Illegal Immigration Cheered at Democratic Convention; God Needs an Assist from Mayor Villaraigosa

One Wednesday evening during prime time, delegates to the Democratic National Convention were addressed by an illegal alien demanding passage of the DREAM Act amnesty. Her appearance was enthusiastically cheered by the party faithful.

Benita Veliz, the young lady who spoke to the convention, was sympathetic enough. But the rousing applause was not really for her. It was a demonstration of the contempt that the Democratic leadership (as opposed to millions of rank and file Democrats around the country) hold for our immigration laws. To the Democratic Party machinery, illegal aliens are heroes and means by which they hope to transform the political, cultural and social fabric of the nation.

By contrast, God is not nearly as popular among the convention delegates. On Tuesday, delegates were asked to re-include mention of God in the party’s platform. References to God, which appeared in previous platforms, were omitted from this year’s document – a fact that party leaders belatedly realized would not play well with many voters.

The amendment, adding God to the platform, required a two-thirds approval from the delegates. When the convention chairman, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, called for a voice vote, it was clear to everyone in the hall that the motion fell significantly short of the two-thirds necessary. Villaraigosa tried two more times, with similar results before he finally exercised his prerogative as chairman to declare God the winner. (For the record, the re-inclusion of God in the platform was coupled with language reinstating the Democratic Party’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital – something that was even less popular among the delegates.)

Even more than the issues of the role of religion in the public arena, or illegal immigration, the disparate reactions of the delegates to Ms. Veliz and to the amendment to the party’s platform speak volumes about the growing chasm between the political and cultural elite and the vast majority of Americans.  What the nation has witnessed over the past several days was outright disdain for the beliefs and values held by the majority of Americans…and it is becoming less and less subtle all the time.

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Ira joined the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) in 1986 with experience as a journalist, professor of journalism, special assistant to Gov. Richard Lamm (Colorado), and press secretary of the House Defense Appropriations Subcommittee. His columns have appeared in National Review, LA Times, NY Times, Washington Post, Newsweek, and more. He is an experienced TV and radio commentator.


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    Gloria Wedemeyer on

    In my response I should have said every runner, because they were all winners in the minds of the people who were there.

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    Gloria Wedemeyer on

    I watched clips of the vote. Didn’t have a clue what they were voting on but thought the nays had it. They took the vote 3 times and each time I thought the nays had won and then it came out the yeas won by 2/3 vote. I really don’t know where they got this. Then I cound out what the vote was on God and Jerusalem and then I was truly ashamed of the deomcrats. We are doomed if people don’t believe in a higher power, not the evil one of Islam.
    The ;people on this earth are doomed and I blame if a lot on the Christians for allowing us over the years to be guided by the atheists. My grandson is now 30 and just yesterday we attended cross country race for another grandson and we were so inspired by the parents and kids from all the different schools rooting on every winner no matter how far back they were. It brought tears to my eyes and my grandson said he was no longer atheist but more like an agnostic. He felt that some higher power made good people good. His answer also brought tears to my eyes, knowing that not all people are evil. I know after 9/11, we all prayed and it got me through one of the worst days of my life. To see this country united and the goodness in all the people. And watching those firemen going up those steps in the world trade center when everyone else was going down. If you feel God was wrong in letting their lives be taken, maybe he was just taking them to a better place.

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    Any Hispanic worth anything would turn tail and run away from the Democrat Party as fast as they could. The Democrats did not want to acknowledge the God of Catholicism (and other religions), have promoted homosesexual “marriage” over that of the traditional Hispanic union of male and female, promoted a policy of ignoring the parents and subverting the children through sexual “education” and non-performing schools, and that is only the TIP of what they have done to destroy families. And that CLEARLY includes Hispanics- legal or otherwise.
    It remains to be seen whether they value their own morality and salvation or not. Supporting Obama and the Democrat party in any way is a complete sell-out of everything they stand for.
    Should they help return Obama to a 2nd term, I call on all American’s to turn their backs on the Hispanics for that is the choice they’d have made.

