Supreme Court immigration ruling: A win for Arizona, a call to action for Congress

The ruling handed down Monday by the U.S. Supreme Court regarding Arizona’s SB 1070 raises as many questions as it answers. In an op-ed I wrote for the Christian Science Monitor, I offer some ideas about what states and Congress can and need to do to ensure that our immigration laws are enforced in the interests of the American people.

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Dan is the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR)'s President after joining the organization in 1982. He has testified more than 50 times before Congress, and been cited in the media as "America's best-known immigration reformer." Dan has appeared on virtually every significant TV and radio news/talk program in America and, in addition to being a contributing editor to, has contributed commentaries to a vast number of print media outlets.


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    Daniel Martinez on

    Every so often I stand in grocery lines watching that illegal immigrant using my my tax dollars to buy their groceries and then pull out crisp 20 and 50 dollar bills to pay for other non geoceries. I see them spend my tax dollars, food stamps, just to have one (1) barbque meal for their friends, taking away from weekly groceries and their children..they wave their flag, comment how they Love mexico and play all their music loud as they can..but you know what hurts as much? What hurts as much is OUR own people here doing the same ABUSE…lieing, cheating, stealing manipulating the system….our own our getting mad at us, that are willing to work, because we dont want to pay anymore taxes than what we already are.. Its sad people..also , it cost me 100 $ for a 1/2 credit for my son to attend summer school while it cost $50 for all free or reduced lunch receipients…counselor tells me it doesnt stop there, all college entry exams and SAT’s are free to illegals and or free reduced lunch receipients as well….

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    June 28, 2012 is a day that will live in infamy. It was a day that America officially became a socialist nation. It was a day that marked the end of freedom as we know it.

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    A law without teeth is no law! Obama acted like a spoiled, petulant, passive aggressive child who because he didn’t get his way, took the funding from ICE and went home! Citizen Hispanics should be outraged, incensed, up in arms and gathering to vote against Obama. He has kicked citizen Hispanics to the curb, spit in their eyes and then rubbed salt in their wounds by favoring illegals over them. Citizen Hispanics are now the poorest and the least educated and are forced to compete with illegals for those hard to get jobs that have been stolen: construction, road/infrastructure, hospitality, healthcare, fast food, roofing, etc. He has give amnesty to ALL the parents or caregivers of the 800,000 – 1.2 million students because God forbid, we wouldn’t want to separate families. IF the IRS can hand out $4.2 billion in ITIN child tax credits knowingly, then who’s to stop any illegal from claiming a student or two? It’s time for citizen Hispanics to wake up and smell the coffee and STOP supporting, justifying, enabling and excusing illegal immigrants when they are the ones hurt most by illegal immigration.

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      Berta González on

      Artha you are absolutely right, and I am incensed! My parents came to the USA as LEGAL immigrants way before I was born. They RESPECTED the laws of this country and came for the OPPORTUNITY to WORK hard and make a better life. They did not ask for nor expect ANY handouts.
      They became proud naturalized citizens and instilled in their American born children gratitude to and pride in this great country. I am an American of Hispanic ancestry, González and proud of it, and folks like Luis Gutierrez and others advocating for ILLEGALS do not speak for me.
      Secure our borders, come down HARD on employers hiring illegals up to and including seizing their assets/businesses like they do with drug dealers, stop calling them undocumented workers since they have legal documents in the country they hold citizenship-they are ILLEGAL, stop giving away American taxpayer provided benefits to citizens of other countries and take care of our own instead, allow a ninety day moratorium for folks to get their things in order so that they can self deport and then DEPORT folks in the country illegally and follow our laws! Send the message that we are a sovereign nation with international borders, which MUST be respected.
      And a message to the Romney campaign: I did not and will not vote for Barack Obama or ANY other person who is in favor of AMNESTY so please Mitt Romney do not let folks talk you into “softening” your position on ILLEGAL immigration or I will have NO ONE to vote for! Stand up for legal immigrants and us American citizens, enough is enough!

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        Carmen Gonzalez on

        Both sides of the isle Democrats and Republicans are pandering to the illegal aliens under the assumption that legal immigrants are selling their vote for Amnesty to illegal aliens. Those people are not representing me. There are a lot of issues I care about, jobs, education, environment, economy, foreign policy, and many others. Amnesty is not one of them. Is not even in my list. So they are not speaking for me either.

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    steve paramore on

    No green card?….An illegal alien?…. It doesn’t matter if you came here yesterday, or 1970 something….. you need to get out of America. You need to quit drawing money, services, and benefits out of a system you have never paid a red cent into. It doesn’t matter if you made the decision to invade America, or if that decision was made for you by your parents, once upon a time, the point now is that you are grown up, you know better, and you still decide to remain in America, knowingly and willingly breaking the law, and accepting moneys that you do not deserve in any way, shape, or form…because these monies were not contributed to by you, nor your ilk….rather they were paid in by hard-working, trying to scrape by, American middle-class citizens, who now are being told, because of you, that they are going to have to pay in more, and ultimately recieve much less, than they were promised for their entire lifetimes. It’s wrong! You absolutely need to get out of America!

