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All of us at FAIR would like to thank our friends and supporters for helping us break the 50,000 ‘like’ mark on Facebook. Thanks to your help, we are reaching more and more people with the immigration reform message every day! The American people deserve to know the truth about immigration and our current lack of enforcement, and we’ll be sure to keep you updated here and on Facebook about the latest legislative developments and new research reports from FAIR moving forward!


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    Frank champagne on

    The problem with the immigration system is far deeper than the enforcement. The ENTIRE STRUCTURE from top to bottom, from the policies and goals all the way through the proccesses and the enforcement is broken and needs to vecalmost entirely replaced. Focusing only on the enforcement simply obfscates the underlying reasons WHY so many millions of people chose to circumvent this tower of babble that strips people of their cash, rheir dignity, their time, rheir hope and their patience for no valid reasons. Until this is addressed holistically, nothing will ever be solved.