Sen. Rubio’s Quest for DREAM Act a Political Shield for the President

All this DREAM Act chatter is accomplishing precisely what amnesty proponents want – a distraction from this administration’s immigration positions. The administration’s blatant disregard for the rule of law, its systematic dismantling of immigration enforcement, and its attack on states that want to assist in the enforcement of U.S. immigration law, are all policies that are very unpopular with the American people.

What better way to distract from serious discussion of the need to enforce our immigration laws than renewed political theater over another amnesty bill that won’t pass? Click here to read a few thoughts as to why Senator Rubio’s quest to pass the DREAM Act represents both bad policy and politics.

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    It’s really hurtful to learn that Sen. Rubio is just another free-loader on the American gravy train, like all the illegal aliens sucking the American tit, while Americans draw unemployment checks., a disgrace.

    Rubio, McCain, Graham, Drubin, Specter, Schumer are all on the same old page.

    Romney needs to find a real vice president, a patriot, who loves America, not people who want to give our country away.

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    john in the 77036 barrio on

    I heard Rubio on Laura Ingram and there is no amnesty in the plan he described. It recognizes the fact that a kid that grew up in the US is home. There are no incentives for additional illegal immigration. The DREAM act needs to be strictly limited to deal with those entering <12-15 yr old, with their parents and not allow friends and family to tag along. It's not my preference, but I can accept in-state tuition for illegal alien students at TX colleges because they are funded through property taxes, so, unless they live in a cardboard box, they've paid their share. However, they potentially displace citizen students, so it's still not good. The only way to get things under control is workplace enforcement. "Border security"is part of the equation, but talking border security w/o workplace enforcement is a sham.

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      Tired of illegal immigrants on

      John: Illegal immigrants are just that, illegal. Rubio’s “plan” rewards illegal immigrants and takes, once again, from Americans. How is that acceptable? Further, not all Texas residents pay property taxes; some rent and others live in taxpayer funded residences. How, is that acceptable?

      I am angry because we Americans have and continue giving so much to illegal immigrants. Our quality of life is eroding, our budgets are exploding, our laws are not enforced. Sir, please tell me why anything other than deportation is acceptable. Rewarding criminal activity does nothing but encourage further criminal activity.

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    Mister Rubio ! America must take only LEGAL emigrants ,do no`t transform America in Europe .In the first place think about American people… about that who LEGAL lives in America. Your Dream Act this VERY BIG FRAUD of American folk , you of their own political emotion you go against folk of the America .You powerfully raged it`s revenge in politician . Your support Dream Act on for many years onward worsen economic& political situation. You will not fall into history as rescuer- but will come as wrecker ..

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    I believe most of you have Marco Rubio’s number He’s here under the Cuban American Act, is this his way of pulling a Hispanic take over of the USA.

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    I am also disappointed that Senator Rubio is helping with the Dream Act. At this point in time when our country is being mutilated by Obama administration, Rubio decides to help the illegal aliens stay in this country. It is not the American people fault that the children of illegal aliens are here. The parents are responsible for their action and should be responsible for their children stay. Either go home but take your children with you!!! Our country is tired footing the bill for their stay.
    As for Rubio, I hope he does not get pick for VP. Another distraction with elgibility on our hand and we do not need to be put through this mess right now. Obama is already plowing his messey agendas on us and he needs to be yank out of the oval office.

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    Stan Jackson on

    I’m disappointed with Rubio’s DREAM proposal since it only provides potential status to those that join the military, not those young people who pursue college. I think young people going to college is a good thing. You may all disagree. And simply using this plan as a way to round up more immigrants to be used in our useless wars is an old strategy that needs to be snuffed out, not resuscitated.

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      Tired of illegal immigrants on

      Stan: Illegal immigrants are just that, illegal. Rubio’s “plan” rewards illegal immigrants and takes, once again, from Americans. How is that acceptable? Why is displacing American students with illegal immigrants acceptable?

      I am angry because we Americans have and continue giving so much to illegal immigrants. Our quality of life is eroding, our budgets are exploding, our laws are not enforced. Sir, please tell me why anything other than deportation is acceptable. Rewarding criminal activity does nothing but encourage further criminal activity.