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      So much for land of the free and home of the brave. No other President has dealt with this issue in a Century….so why all the hype about this President? I am not a Republican or Democrat – I am an American and I am not of Hispanic decent. While we stand around arguing about how to kick people out who have been here for 50 years….contributing to our economy…..and being hired by who? Yes….you are right AMERICANS. The fact is the most wealthy AMERICANS who wanted more profits and did not want to pay the wages and health benefits of AMERICAN citizens. The very same that have shipped our jobs overseas. It is time to stop this banter and work together – collaborate – to find a peaceful approach to solving the problem. These people could not have lived in our country all these years and had children if WE DID NOT SUPPORT IT FOR DECADES. Why don’t you start a grassroots organization that solves the problem rather than complaining about it? Tearing families apart is not the answer. Finding ways to expedite citizenship should be our focus. If we want to tax these individuals and make them pay for healthcare – great – but we will be known as a people by the way in which we handle this challenge. Imagine yourself in the position of being born and growing up in a country that now wants to kick you out. We need leadership not anger. We need problem solvers not complainers.

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        Ms. Angela Kerr, as I said to Steve in the above post, I love my nation, and I have lived here almost 82 years. Served honorably in our military forces, and with thousands of hours of volunteerism, hae tried to return the bounty this nation has given him. You are tolerant of those who live here illegally and take advantage of al;l the free services we provide. They did not apply to use these services, benefit from them, reimburse those hospitals who provided them and their families free medical care, and drove many with that expensive treatment, to close the doors of their trauma care, to all citizens, because they did not repay their medical expenses, in full or even partially. I lived in Los Angeles for almost 50 years, with the poor, for I was also poor. You have not lived under those conditions, and seem like a pron who was in a life above the poverty line. You do not strike me as one who suffered poverty, and still has much to learn about living from hand to mouth. Have you experienced living in neighborhoods, rife with gangs and drugs? They were my next door neighbors and with the young, I helped them with their schoolwork, every night, so that they could graduate and perhaps find the American dream for themselves. You seem inexperienced, as young folks are, but do not tell we about what needs to be done, just get out there and help improve America. Be proud of your nation, which has provided help, food, medicine, money and opportunity to other nations, proving today, in the UN their ingratitude. I sincerely wish you a long life, one filled with good health, to match your good intentions, but you will find your outlook changed, when you live the life, walk the walk and talk the talk, with those with whom you seem to be unfamiliar. Sorry if I cannot see my mistakes, but cataracts cloud my vision and cancer is slowly taking my life. I wish you were my neighbor and we could sit and talk and share our experiences, and I might apologize for some of my comments, and you might also amend your own feelings about those things that I have experienced. By the way, yes, I did manage to extract some of those young men from the gangs and crime. Good luck in your life and may you become much involved, with your physical efforts and not just with your fingertips..

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      Steve Paramore, you have written a fine post and I congratulate you on your views. Too bad that your message will not reach those to whom it was directed. I am a legal American citizen, born here in our nation and very proud of being an Ameican. I have been raised by American guardian parents, and then by my owm mother. I m a first generaton American, who was educated and worked his entire life in this country. I have paid my taxes, and worked in volunteer organizations for years, bettering the lives of my fellow ctizens. If anyone is curious, I have eight years service with the U.S. Army, as both a trained combt medic and Ajustant General Post Transfer Point non-com technician. I love my country and have more than paid my dues with hard work an efforts that prove that I am deeply devoted to this nation. I wish all other residents, who have had the advantage of living life in this nation, would have done the same in trying to improe their country. I have many awards from city, country, state agencies, to attest for all that work, but never accepted one cent in payment for those thousands of hours volutnteering to better the living conditions for all those who were in our city, county and state. I will welcome all who come to our nation, legally, and help them as I have others, to attain citizensip and learn our language. However, when people come here to live, illegally from other nations, who will not furnish them the opportunity to live the Amercian dream, I cannot condone their illegal life here, I do not scorn them, as they have my country and its flag, but if they have thought they can spit on, stomp on, burn or disgrace our nations flag, they have met their match in one American citizen, who can still kick their butts over the border, at 81 years old. Love this country that feeds you and your family, affords them an education that your native land denied you, and a car to drive, or perhaps two, a warm place to live, a job to keep you and your family warm and healthy. You know how much you have used of our generosity, and if you are still ungrateful for this largess, then note that ur borders are open for you to leave America and return to the place that you love more than this land. If you go, please never return, for you are genuinely unworthy of becoming an American. Livea long an helathy life in your native land, but pleae, never return to our nation, for you are a total ingrate, who cannot appreciate a nation that provided you with opportunity and a future. Someday in the future, you will realize what you have lost.

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