Obama Administration Promoted Food Stamps for Immigrants

Despite being rejected by Gov. Jerry Brown, Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck decided to implement the anti-detainer measure on his own. According to a statement by the LAPD, they are reserving the right to release certain illegal alien criminals if they feel a detainer order from DHS is unjustified. Unless the LAPD has a hidden “pre-crime” unit like in the movie Minority Report, it is unlikely they know which illegal aliens in detention will go on to commit other crimes.

TN Supreme Court Rules Immigration Checks Valid Under State Law

“The Davidson County Sheriff’s Office can perform immigration investigations under a federal program that, until recently, the county had used to detain undocumented immigrants, according to a Tennessee Supreme Court decision on Thursday. Last year, Daniel Renteria-Villegas sued the Sheriff’s Office and Metro after he was detained and searched following an aggravated assault charge that was dismissed,” the Tennessean reports.

Obama Administration Promoted Food Stamps for Immigrants

“FrontPage Magazine has acquired evidence that suggests that the Obama administration is actively promoting a little-known regulation first created by the Clinton administration. In so doing, the Obama administration is actively recruiting immigrants and encouraging them to sign up for things like food stamps, reminding that under this obscure regulation they suffer no marks against them in any future immigration proceeding if they receive food stamps and other non-cash benefits,” Front Page Magazine reports.

“In other words, [President] Clinton carefully changed the definition of ‘public charge’ to someone needing public monetary assistance. This left those who would receive ‘non-monetary’ assistance, like food stamps, to still apply for immigration benefits. At the time Clinton imposed this regulation, little was made of it. In fact, it took about thirteen years for almost anyone to notice.”

USDA Diversity Training Run Amok – Founding Fathers Called Illegal Aliens

“The U.S. government paid a Chicago consultant hundreds of thousands of dollars to put on diversity training workshops that, according to one watchdog, included an exercise in which employees were told to chant ‘our forefathers were illegal immigrants.’
Conservative group Judicial Watch made the claim this week as it released a handful of documents pertaining to the program — and alleged that the sessions held by the Department of Agriculture ended up enforcing political views more than promoting tolerance,” Fox News writes.

“‘Participants did not chant during these workshops,’ a department official said. ‘In one portion of the session, the presenter had participants repeat provocative and potentially offensive phrases as part of an exercise to examine stereotypes. The statements were not reflective of USDA or its policy.'”

LAPD Chief Says They Won’t Honor Some Detainers

“Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck stepped into the national immigration debate Thursday, announcing that hundreds of illegal immigrants arrested by his officers each year in low-level crimes would no longer be turned over to federal authorities for deportation. The new rules, which are expected to affect about 400 people arrested each year, mark a dramatic attempt by the nation’s second-largest police department to distance itself from federal immigration policies that Beck says unfairly treat undocumented immigrants suspected of committing petty offenses,” the LA Times reports.

FAIR issued a press release yesterday about the new policy.

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