Still Time to Stop AB 1081 in California

There are still a few days left for California Gov. Brown to veto AB 1081, the sanctuary bill that would keep local police from cooperating with ICE detention requests. Ultimately, this is a state effort to halt immigration enforcement, but don’t look for the Obama administration to unleash the legal hounds if it does, unlike in situations where states try to assist federal law enforcement.

9th Circuit Rules Against Appeal of Injunction by Arpaio

“A federal appeals court on Tuesday denied an Arizona sheriff’s request to reverse a lower-court decision barring his deputies from detaining people solely on the suspicion that they’re undocumented immigrants. The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco issued a 23-page ruling after considering the narrow question of a preliminary injunction while a Phoenix trial court considers the merits of the entire lawsuit against Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio,” Fox News Latino says.

America’s Voice Targets Brown-Warren Senate Race

“America’s Voice, which is a pro-illegal immigrant organization, is targeting our U.S. Senator Scott Brown for defeat. They are getting behind Harvard Professor Warren. Why? Lizzy supports not only the Dream Act and a path to citizenship but also President Obama’s new non-deportation policy. On the other hand, Brown is opposed to amnesty! I guess he believes that we should be a law abiding nation,” says Holly Robichaud at the Boston Herald.

IMAGE Program Provides Benefits for Businesses that Join

“A local company is joining a nationwide initiative to cut back on hiring illegal immigrants. It’s a program that could see a huge expansion after the election. The IMAGE program should help keep companies out of trouble with labor laws. And it makes it easier for Immigration and Customs Enforcement to help employers with their hiring process,” WTSP news says. “The new IMAGE member will sign its paperwork Wednesday morning at the ICE office in Tampa. They’ll join companies like TECO Energy, Tyson Foods, and Costco as IMAGE members.”

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    I Especially Liked the IMAGE Program Mitigating Illegal Alien (IA) Hiring

    When you run a company its always best to error on the side of caution (ask an attorney) and don’t hire IAs. Voluntarily implement E-verify and advertise this too. Its a Betty Crocker type seal of approval and IMO should help business sales too (you don’t appear as greedy organised crime to customers).