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      So – kenny – you think we should cave in & give the law-breakers what they want?? Are you insane?? Okay – let’s say they go to our colleges/universities at below cost & get a degree. How the hell does that help?? It won’t help me. Illegal aliens are STILL taking tax-payer dollars no matter how you look at it. Whether they have an ITIN number or not. They will take their degree & bring it home with them. They have NO plans on staying here where the economy sucks. Have you heard recently that the illegal aliens know how to scam the IRS AND are getting away with it. Yes, our federal government is giving away your tax dollars to tax cheating illegal aliens who are getting like $11,000.00 (each tax cheat) sent to MEXICO for nieces & nephews they claim. AND the federal government does NOTHING about it. AND when all the free-loaders come from all over the world – illegally, mind you – because the last (“approximately”) 11 million illegal aliens got some kind of amnesty or free services or insane advocate groups to help them “achieve the American dream”. Let’s say those demanding illegal aliens that we give them everything they want – what makes you think more won’t be tempted to come here???
      The BEST way to handle this is to do what EVERY other country is doing to keep the riff-raff out. That is to build a wall – north & south. After building a wall – there needs to be an exit system where you check in this country & CANNOT overstay the visa – which – by the way – is a privilege – and in many many many cases is being abused.
      One more thing – Rubio is a sneak. After he gets what his people want or demand – what else will they all ask for through him for them??? They will never be true to this country. They will keep coming because our leaders give them what they want & demand – it’s as simple as that. How about our leaders say ‘no’ every now & again??
      So – kenny – how will giving them in-state tuition do ANYTHING about the immigration problem???

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      I think Marco Rubio is right, but he needs to change the name from “Dream Act” to another name that would not be associated with the far left. Rubio allows the immigrants to earn the right to education. I think a compromise could be worked out here.

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        Students are already allowed student visas to pursue an education here in the US

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        Tired of illegal immigrants on

        We The People do not want compromise; we want enforcement of current immigration laws and mandatory E-Verify (Rep. Lamar Smith’s HR 2885). Attrition thru enforcement works, ask Arizona, Alabama, etc.

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      Vince Dunsworth on

      I support Lamar Smith’s mandatory E-Verify bill. Yes, it’s high time we do something about out illegal immigration problem: Crack down on illegal employers! Remove the jobs, remove the benefits, remove birthright citizenship and 90% of the illegal swill head home and 7-8 million Americans will have work. Not that’s a stimulus package that makes sense!

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        Vince, The Obummer goons have set up border check points at the border crossings.But not to keep ILLEGALS from entering,but the keep them from leaving.No to any AMNESTY.ENOUGH.

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        It will cut down on the crime rate, the prison population, the gang problems, and welfare and medicare fraud too

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      Kenny, just enforce the law.Every time these Idiots even mention Amnesty you have a stampede across the border.

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      Tired of illegal immigrants on

      Kenny: Rewarding criminal activity encourages more criminal activity. Don’t believe me, conduct some research on past amnesties for proof!

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    Addendum to the previous notation:
    Am deeply disappointed in Marco Rubio. I hope to hear what he has to say in the next few months as he is likely being vetted for VP. I cannot fathom Romney supporting Dream Act.

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    There is no “Dream Act” that would be acceptable. At some point the money runs out. The ‘National Piggy Bank’, aka the vanishing middle class will not be able to supply the vast amounts of money necessary to support everyone from everywhere all the time.
    This is not rocket science, it is basic math if you don’t think there needs to be a moratorium on spending money we do not have, take a long, hard look at CALIFORNIA. We are broke from endless welfare going mostly to people who have arrived recently over our borders. Medi-cal is a joke. The nation will be ‘ California ‘ possibly in the next 5 years. Filter out all the peripheral noise and hear the sound of America the Beautiful being ripped apart.