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    Wow might as well of had a drug dealer up there why not they break the law too maybe that will be next on their vote list the degenerates of society. I live in an area where the hispanic population is high. I am not predjudice however I do beleive in abiding by the law. I lost my job after 9/11 due to the economy slowing way down and the business I worked for had to close. I applied for tons of jobs over and over, I was denied the chance to apply for some jobs that I was highly qualified to perform with one stipulation I did not speak spanish, now I understand the need for spanish if you are working with immigrants etc. , however these were your typical everyday jobs in the United States. I applied for these jobs from the unemployment website or should I say I tried to. There were so many of them that were demanding spanish I gave up. I then sent a letter to them saying that this was a discrimintory practice and I would be happy to hire a lawyer to represent me. Needless to say I never heard back but I did notice less jobs had that particular requirement. Don’t think it can’t happen because it alread has. I wonder if I contacted the NAACP if they could represent someone in this matter ?

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    Barbara Griffith on

    Remember when we had all of the illegal alien marches all over the country a few years ago. In one city a stage was set up and the late Ted Kennedy and Hillary Clinton were on the stage greeting all the illegals and dear old Ted was attempting to say something in Spanish and next up was Hillary holding up the arm of a Spanish woman saying that she was the new face of America. That is on a news clip somewhere, but when I heard that all I could think of was what a traitor she was to her own country that educated her and helped her along the way to where she is today.

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      Ya that was kind of ironic wasn’t it they were marching to stay here in the United States while waving the Mexican flag I really had to laugh at that one

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      absolutley – what she needs to do is to re-nounce her citizenship – reapply for third world citizenship of her choice and take her husband with her – why was he not impeached?

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    I agree with the people who avoid blaming one party or another. Let’s face it: the Democrats want the Hispanic vote, so they cater to them, legal or not. The Republicans want cheap labor for big business, so they encourage them also. Bottom line is that the US working class gets screwed, no matter which party wins.Too bad ICE didn’t step up to the stage, handcuff this whining illegal, and send her back home. What really “burns my ***” is the way that these people always talk about how great cultural diversity is, yet when you try to send them back to the wonderful culture that they came from, they fight like hell to stay in this one.

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      Dear Marc DeRhodes,

      Marc, yes I also agree with some of your comments, however, I don’t agree with what you said in reference to what rally “burn your ***”. You are totally MISTAKEN. When you say “THESE PEOPLE… always talk about how great cultural diversity is”. YOU MUST BE REFERRING to the DEMS/RATS mostly ANGLOS speaking about how great diversity is. BUT you could not be referring to the Hispanic saying “how great diversity is”!

      Although Spanish/Hispanic/Latin Americans race is the most diversified race in the world, I don’t think you would hear from them saying how great diversity is. You only hear that kind of language from the leftist/socialist/commies DEMS/RATS. NOT from the centered Democrats who are for the most very sensible people.

      By the way when the first DeRhodes arrived in USA it appears they came from Canada back in the late 1700’s according to Ancestry. Of course back then there was no ICE, so everybody was welcomed and there was no deportation.

      The majority of the Hispanics here in this country who entered the US without inspection are from Mexico or Central America. Rarely you would find Latins (From South America) as they mostly travel great distances with a visa. But you should also consider that there are hundred of thousands aliens that come from Europe, Eastern Europe, Middle Easterners, Asians, Africans and others that come to the USA with a visa and are authorized to stay for up to 90 days… However… when the 90 days are up they never leave the USA. These individuals are also illegals just like a Mexican or Central American.

      Yes you are right that many companies want the cheap labor and that is precisely what sustained a great expansion in the 80’s and 90’s. Businesses were required to hire 450,000 laborers per year but the US government provided only 45,000 visa per year for blue collar laborers. So what other choice were there? Additionally, many American workers would not take a job cleaning toilets, harvesting lettuces for your salad, or cleaning houses and so on. I am sure you get the picture.

