California Puts Illegal Aliens Before Public Safety, Taxpayers…Again

Late last week, the California Assembly passed a bill prohibiting state and local law enforcement from honoring most US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) requests to hold arrested illegal aliens for transfer to federal custody. If AB 1081 is signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown, California law enforcement will not even be required to detain illegal aliens convicted of or arrested for serious or violent felonies.

See FAIR’s release for more details, including the possibility California risks losing federal dollars if the law is signed: CA Legislature Approves Bill that Endangers Public Safety and Risks Federal Funding over Criminal Aliens.

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      What a dolt! Who in their right mind relishes the thought of criminal aliens unleashed on society?!!!

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    I totally disagree with this. Considering Jerry Browns record, he will sign this into law. How this man got reelected is still puzzling to me.