Debra Saunders: Obama’s Immigration Policy Designed With Politics in Mind

President Obama’s Univision appearance continues to divide commentators. Also, the legal fight over SB 1070 isn’t over, as Arizona again appeals a hold on one of SB 1070’s provisions, this time regarding violations for harboring and transporting illegal aliens. And Microsoft is still pushing for a STEM-based green card proposal. The measure did receive a majority of votes, but because it was being voted on as a suspension of the rules, it needed a 2/3 majority to pass.

Arizona Appeals Hold on Harboring Provision of SB 1070

“Arizona Governor Jan Brewer plans to fight a federal judge’s ruling against a part of Arizona’s tough immigration law that would have made it a crime to harbor illegal immigrants, court papers showed on Thursday. Lawyers for the Republican governor said the state planned to lodge an appeal with the 9th U.S. Court of Appeals in San Francisco to remove a block placed on the measure by a lower court judge on September 5. A formal appeal has not yet been filed,” the Chicago Tribune says.

Navarrette: Obama Should Apologize for Immigration Policies

“Instead of going on the defensive and retreating into the fantasy world where he and his administration do no wrong, and where it’s those dastardly Republicans who prevented him from keeping his promise to make immigration reform a top priority, Obama should have offered up a mea culpa,” says Ruben Navarrette Jr.

“The president has made a mess of things. He broke campaign promises and, more important, broke up hundreds of thousands of families by deporting parents, and placing their U.S.-born children on this side of the border in foster care so that other people could raise them.”

Microsoft Lobbying for STEM Green Card Proposal

“Microsoft has a promising plan to break the logjam in Congress over immigration reform, at least in the high-skills arena. The software company proposes Congress expand by 20,000 the number of H-1B visa permits companies use to bring overseas hires to the U.S. The increase would be targeted to science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) jobs,” the Seattle Times says. “That greatly helps Microsoft which currently has 6,000 job openings – more than half of which require technolology and science skils. But it also addresses a skills shortage faced by many companies beyond the technology industry.”

Debra Saunders: Obama’s Immigration Policy Designed With Politics in Mind

“[Sen.] McCain never has forgiven Obama for supporting a poison pill that toppled the fragile coalition behind the immigration bill. McCain was willing to risk his far-from-modest ambitions to pass a compromise measure that was 11 years in the making.
For his part, Obama opted for purity – and kept alive a bill whose promise has kept the Latino community snuggly inside the Democrats’ pockets,” notes Debra Saunders in her column. “Unashamed, the president told Ramos that the Latino community ‘can send a message that this is not something to use as a political football,’ by – wait for it – voting. For Obama, of course. He never would use immigration as a political football.”

No Surprise: The George W. Bush Institute Endorses Mass Immigration for Economic Growth

“The U.S. is still the top destination of all immigrants worldwide, but the percentage coming here has slipped in recent years. To retain our edge, the U.S. needs comprehensive, pro-growth, immigration reform. This will be the topic of an upcoming conference to be held jointly by the George W. Bush Institute and the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas this December,” says Matthew Denhart with the George W. Bush Institute at the Huffington Post.

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Dan is the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR)'s President after joining the organization in 1982. He has testified more than 50 times before Congress, and been cited in the media as "America's best-known immigration reformer." Dan has appeared on virtually every significant TV and radio news/talk program in America and, in addition to being a contributing editor to, has contributed commentaries to a vast number of print media outlets.


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    That’s what Washington State’s minimum wage will go up to in 2013. Its enough money to get an apartment and utilities in the Seattle area… about money to eat, medical, transportation to work? You’ll need two fulltime jobs in that case, and the jobs mainly are P/T anyway.

    Even college grads, if they’re lucky to find a job other than $9.19/hr P/T, are averaging about $13/hr. You can’t live on that either. Hey, the college grads do make about 50% than the highschool grads….LOL

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    It must be great to live in the alternate reality of open-border fanatics who claim we are living in a zero unemployment utopia with few people on our roads, in our parks, drinking our pure water or enjoying our generous social welfare system.

    As most real people know the reality is a bit different…

    Unemployment is so high that good luck if you are over 50 (or heck – over 30) and looking for a job. Companies only want the cheapest of the 20-somethings or foreign labor (preferred).

    Gates continued attempts to destroy the middle class will leave us with a rather large gap between the working poor and the robber barons.

    How do my white English speaking kids apply for robber baron jobs? Oh that’s right – those are a birthright and ‘we’ aren’t allowed to move up.

    Welcome to serfdom in the 21st century.

    It may take a while but the serfs will revolt and those political whores who allowed this to happen and the robber barons won’t like the backlash when it happens.

    When the uneducated union-hating idiots realize they are being screwed too I want to make some popcorn and watch from the sidelines.

    History has great swings of the pendulum and the uber-rich fascists who run the world should know that they are sowing the seeds of their own destruction right now.

    Instead of promoting sustainable policies they are destroying our country and enslaving our people.

    A president with balls would call the globalists a clear and present threat to the US and hunt them down and put them all somewhere where they wouldn’t be able to continue their anti-US activities.

    Unfortunately none of the candidates for that office are likely to take that tact since they both suck up to the globalists and monyed interests.

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      That’s Why the OWS is So Useless

      It doesn’t address immigration overpopulation or amnesty making more wealth going to the Wall Street “robber barons”, as you call ’em, as wages deteriorate with population density increases..

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    Is it surprising, that people like the Bush’s, Kennedy’s, rich liberals and open borders conservatives of all kinds want the U.S. destroyed with Mass Immigration? These rich people love poor people, the more the merrier. The more labor than can exploit at bottom line wages the happier these greedy swine are. They don’t care about Americans or their families and freinds. They don’t even care about the U.S., wihich to them is not a nation at all, but an economic zone to be exploited and ruined. The left is on their side, make no mistake about it, since the left wants unmlimited immigration and one world government.

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      The American People Have Lost Respect and Representation in Government

      The foreign/corporate WTO money going to our politicians is just too tempting [even you and I would likely succumb in those positions]….the answer? Well for bloggers like us, we must keep the truth out there….until even freedom of speech is taken from us. We’re not paid off puppets, so we can voice reality and truth, without mitigating campaign loot.

      I really believe there’s something for the honest CEO in America today, with increased sales/profits to boot too. Just voluntarily implement E-Verify in your company NOW! Then advertise your company’s morals on TV, lambasting your competition hiring IAs…..I can see the honest company sales graphs shooting up almost immediately, they haven’t tried it yet.

      Same thing with automobile sales, advertise honesty and morales in safety defect programs, not floor mats and gas pedal lies, tell the truth and replace the computers and acceleration modules that really fixes the out-of-control acceleration defects, instead of more WTO lies. We also need safety bureaucrats in our government with a backbone to demand morales from the WTO too.