      Moreover, cheap labor allowed the US companies to be competitive in a worldwide market. Of course salaries are higher here than any other part in the world because of Unions, Taxes, Insurance and so on imposed by IRS, States, Cities and local taxes and fees just to maintain government buildings and parasites! So, what does a business person do…? You know that you got to pay 45-50 cents on each dollar to the US government, State government, City Government and so on. Yes, you go NUTS paying taxes to support the ever growing population that are “government dependents”!!! Any ways Marc I better quit now because frankly I get sick talking about this!


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        Trebor? What “race” is an Hispanic? And, a strict interpretation of the 14th Amendment would go a long way toward undermining the illegal alien problem. Immigrants are NOT to become a burdern on society, they are to have a sponsor, get a job and assimilate into American society. Most illegals you speak of from the Middle East, etc do just that to stay under the radar. Not so with the Hispanics. They enter the country lawlessly, have as many babies as possible to get the Welfare benefits they provide, refuse to learn the language and demand we learn theirs. Rather than being diverse, they are divisive and need to be stopped.

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        US wages are higher than those in the rest of the world for a variety of reasons. The US has a stable government, decent infrastructure and is relatively rich in natural resouces.

        You could theoretically replace _all_ US workers with workers from Asia/africa for a small fraction of present US wages. But who would benefit? Capital is global Wages would decrease to world levels. The ones that would benefit are those that own property and that have protected, monopoly positions in the US economy.

        Anyhow, the corrupt wealthy class in the US _DID_ have a choice. Japan did not have massive illegal immigration and has an export competitive economy-and they do it without massive governmental borrowing or the resource base in the US. We need a new wealthy class in the US-not the leaches we have.

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      not only that but look at how the womans own cesspool of a country treats illegal immigrants – What does it say about how the current administration views all the LEGAL immigrants who stood the test became American citizens and have been proud to do so – this administration spits in all their faces and considers them fools – They are’nt even enforcing the immigration laws of a 100 years ago when we ENCOURAGED LEGAL IMMIGRATION – we need to renovate the immigration laws alright we need to STRENGHTHEN THEM!! as well as enforce the ones the ones already on the books –

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    What is left to say? Americans are finally paying the price for decades of absolute apathy and a blind belief that America will always prevail. No, the stage is set for a complete takeover and all will be amazed when they realize that the Presidency of the United States is but an illusion. The President himself is no more than a puppet. Global powers influence the script for America’s presidential elections.

    The complete lack of respect for this nation’s people and our rights, however, which are set forth in our Constitution, has been touted by Janet Napolitano as she continues her assault of our federal immigration laws. She dares to rewrite and interpret these laws to benefit the illegal aliens. The path she travels dangerously coincides with the path of treason for her stated goals protect people from another country at the cost of the people of the United States. Does this description not also fit the arrogant actions of President Obama?

    This president crossed the lines of political honor by breaking his oath of office to protect America and her citizens by stating that his decision will circumvent any negative Congressional vote regarding his Dream Act!
    He promised the illegal aliens that the laws stated within our Constitution would be rewritten to allow these people the right to live in the country without reproach, and he proceeded to keep his promises to the illegal aliens at the cost of Americans.

    His arrogance provided an opportunity for an illegal alien, for the first time in history, to stand in defiance at the Democratic National Convention and dare anyone to arrest and deport her for breaking our federal laws! She even praised President Obama for breaking the laws and keeping his promises to the illegal aliens!
    This crime was not challenged because America is a nation which currently does not condone revolution.
    Change is in the air, however, and people who have been wronged for such a long time will ultimately stand and demand their rights

    We need patriots, for our nation’s future looms dismally on the horizon due to the illegal alien crisis which threatens to destroy this once great nation.
    If Americans continue facing each new day with denial that our nation is in crisis, then we will awaken one morning to see the Mexican flag flying above the White House.

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      Barbara Griffith on

      That is exactly what will happen. When every business is owned and operated by a transplanted illegal alien which do not hire whites people that have been asleep at the wheel for decades will look up and wonder where their country went.

