The Deportation Numbers Don’t Add Up

Anyone who wondered how the Obama administration could continue to claim record deportations despite taking measures to halt enforcement should read Rep. Lamar Smith’s op-ed today where he talks about the number games played by the DHS to make it seem like they are tough on illegal immigration.

9th Circuit Rules Against “Ageing Out” of Green Card Applications

“Children of green card holders who applied for special visas, but who turned 21, waiting for their paperwork to be processed will no longer lose their spot in line. A federal appeals court has ruled that immigration officials must give priority status to thousands of green card applicants who lost their place in line for U.S. residency when they turned 21,” Fox News Latino says.

“A narrowly divided 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals decided Wednesday that the United States Citizen and Immigration Services wrongly determined the applicants were no longer eligible for special visas as children of green card holders after they turned 21.”

Lamar Smith: DHS’ Record Numbers Don’t Add Up

“Obama administration officials at the Department of Homeland Security claim they are on track to deport a record number of illegal immigrants this year. But on closer examination, the administration’s numbers simply don’t add up,” says Rep. Lamar Smith (R-TX). “Internal Homeland Security documents obtained by the House Judiciary Committee reveal that President Obama’s administration has inflated the figures to achieve its so-called historic deportation numbers. These documents show that administration officials have fabricated their statistics by adding more than 140,000 removals to their deportation figures for the past two years.”

Contracting Company That Enables Illegal Work Files Suit Against Utah Law

“Immigration-related provisions of the state’s construction license law are unconstitutional, a lawsuit filed Wednesday in U.S. District Court claims . . . The complaint, filed by attorneys representing Universal Contracting, LLC, asks the federal court to “declare invalid and permanently enjoin the enforcement of the immigration-related portions” of SB35,” the Deseret News says.

“Universal, based in American Fork, has about 700 owners who work in a wide array of construction trades. The limited-liability company oversees business functions for members, such as payroll, taxes and other accounting matters. Moore said Universal has not had a single consumer complaint in its history.”

Nothing is as Permanent as Temporary Status

“TPS is routinely extended, as in the Haitian case, and no one has ever been made to go home because their TPS expired — no one. Liberian illegals who received it more than two decades ago are still here, legally, albeit not as citizens, a matter that is inconsequential to most of them,” says CIS executive director Mark Krikorian at National Review.

“This is relevant to the larger question of the president’s illegal amnesty for up to 2 million DREAMer illegal aliens — the administration keeps protesting that this is just a temporary reprieve and nothing more, which is why they claim it’s not an amnesty.”

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Dan is the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR)'s President after joining the organization in 1982. He has testified more than 50 times before Congress, and been cited in the media as "America's best-known immigration reformer." Dan has appeared on virtually every significant TV and radio news/talk program in America and, in addition to being a contributing editor to, has contributed commentaries to a vast number of print media outlets.


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    Every other month for two years I I have traveled from Lagos Nigeria to Atlanta and back. The flight runs seven days. It is nicknamed the “Baby flight” Pregnant women going to the USA babies comming back to Lagos.
    My last flight the fellow next to me had a US passport and nigerian passport however did not speak English. Is this a travisty ot what? I cannot hold a Nigerian passport. Plus there are many open ads to come to the USA and live free in the USA posted all around Lagos. This attack of Americans good graces must stop.

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      The Open Border Liars Like to Say the 14th Ammendment of the Costitution Allows Anchor Babies

      When it clearly prohibits them, read it.

      The open border liars need to change the Constitution with a 2/3s vote to ever legalize their coveted anchor babies, so they lie and try to brainwash Americans the opposite is true, shen it isn’t. Shame on us majority Americans for not calling ’em on the lies.

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        Hi SWE,

        I was beginning to think I had lost you, Bobby, “guest” and the other familiar names. Trying to get the **** of the new system. Maybe it will be easier to navigate soon. Good to see your name though.

