FAIR Previews Arizona SB 1070 Supreme Court Case

On Wednesday, April 25, the Supreme Court will hear oral arguments on Arizona v. United States of America, the case that will decide the fate of SB 1070, Arizona’s immigration enforcement law. To help guide our members through the hearing, FAIR’s Government Relations Department just released a summary of the arguments both parties submitted in briefs to the Court.

FAIR’s summary looks at the four sections that the Department of Justice has challenged as well as the arguments Arizona has made in support of its law and the arguments the Department of Justice has made in an attempt to strike it down. Click here to download the document and get the details to prepare for the outcome of this landmark case.

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    If the Court finds against the bill, it is de facto promise of open borders. I do not think the proponents of open borders realize the consequences of such a finding. I am not racist, but will NOT pay 1,100 dollars next year on my income tax to support an illegal act. We will all be illegal, here in the great melting pot. I may rob someone, after all, it’s just an AMERICAN law. Disregard for the law is not the way to convince me of your desire to be my brother.