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      Florida Girl on

      Lost mine also, I campaigned for him. Will not vote for him if he continues with this insane bill. They now are sending just children across the border in Texas. I saw Governor of Texas on Greta show a couple of nights ago. I think He said 5700 of them just last month. I don’t know what the total is but we are paying to take care of these children. This is total insanity

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    I’m very disappointed in Mr. Rubio as I had thought he would make a suitable Vice President.. He is feeling sorry for an illegal, that was educated free,went to University and then to Law School and now can’t get a license because he is illegal. Oh, really??!! He’s a lawyer and didn’t KNOW he was illegal and not entitled to all these benefits. Well, go back to Mexico and practice law and warn other illegals not to do the same.

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    Juanita Rice on

    Can we, as citizens of the United States start, obeying only the laws that we want to and ignore the ones we don’t like? That’s what our representatives are doing. Are they better than us, the taxpayers?

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    Has anyone seen the NumbersUSA statement on this from Roy Beck? He says that he may support it depending on how it is worded. I have been disappointed in him lately. The E-Verify bill H.R. 2885 has sections in it that are unacceptable. Sections : 2, 6, 10, 11, yet Numbers pushes for it to be passed. One section takes states rights to enforce immigration laws.
    We can’t allow Rubio to get this through. He is pandering. I have never trusted him. Anyone that the Bush’s back poses questions in my mind. They are NWO people.


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      Rick Vaughn on

      I am more concerned about Rubio being selected to be Romney’s pick for VP.
      If something happened to Romney then an illegal could become our President and that would be a catastrophe for the American people.

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    Vince Dunsworth on

    Here is what the DREAM Act should say, if it was truly intended to show compassion for kids who were smuggled here by their parents:

    1) Any illegal alien who is in school could be granted a student visa provided the following conditions are met:
    a. They register
    b. Their parents voluntarily leave and permanently forfeit any future opportunity to immigrate or visit.
    c. The student agrees to leave upon graduation or cessation of studies.
    d. A GPA requirement is enforced.
    e. The (student/parents/home country or private sponsors) are responsible for ALL expenses. No work permit will be issued.
    f. The student is not eligible for ANY path to citizenship for 5 years after returning to the home country. No marriage visas, anchor babies etc.
    g. Full biometrics must be taken of the student AND the parents.
    h. If under 18, a LEGAL resident must be identified as the guardian.
    i. The parents must identify their employers for at least the previous 5 years.
    2) STRICT border and interior enforcement MUST be included to prevent more illegals from coming. Think HR 2885 and ending birthright citizenship.
    OK, this would help the poor innocent students who were brought here. They would get their education, and should do quite well back home with that education. They would also be eligible to come here in the future. Maybe they would make Mexico a better place to live! The parents would not be rewarded.
    This is compassion without stupidity.

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      Great idea, We either enforce our laws or the left wins to get a global nation, run by A few dictators who live like kings while the rest of us eat cake

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      Tired of illegal immigrants on

      No compassion for criminals here. I feel sorry for us Americans that have been robbed if so much by illegal immigrants. Sorry, compassion has been replaced with anger and frustration.

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    Delaware Bob on

    The DREAM Act is amnesty, and that is why I was always against the DREAM Act, but, I’ll give in to the DREAM Act under two conditions. First, the parents who bought their illegal alien children here illegally MUST be deported. Second, the parents can NEVER return to this country and the student can NEVER sponsor them or any other family member that would start a chain migration. The student will start the DREAM Act as soon as the parents are deported or leave. This, I believe, is a good compromise. The students will be rewarded for something that was not their fault and the parents will pay for their crime of entering this country illegally and putting their child in this position. If you do not like this compromise, then the parents can just take their children back to the country from which they came. AGREE? If not, let all of them pack their bags and get the hell out of this country. They DO NOT belong here.

    Illegal immigration is a cancer, it has to be eradicated not tolerated.

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      You are absolutely right! Couldn’t agree more. This is the ONLY compromise that is acceptable.

