Michael Bloomberg and Rupert Murdoch Unabashed in their Contempt for American Workers, Taxpayers

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, now teamed up with Rupert Murdoch, is once again touting “research” from the Partnership for  a New American Economy (PNAE), a mouthpiece for some the world’s largest  transnational corporations.  Bloomberg is renewing his call for mass amnesty and open borders as the surefire way to rejuvenate the U.S. economy.  The argument runs thusly: immigration spurs entrepreneurialism, innovation, job creation, economic growth, etc., etc., so the more immigration we have the better off everyone will be. The proof?  Mass Immigration = Growth (higher GDP) = Good.  But, of course, if one actually takes the time to read the report the glaring holes in the author’s “methodology” become glaringly apparent.

First of all, being self-employed could technically qualify one as an “entrepreneur” but there is a big difference between Mark Zuckerberg and the guy who cuts his grass, even if both are their own bosses.  And while it may be true that immigrants started a lot of business in 2011, the questions unanswered are: How many of these businesses remain viable in 2012?  How many Americans are employed in these businesses?  Do these jobs offer good wages and benefits?  The report doesn’t say, it only trumpets the fact that immigrant-owned businesses increase the GDP, which no one accepts as a dependable measure of economic prosperity.

The report also employs some rather dubious methodology in order come up with its classification of what constitutes an immigrant entrepreneur.  One of the reasons for this is that the data on whether a business is immigrant owned, and the size and profitability of that business, is not easy to extract.  But this doesn’t stop the author from making assertive claims that are not supported by verifiable facts.  Even more deceptive is that the author cherry picks statistics from two different databases that he then manipulates and uses totally out of context.  Data collected before the U.S. economy collapsed cannot be extrapolated to make reliable estimates about the current make-up of U.S. small businesses, yet that is exactly what the author does.

The PNAE is correct that immigrants are growing the size of the U.S. economy, but that is far from meaning that a growing U.S. economy means a strong or equitable one.  If PNAE claims about mass immigration were true, California, which according to its report, has the largest percentage of “new immigrant business owners at 36.6 should be in tip-top economic state.  Instead, the unemployment rate in California is 10.8 percent, the state has a $16 billion budget deficit, and many of its municipalities on the verge of bankruptcy.  That’s quite a steep price to pay to provide Mayor Bloomberg and his CEO cronies with cheap labor.

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    a fellow patriot on

    These “experts” know what the results of “open borders” are. It’s a global thing and the globalists have America dead in their sights. The New World Order (NWO) has been and is taking precedence over the welfare of any one country’s sovereignity.

    If our ability to care for our sick and elderly is a guage of our country’s advancement, as we are constantly reminded, then one need look no further than California.

    Scores of California hospitals have shut down their emergency rooms or closed entirely in the last decade.

    Emergency room physicians say the closures have led to long waits, diverted ambulances and, in the most extreme cases, patient deaths. The closures also mean that patients in need of emergency care may need to travel farther, delaying access to treatment.

    Our pseudo open-borders immigration policy is resulting in increased costs to taxpayers and medical patients, layoffs of hospital employees, and is simultaneously endangering public health.

    And yet, the politicians who we pay by the way to serve and protect us, are completely ignoring this situation because, quite frankly, they no longer truly represent us. The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), says to them, “We want open borders,” and by golly that’s what they’re moving us towards.

    If our representatives were still representing us, IMO, this wouldn’t be happening. Unfortunately for us, they no longer take their marching orders from the citizens that elect AND pay them.

    And therein, lies the rub.

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    Why are so many posters on this site obsessed with ILLEGAL immigration? Legal chain migration and the 1965 INA are the main problem. Illegal immigration is merely a symptom of a much larger, endemic problem.

    Soon it will be too late and America will become a Third World hell hole anyway.

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    Barbara Griffith on

    I doubt any of the illegals pay tax on their pushcart businesses. A few years ago I actually read in one of the LA newspapers the city begging the business owners to please pay their city, county business taxes. That’s because half of them don’t pay taxes. Another thing none of them hire whites at all. If you go into any Mexican run business be it a convenience store, restaurant or gift shop etc it’s always Latinos working there.

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    Yes, the rich pukes like Bloomberg don’t have to rub elbows with the common folk, so it’s easy for them to call for open borders. Last week ABC news showed him applauding the advent of super compact apartments, sized at 100 square foot or so. Let’s see him move into one.

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    How does illegal immigration spur the economy when the illegals get American tax dollars through welfare and social services to purchase government-subsidised food, use state-subsidized hospitals, schools, housing, roads, etc.? Higher GDP, of which country, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica, China? Who do these people think is reading their garbage? Wake up you morons, we’re not stupid.

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    stan theman128 on

    I would like to see this Idiot Bloomberg invite THEM to live in his neighborhood !!

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    Let me just say to Bloomberg and Murdoch all that BS you wrote about what opening our borders would do is just that a bunch of BS! Living in Arizona I can tell you oh yes it spurs the gangs and cartel on their killing ribbing illegal traffiocing of people and drugs that it does spur on. Even up here 5100 feet we managed to get the gangs in and our kids now fear going to school so they do schooling online.

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      Jan, You are so very right. Why else would President Calderon be promoting illegal immigration in the US if his country wasn’t benefitting from all the tax free dollars sent to mexico via Western Union every week. This goes without saying the burden put on social services, hospitals, schools and infrastructure is bankrupting entire states.