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    Our American president has lost his mind, another four years of Obama, we will lose America to Mexico, i am not saying this to be racist, just look at what America has already become, it is just to many illegal alien, who had invaded, America, and they are riding our our birthright law strongly, make them self legal as possible, they know what they are doing, and it is just to many of them getting cater to, so much until Americans are being so ignore in their own country, Americans can not mean much to this president and this nasty congress, and terrible governor who cater to illegal alien crap. Our beautiful America is being sold out to the lowest bidder, another 3rd world country, in order for this to happen America has to have poor, and weak leadership!

    Why would any president in their right mind, allow illegal aliens who had invaded their country by the millions be in competition with his own citizens, who would stop deportations, for the millions of them, and giving them work permits, who would ride on illegal aliens children backs like illegal aliens do, by using some sorry excuse, like we must give these children a break, because they come to America at no fault of their own, that is how Obama was able to get this shammy amnesty through, what president and congress would be so ignoranf to not see that this is hurting Americans who are having hard times, what president in their own country would allow millions of illegal aliens to just work illegally in our jobs, and bring home paychecks to their families, when he has millions of Americans out of a job, and can not bring home a pay check to their own families, something is terribly wrong with this picture. America needs stronger leader ship some one who really knows how to say no to illegal aliens, instead of yes! Yes! Some one who would not allow any foreigners to run their own country.

    Illegal aliens with the help of our own American president has terribly corrupt our beautiful Country America, suddenly these people who come here illegally is in the front line to so much incentive in America, including jobs, while Americans are left in the back of the line! These lawbreakers are really laughing at Americans, because they know that they will be taken over America. There Mexican president will be interfering with America, actually he already is, Americans are being so force to endure in all illegal alien crap in America. We must get rid of this president and sorry congress!!!! THEY ARE GIVING AMERICA AWAY TO A 3RD WORLD COUNTRY, bringing Americans down with them, AMERICA IS BEING SOLD TO THE LOWEST BIDDER ON A SILVER PLATTER, AND IT IS BEING DONE OVER AMERICANS HEADS, LIKE WE DO NOT EXIST AT ALL IN OUR OWN COUNTRY! AMERICA MUST WAKE UP BEFORE IT IS TO LATE!! ANOTHER FOUR YEARS OF OBAMA, AMERICA WILL NOT EXIST FOR AMERICANS ANY MORE, IT WILL ONLY EXIST FOR LEGAL AND ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS. WHAT MAKES ILLEGAL ALIENS SO MUCH MORE TRUSTWORTHY TO WORK IN OUR JOBS, WITH FALSE DOCUMENTS, NO BACKGROUND CHECKS, THEN AMERICANS WHO ARE SO STRONGLY ARE REQUIRED TO HAVE BACKGROUND CHECKS BEFORE THEY ARE HIRED IN THEIR OWN COUNTRY?????????????????

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    20 million Americans unemployed. No prospect of any significant jobs increase. So we are continuing to allow 1.5 million new legal immigrants into the country. Why? So that we can increase the number of unemployed by 1.5 million per year? The Institute for IMmigration Studies states that 43% of immigrants here for 20 years are on WelfaRE.

    Immigrants, legal and illegal, vote leftwing. We are rapidly approaching the cliff that California fell off of in 1974. Total domination of both California legislative bodies since then by the leftwing Democrats. California went 52% immigrants and minorities in 1990. California is our Greece. Clearly this has resulted from one party leftwing rule.

    If we don’t stop all legal and illegal immigration immediately the whole nation will fall off the same cliff that California fell off in 1974. From then on the nation will have total domination by the left-wing. Then the whole USA will become Greece.

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      But We Have a Severe Shortage of Farm Workers and Technicals Requiring Green Cards and Amnesty Later

      What a bunch of hogwash. The only severe shortage we have is morals by controlling bureaucrats and CEOs.