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    What does the presence or absence of the word “God” in a party platform have to do with immigration?

    Answer: Absolutely nothing.

    FAIR claims that it is “a non-partisan group whose membership runs the gamut from liberal to conservative.” So why is Mehlman slamming liberals and Democrats on an issue (“God”) that has nothing to do with immigration?

    In lieu of posting off-topic points that damage FAIR’s attempts to welcome liberals to its membership and that offend existing liberal, Democratic, and nonreligious members of FAIR, I suggest you stick to immigration, Mr. Mehlman.

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      @Frank (last initial S?): The issue of God has nothing to do with immigration. That wasn’t my point. The episode merely illustrates how out of touch the delegates to the convention were to the values and beliefs of most Americans. These values and beliefs are shared by liberals and conservatives alike.

      As for God, I seriously doubt that He cares whether He is or is not included in either party’s platform.

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        “The episode merely illustrates how out of touch the delegates to the convention were to the values and beliefs of most Americans.”

        Yes, we get it, you don’t like Democrats. You’ve made your PARTISAN position quite clear, despite your responsibility as a FAIR representative to be non-partisan.

        FAIR members, including me, agree with your position on immigration, but I don’t care what you think about non-immigration issues, be it God, gay marriage, or vegetarianism. It’s inappropriate for you to pretend that you’re the standard bearer for American values when it comes to religion. FAIR doesn’t concern itself with religion. It is, literally, none of FAIR’s business.

        FAIR allegedly has members from all political persuasions. The only thing we necessarily agree on is immigration. You’re wrong to assume agreement on ANY other issue. And when you criticize those who disagree with you on issues that have NOTHING to do with immigration, you insult current members and scare away potential members. Thus, your article above is harmful to FAIR.

        And FAIR wonders why liberals don’t want to join our group. Hmm. . . . .

        Stick to immigration, Ira.

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          Tired of ILLEGAL ALIENS on

          I care about Ira’s position on religion and other “non-immigration” related issues; especially when it pertains to the subject as it does in this case. Further, you are incorrect, Frank, in stating God’s inclusion/exclusion has nothing to do with immigration. God was a law abiding citizen; illegal immigrants are not. I, a Christian, live by my Ten Commandments (my law), and find these to be a good foundation for all including non-Christians.

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    An illegal alien speaking at the DNC should be enough to gag even a liberal, but the world has changed rapidly in the last 10 years, now the homosexuals jeer Christians, men are marrying men, we have a Marxist president whose mentors were the Commie Frank Marshall Davis, The hate filled racist Rev. Wright, the terrorist Ayers, who caters to the Black Panthers voter intimidation, who ignores immigration laws, uses executive privilege to hide the facts about Fast & Furious and who leads America on the trail to hell and still the dull witted American voters are about 50% in favor of reelecting this fool, well America may get what it wishes for if Obama is reelected.

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      Villa runs the #3 “Dirtiest American City”, as listed by TRAVEL+LEISURE.
      Interesting: many “Sanctuary Cities” such as New Orleans, Philadelphia, New York, Baltimore, Atlanta, Miami and Houston also make these “Dirtiest” or Least Clean” or “Least Green” lists from major magazines.
      People running these big settlements just don’t care about public health and cleanliness of their legal residents AND illegal occupiers.

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      There actually is an outfit called “Progressives for immigration reform” which seems to have many of the same immigration positions as FAIR, but is a bit liberal on other issues.

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    My pet peeve today is the media keeps saying that the Hispanic/Latino community is the fastest growing minority as if it is due to a natural phenomenon when in fact they are the fastest growing community only because the U.S. has allowed 20 million illegal aliens to invade this country.

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    WOW … Lets step back and look at this, an illegal alien is someone who has broken the law and is hiding from it. so That means the DNC had a fugitive criminal speak at their convention. If aliens really wanted to live and be Americans they would have to do it the legal way and not crossed the border illegally and steal an SS# and sometimes an ID from an unsuspecting American. When will this all stop ? When will common sense be used again?

