary education in terms of Janet Napolitano and the DHS, and The New Black Panther Party (whose uniform CO-INCIDENTALLY, is BLACK) and their use of military rank within their membership, and you should be able to have the proper conclusion leap out at you from your monitor screen.
      America has fallen through the hole on the outhouse seat and is now IN SOME VERY DEEP DOO-DOO!
      OUR GOVERNMENT MUST REVERT to its truly Constitutional level, expunge MANY Acts from the books and once more be OUR GOVERNMENT; of, by and for the People!


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    Gutless and unpatriotic politicians should all be sent to Mexico to live with these wonderful illegals they are responsible for and love (but only for their votes!).

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      you are so right send them all to mexico then we wouldnt have to worry about the politicians or the illegals

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    Dave Francis on


    For many years Americans have been financially haunted by unfunded mandates, forced on them by the courts–taxed into paying for illegal aliens who managed to slip through the border or travel on an international jet with no intentions in returning to their country of birth. The most expensive payout is illegal females who are carrying a fetus within her womb, who know if they reach American soil they will get free delivery, post natal care and every conceivable extra that should be the exclusive rights of birthright and naturalized citizens.

    The fourteenth amendment has been overreached by the courts and as there is very little chance of changing the law. But the American voters can at least alter the statute, which grants only immediate citizenship to a newborn infant of where at least one family member has actual citizenship status. The “foothold” baby is probably the most expensive unfunded mandated law, which states have to pour out their pockets from U.S. taxpayers. Billions dollars could be saved from bringing commonsense to this section of the law, by passing an amendment. The majority of European nations have passed laws, which are designed to change this insane law we are held accountable too?

    I assume that Presidential contender Mitt Romney is aware that illegal immigration is causing fiscal suffering specifically to the working class Americans. Romney also better understand he needs to gain the trust of the TEA PARTY and the women voters. American citizens and legal resident females have no such escape from aggressive debt collectors, while illegal pregnant foreigners are not subject to paying their bills and walk away with no claim. That is why many hospitals in the border states of California, Arizona, Texas and New Mexico have been forced to close their doors, because of unpaid fees. This is why many states are on the edge of bankruptcy, because they cannot arise from the red ink the federal government has created. Same with the children of illegal aliens by the millions that have registered, which have drained our school budgets and so teachers are forced by shortage of educational materials, to buy them for their classes.

    This is a new alliance that not just the Republicans, but disheartened Democrats, Liberals, Independents and other party members. The TEA PARTY is sustaining its growing numbers into the millions, who are frustrated with the reluctance of the main leaders in considering the illegal alien explosive growth and the costs of support.

    NumbersUSA, a non-profit organization whose dedication is to lower immigration and enforcement of immigration laws, that unless them two parties start by securing the border and have remained inert to increasingly alarmed public of their deteriorating quality of life due to sprawl, congestion, overcrowded schools, lost open spaces and increasing restrictions on their individual liberty caused by the new population explosion! Stop this travesty that is being deliberately bypassed by the Senate and House. Close all the loopholes in the law, which is pandering to the illegal alien invaders.

    To learn more about the Obama Socialist agenda, illegal alien invasion and many other social issues, the observer should go to “American Patrol” for in-depth daily articles and reports that should be assessed by all readers. On this website you will find the true facts and not lies, that is distributed by the National Liberal media. A few of today’s subjects are:

    World News daily: Obama eyes rebuilding business – in AFRICA!
    Jim Kouri, CPP — The Examiner: Lawmaker: White House bends immigration laws
    Dave Gibson — The Examiner: India now trying to dictate terms of H1B Visa program
    WJLA-TV — Washington: Usual suspects whine about deporting criminal illegal’s
    Dave Gibson — The Examiner: Deportable illegal aliens now getting free dental care
    New America Media: California immigration ballot initiative hit from left, right
    Chattanooga (Tenn.) Times Free Press: Immigrants experiencing quicker job growth than native-born Americans
    Cynthia E. Ayers — Family Security Matters: How the enemy uses political correctness to divide and conquer America
    Michelle Malkin — Family Security Matters: Don’t do business with progressive appeasers
    Kevin McGinty — Topeka Capital-Journal : Eric Holder: There’s no such thing as voter fraud…
    Punish the Politicians, Governors, Mayors and the whole mix of elected officials that are harboring foreign nationals, who have implemented Sanctuary cities ordinances, who have driven policies of Dream Acts, Chain migration and other catastrophic Comprehensive Reform packages. Even citizen voting privileges are not safe anymore, from groups like ACORN involved with voter fraud. The U.S. citizenry must step forward and adjoin with the TEA PARTY “THE PEOPLE’S PARTY” to stop the erosion of legal rights, which are being reduced by this administration. Both parties have abused immigration enforcement, by neglecting the fence and the incompetence of acknowledging that ID theft is out of control, that every foreign worker is committing a felony by using U.S. victim’s Social security number and identity in the majority of cases. The illegal alien occupation are racking up over a $100 Billion dollars a year, with no end in sight. Additionally, illegal foreign workers are estimated to wire over $40 Billion dollars annually outside this country to foreign banks.

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      Pete Wenzel, Esq on

      Dave, you raise many good points, and I applaud your diligence and research efforts with one proviso. To wit: Only babies born of 2 naturalized or a combination of naturalized and citizen status should be granted citizenship. I include naturalized citizens because they had to study and work for their citizenship (my original emigrant family did and I’m sure yours did too). As such, most naturalized citizens have a better understanding of the foundations of our nation than most that were born and raised here!
      I have noticed this to be true in almost every naturalized citizen I’ve ever come into contact with. Also of those that I’ve known, the naturalized citizens are fiercely loyal to the great tenets that our nation was born of.