Tancredo: Honor Chavez By Stopping Illegal Immigration

The Obama administration’s amnesty policy is unpopular with the majority of the American people. That’s why immigration isn’t an issue being raised by the Obama campaign except in targeted appeals toward Hispanic voters. The latest pandering attempt, addressed by former Rep. Tom Tancredo, is naming a National Monument for Cesar Chavez.

Mississippi Gov. Joins Suit Against Obama Amnesty

“Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant has joined in a lawsuit against the Obama administration over its plan to stop deporting many young illegal immigrants and grant them work permits. Bryant made the announcement Wednesday,” Fox News reports.

“Bryant, a Republican, has said for years he wants to tighten immigration enforcement because he believes the federal government has done a poor job.”

Esther Cepeda: High Skilled Immigrant Debate Ignores Low Skill America

“One of the big reasons that these downside statistics about America’s unfriendliness toward immigrant entrepreneurs have gained traction in the recent news cycle is because just a few weeks ago, a bill that would have provided permanent resident visas to foreigners who graduated from American universities with advanced degrees in science and technology failed to pass the House of Representatives,” says Esther Cepeda.

“In stark contrast, 53.6 percent of young adults (under age 25) with bachelor’s degrees – 1.5 million – are currently jobless or underemployed, the highest number in 11 years. And throw this on top: According to the Kauffman Foundation, immigrant entrepreneurs employed about 560,000 workers and generated about $63 billion in sales from 2006 to 2012.”

Alabama Says SPLC Suit Seeks Private Student Information

“Alabama Department of Education officials say they have only refused to release information on the effect of the state’s new immigration law that they felt would violate current federal privacy laws,” the AP reported. “Responding to the lawsuit, Alabama Schools Superintendent Tommy Bice said the material requested was part of ongoing negotiations with the justice department and are not considered public records. He said the department believes in transparency while maintaining the privacy rights of students.”

Tancredo: Honor Chavez By Stopping Illegal Immigration

“President Obama’s decision to honor Latino Labor Icon Caesar Chavez with a national monument was no doubt intended to try to draw Hispanic voters to his cause . . . Ironically, however, Caesar Chavez was a firm opponent of illegal immigration. Chavez was first and foremost a labor organizer, founding the National Farm Workers Association which later became the United Farm Workers,” says former Rep. Tom Tancredo in an op-ed. “Chavez was not alone among labor leaders opposing massive immigration. T Samuel Gompers, founder of the American Federation of Labor argued that ‘America is for Americans alone’ and that ‘those who favor unrestricted immigration care nothing for the people.'”

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    If the Whole Truth Was Exposed

    I imagine almost all the legal citizen Latino families do not want more overpopulation crowding out their families’ livelihood [why would they?]; liar organizations like La Raza are organised crime cess pools of mostly IAs and WTO organised crime against America IMO, so they allege the opposite is true.