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      Viet Nam Vet 67-68 on

      We are paying thru the nose for these so called innocent children while American children are turned away in their own Country, NO, NO, No way in hell should we coddle any Illegal or Illegal actrivity. Americans first, screw the rest !!! We are Bankrupt as a Nation and we always have some bleeding heart feeling sorry for someone who is not an American, we need to focus on saving our Country that the last 4 Presidents have tried to destroy and get back on track of being the Country everyone wants to come to. If you have a blind eye to whats these Illegal’s are trying to do I suggest you go on your computer and start watching and listening to the Mexican radicals that are taking over our schools our airwaves talking against Americans and stating their prime objective is the downfall of this Country. We need Ron Paul to get our people back to work and Ron Paul is the only true American Constitutionalist 2nd Amendment Candidate who has a plan. Romney stated he wouldn’t balance our budget till 2020 thats 7 years and at a rate of Obaminations spending that Romney will carry on that would put an additional $5-7 Trillion on our National debt, people we cannot afford what debt we have now let alone another $5-7 Trillion more. Ron Paul will cut $1Trillion off of Obaminations 2013 budget first year, thats $1 Trillion we tax payers don’t have to pay and $1 Trillon that won’t have to go on our National Debt plus he is the only Candiodate that wants to audit and close the Federal Reserve and that is the most important item no one else is concerned with. Did you hear or see that the Federal Reserve let a Communist Chineese Bank open here in the United States? That is why we need to get rid of the Federal Reserve.

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    I still cannot believe that the media, yes the lamestream media, and the conservative talking heads, have not outed Rubio for his *REAL* record while Florida Speaker of the House! He and his RINO Miami buddies all conspired in advance of the legislative session to allow the illegal immigration bills (six) to die in committee. The bills were similar to AZ and OK’s bills — tough. They laughed and joked that “those bills will never see the light of day.” Ha-ha, not laughing. Search the internet — you’ll find it. Also search on You Tube “Rubio immigration” and see what pops up. He and his FL House colleague David Rivera, also a RiNO from Miami is on one of the video’s going on about how the “undocumented workers” are your neighbors, your cleaning lady, blah, blah, blah. Cry me a river…please. Rubio is talking out both sides of his mouth. After all, he was a trial attorney before entering politics. His record speaks for itself, if anyone would bother to check it after fawning all over the GOP’s new “golden” boy, and the “tea party favorite” as the lamestream media likes to refer to him. As a conservative he repulses me. He’s a hypocrite! p.s. Freshman US Rep David Rivera (RINO-FL) is already charged with ethics violations, in his first TWO year term. Shocker. Check out: Rubio had an F- on immigration issues as a US senator for “failure to act” and all of a sudden about just shy of a year ago (mid 2011), he has a B-. I inquired about this with Numbersusa. Do you think he’s trying to scrub his real record for a VP run on the GOP ticket?!? He co-sponsored ONE bill! Same thing with Rivera. They both co-sponsored ONE bill that was not a major bill and went nowhere, but they knew that. They’re just playing the game of politics. But hopefully American are finally waking up and learning the truth. Rubio is the silver tongued devil on the right just as Obama is on the left. Don’t be fooled!

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    Great post and realistic talking points. I’ve been calling the Senate already and hope others are doing the same.

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      I call so much the aides know me! Are you signed up with for “total alerts?” They will email you when there are immigration issues that immediate attention. They will fax on your behalf for free, faxes to your state and federal level senators and rep’s!

      Check out the “immigration report cards” — a real eye opener.

      Also note, Rubio just this past Florida state legislative session, was noted on a PRO amnesty website
      “We are Florida!” to OPPOSE E-VERIFY! I had a friend email it to me and I kept it. Of course you won’t find it on there now. They’re starting to “scrub clean” internet sites. Shameful, isn’t it? Please keep spreading the word on Rubio! Many people who don’t do their own research believe what they are spoon fed and think he’s an “all around good conservative.” HA!

      p.s. Spread the word — for US Rep, He’s a Republican who wants to secure the borders and crackdown on illegals! He is running for my (do nothing) rep’s seat, Rep. Connie Mack, (R-FL–Ft. Myers, Bonita Springs, Naples). Mr. Owens is a successful businessman and wants to turn this country around. I spoke with him recently and he impressed me as being sincere. Not just talk, like most of them.