The Administration’s ‘Convenient’ Amnesty Plan

The recent announcement by President Obama and memos released by ICE which set forth what basically is amnesty for close to two million illegal aliens was defended by the President as “the right thing to do.”

But it really doesn’t pass the smell test, does it? The overwhelming numbers of recipients of the new deferred action policies are Latinos, mainly from Mexico and other Central American countries. President Obama’s huge support from Hispanics during the 2008 election and his need to maintain this key demographic in what is certainly going to be a close election couldn’t be the reason for this action, could it?

Ironically, the President may be fooling himself if he thinks that an amnesty is what will win him another four years. Polling of Latinos consistently shows that jobs and a strong U.S. economy are the top concerns for this particular group, and Obama has failed miserably in delivering his promises of more jobs and an economic recovery. All he is left with is a divisive strategy that seeks to appease and distract Latino voters with the promise of an amnesty (never mind that amnesty will only make things more elusive for Latinos and Americans overall).

Amnesty is wrong because it rewards law-breakers and punishes those that have likely spent thousands of dollars and waited sometimes as long as a decade in order to gain legal residency to the United States. Amnesty sends the wrong message and cheapens the meaning of being a citizen of this great country.

President Obama swore to uphold the law and Constitution and was supposed to be the man who transcended race, politics, and religion. What we have gotten instead is a president who ignores the laws implemented by past presidents and Congresses and, instead, caters to special interest groups for votes and campaign money, the Constitution be damned. The rest of us, are left holding the bag and wondering when someone in Washington, D.C., is going to stand up for us.

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Content written by Federation for American Immigration Reform staff.

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    obama and fellow crooks seem to abide by the old saying that says, if you tell a lie long enough, people( sheep) will begin to believe its true. After all, it’s easier to say that he must be right, than say, That’s a DAMN lie and I am going to see to it that people know it is a lie.