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    Obama is a lying sack of u-know-what why would anyone think that the jerks that he appoints would do any different. He started to inflate the numbers before he was elected, and has plan this anti-American invasion to cripple the workers of this Country to promote his amnesty, and give away of America. His agenda is turning the U.S.A. into a less than a world power. In his mind the people of this Country need to be as weak as the third world. Obama needs to be removed from any office in this Country, and that includes Chicago dog catcher.

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    we must stop illegal immigration taking american jobs.we cannot afford to support all illegals in our country.
    let all the other nations support their problems. any one hiring illegals must be punished by double taxation
    as they are paying under the table pay rates.

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      A Federal Sales Tax Replacing the Income Tax is One Way to Tax IAs

      I’d also allow lower incomes to get a sales tax rebate, but they’d need to show E-VERIFY compliance first!

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    all this illegal alien stuff would have ended in the first place when our embassies and staffers go to other countries and preach to them this is the best country in the world. our movies makes one million dollarr easy money to come by, our hollywood movies make it look like sometime you need not work in the Us to get by. shooting and killing people is not accountable anyway. Until these illegals sell their property,quit their jobs and leave their families in order to come to PARADISE’ what we do not tell them is america is any country where you have to work,pay bills riase difficult children and pay something called mortgage and car note.

    let us stop going around the world protarying everything is well with us and people will stop coming here in the gazellions and leave your jobs for you. its easy to murder any one here for life insurance, a few of my friends are dead and we do not know where they are buried others are in wheel chairs paralysed for life. people create accidents for insurance, prostitution, sell them selves for basic needs. You will never believ there can be people without food or a place to live in america too until you get here.

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      We’re Apparently Too Busy Trying to Fix the World to Really Care About America’s Chronic Homelessness

      Hades, even Bill Gates’ main charity is fighting malaria in Africa….a worthy cause, but little good it does American poverty and ironically, adds to overpopulation too.

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    My Mom (81 and in poor health) can’t get on the dock in CA for a lawsuit against her insurer. Long story but she bought a mobile home in a town close to where she goes to the doctor. There was a water leak which was a covered insurance item – but the insurer refused to pay so long (4 months) that by the time they agreed they had to pay for mold had taken over the place and my Mom (lung cancer survivor) had to move to a motel. Now they are fighting against paying for the mold damage.

    So she can’t get on the dock because the court system is being clogged with IA suits and them demanding rights to which they aren’t entitled to.

    The likely scenario is she will pass away in the next year and the farking insurance company will get a small fine.

    But if the darn IA’s were deported we wouldn’t be having this conversation as my Mom would be able to get her suit handled before she dies.

    This country is so far on the wrong track but don’t expect any of the pandering politicians to solve it anytime soon. They are too busy sucking up to corporate interests that they couldn’t care less about us little people.

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      And If Your Mom Had an Estate Worth Money

      God forbid you do the caregiving to save the family estate for your efforts, hades, in a lot of cases they’d find a way to lock you in prison for adult neglect [for anomalies occurring normally in nursing homes too], without proper legal representation. Get you out of the way so they could declare themselves Guardian of your family’s estate. We’re broke in this country and desparate for money.

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    In my own opinion this is all a false. Obama is well known as to deceive everyone for political purposes. I’ve never seen so much misleading information in any administration as this present one. I have no idea how this liar impostor at the White House has gotten away with so much deception. I never believed what they said that the president deported more people than any other president in history. The same way I did believe that he bypass congress for political gaining. Illegal aliens should be sent home, and apply legally from their own country. we have too many people here that are not needed here. Must of them beside taking the citizens jobs they are abusing the handouts. Is not the responsibility of the government to legalized the illegal. They should be penalized for being a load to the government an make them pay every single penny they have abused.

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    Obama’s Deportation Numbers Remind Me of the BLS U3 Unemployment Count in Reverse

    Cooked books to make the numbers look way larger [instead of much smaller, like unemployment numbers], so that during an election he can exagerate no progress, as progress.