Two FAIR Op-Eds Take a Look at Obama’s Latest Amnesty Program

Today, the Obama Administration will begin accepting applications to grant backdoor amnesty to illegal aliens who meet criteria similar to that of the failed DREAM Act. The application process, the details of which the Administration announced only yesterday, is part of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano’s June 15 policy memo that unilaterally grants deferred action and work authorization to illegal aliens up to the age of 30.

FAIR’s media team took to the Web in publishing two op-eds that take a closer look at this new program. In an op-ed on, Ira Mehlman addresses the complete lack of fraud control in this program. Additionally, Bob Dane and Kristen Williamson in an op-ed on describe how this latest backdoor amnesty effort is simply part of the same tactics the Obama administration has been peddling since taking office – and that Congress simply doesn’t seem to care.

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Content written by Federation for American Immigration Reform staff.


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    CLOSE the BORDERS! US citizens first! ILLEGALS go home & take ALL your kin with you!
    IMPEACH Obama & ALL his CZARS(gang) that also goes for any Congress men who
    support his antiAmerican policies. Oh, just lock NUTTY Joe up
    The SUCKING sound you hear is all your GOD given RIGHTS being destroyed!
    STAND UP! be Proud, fight for what was given to you! VOTE the B – – – ard OUT!!!!

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    Please email: [email protected] and the white house and demand that the USCIS rule on Dreamers that says that Those rejected from RELIEF will NOT BE TURNED OVER TO ICE EXCEPT IN RARE INSTANCES be changed to ALL REJECTED APPLICANTS WILL BE TURNED OVER TO ICE.

    Obama and Napolitano are always saying they do enforcement based on the most cost effective way. IF USCIS cannot find a reason to give the illegal a work permit why should we carry them here and pay for their anchor babies and their ER bennies?

    Here is my letter:
    Dear DHS:
    Please explain to me an External Stakeholder and member of FAIR, how your internal decision NOT TO TURN|REJECTED DREAM APPLICANTS
    OVER TO ICE is A) cost effective. A rejected applicant is not employable legally at least. A rejected applicant of child bearing age will
    have an anchor baby usually at state and local taxpayer expenses for the prenatal, maternity, ER care and education. Turning the illegal out on the streets
    means they will drive without insurance or a license and potentially injure a citizen. If ICE does find them again…it will cost more to deport them
    than if you had handed them over right away. IS DHS taking a POLITICAL STAND here and NOT APPLYING THE IMMIGRATION LAW
    which states any illegal immigrant encountered by DHS must be put into deportation hearings?

    This is a very unfair, and I would say illegal rule. It is also the type of rule that will serve as a magnet for more illegal visa overstays.
    By the way….forged high school diplomas are already available in immigration communities with the fake ss numbers and other paperwork.
    Don’t kid yourself.

    Please respond to this message. I would really like an explanation.


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      AGREE totaly, cant understand why the candiates dont bring this matter up.Only reason i can see is because of their vote its not right.Their are alot of hard working americansborn here schooled and trained who are jobless because of them