Rep. Gutierrez Plays “Who’s an American?” on Taxpayers’ Time

Maybe Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D – Illinois) should quit his day job as a congressman and pursue his dream of hosting his own game show.

A story in The Hill, has a video of Gutierrez’s latest stunt on the floor of the House in his attempts to ridicule Arizona’s immigration enforcement law. You can read the whole story and also see the video of his antics here.

The issue at hand should not be about where someone is born but whether someone is in the country illegally. All the examples provided by Mr. Gutierrez would be unaffected by SB1070 because they are U.S. citizens, or in the country legally, and could easily prove that fact. Mr. Gutierrez clearly wants to discriminate in favor of illegal aliens.

On second thought, Pat Sajak should not worry about losing his job to Mr. Gutierrez.

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    I pledge my allegiance to the USA and stand united with ALL Americans regardless of their race or ethnicity,
    Congressman Gutierrez pledges his allegiance to his ethnicity and stands united with all Hispanics regardless of their citizenship. He does not represent Americans.

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    Congressman Gutierrez is a Hispanic of Puerto Rican descent that I think wishs he was Cuban. Almost as anti-American as Obama. This guy needs to go away, and I hope its soon.

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    Can we just say it the way it is??? This guy Wants this to be a majority NON-White country.. That is what this is all about… And he is getting his way slowly but surely as well as his socialist dream. That is why these so called latino activists are NEVER for enforcement or real reform.. He wants to leech off of the white taxpayer in particular.. that is reality….

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    Someone should remind this guy that he’s an American. Since when do we elect people to represent the government and population of Mexico?

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    Wow…Mr. Gutierrez is correct. People should be judged by their actions, not the color of their skin. Sooooo when they enter this country illegally in the back of a van or trunk of a car or packed into 18 wheelers like sardines, maybe the Arizona police will be able to tell the difference with all their training.

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    Some one needs to remind Mr. Gutierrez that his job is to represent the interests of Americans. And not that of the Mexican government in dumping it’s poverty in the lap of America. Even legal immigration from Mexico is not in the best interest of our nation. We already have enough Americans with low job skills who are having trouble finding jobs. We don’t need more from Mexico. Who by the way could never survive here without American taxpayer funded social services. Why do you think California is going over the financial cliff?