    Someone needs to start a group that is not afraid of the US Government and use the constitutional right our fore fathers made sure we had.

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    Tired of the wanton disregard and selective application of the Rules, Law and Constitution. Both parties are guilty of “Do as I say, not as I do”. I suspect that BO was forced upon us in 2008 and MR is being forced upon us in 2012 as the Establishment Chosen. This year I will vote for MR but not because he is my preferred but because the alternative is a living nightmare. Next year we must determine if we will continue being led by the Establishments or if a True Constitutional Party will gain enough support to be competitive enough to Reestablish the Republic that we once were and regain our rights for Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness.

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      There is an alternative in 2012. Vote Libertarian. Ron Paul please declare yourself a candidate for the Libertarian ticket. Neither Romney nor Obummer are worthy of this office.

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        Tired of ILLEGAL ALIENS on

        Mitt Romney has an extensive history of turning near dead companies into international corporations with above average returns. The USA needs someone like Mitt Romney; not Ron Paul. Perhaps Paul can be hired on after Mitt is elected.

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    One thing that really burns my *** is when someone gets up in front of the nation and starts jabbering in the Spanish language. Especially when it is an elected official doing it. This should not even be allowed to happen in our English-speaking country.

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    And IF the news media focuses on that aspect instead of how wonderful B/O is maybe people will vote for the beliefs and values this country was founded on instead of a LIBERAL agenda that some countries adopted and are regretting now!!!

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      With regard to religion, whatever happened to the Separation of Church and State?

      Also with If the Republican party doesn’t begin to adapt to the fact that over time all things change, they are going to be left “out in the cold”. The makeup of the populace changes. Our country is becoming less white. This is a fact. It will not become a Spanish speaking country but it will be less “white”, and we will be just fine. My ancestors basically came to this country on the Mayflower and I’m sure they would have been more welcoming than many of our nation’s citizens today.

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        SUE: Separation of Church and State? Your (and my) ancestors came over here to avoid the one-church-fits-all state brought about by the Church of England… NOT to ensure separation from God! Our founding fathers went to great lengths to ensure that we would have the freedom to honor God within whatever denomination chosen. Study the Constitution and the Declaration.

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        Tired of ILLEGAL ALIENS on

        Sue: Dave Umbly wrote basically what I would’ve written. Let me add, our Mayflower riding ancestors immigrated to this country legally (no immigration laws then) and this country was not populated at that time. We cannot afford the sheer numbers of immigrants, legal or illegal, any longer.

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    What I want to know is how a criminal illegal alien managed to get into the DNC and of all things be able to address those in attendance Since when to criminals get rights that legal citizens don’t have? The only6 place that criminal should be is DEPORTED and banned from ever coming back to this country. Mind you that is what all of the liberal, left-wing, Nazis should have done to them as well. So many of them have committed crimes against mankind and this country that if they had to pay the piper for what they have done, jail would look like a cruise. All of the athiest in Washington need to be chained to a pole in the dessert and covered with honey for about a week with no water or neck deep near an ant hill. Not nice but a good start to what they deserve.

    The certainly don’t have anything good in their intention and total destruction of the country is just the start of their plans – OWO is right up their alley and the only way to properly deal with them is to ban then from ever having control of anything.

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      Well how does an elected leader of this Country get away with totally blowing off the U.S. Constitution, and not be impeached. Because nobody has the will to act for the people, the Citizens, the future of these United States. The jerks that have been elected to the Congress, and the Senate, care more about their personal future then that of the Citizens that mistakenly put them in office. Yes a large pension, great salary, no back breaking, or heavy lifting just piss in the voters Wheaties bowl. Once your in don’t make waves, and stay in a while, and get it all. It’s passed time for term limits its time to prosecute all frauds those elected, and those appointed to rip off the American Citizen, and the way of life that was secured by our forefathers not by political hacks.

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        dred44, you’ve got my vote if you ever decide to run for office. I couldn’t agree more. The dems and repubs both have brought shame to their party. Nothing short of a revolution will solve this mess.