Immigration Not A Top Priority for Hispanic Voters

Despite repeated polls from Pew Hispanic Center and other organizations, the media is still willing to say that immigration is a driving issue for Hispanic voters. Hispanic voters have the same concerns as other voters – but if you look at the most recent poll, Hispanic voters were among the most satisfied, indicating they are probably less likely to be anti-incumbent.

Immigration Not A Top Priority for Hispanic Voters

“Issues related to illegal immigration matter to many Latinos, but they are not their most pressing concern, according to a new survey of the Pew Hispanic Center. In the study, which also found Latinos more optimistic about the direction of the country than other groups, Latinos rated education, jobs and the economy and healthcare as priorities,” the LA Times reported.

“The economic recession’s disproportional impact on Latinos has been something the Romney campaign has used against Obama in the run-up to the election. Despite this, Latino registered voters have a sunnier attitude about the state of the nation compared to the general public, according to Pew Hispanic. While only 28% of all registered voters said they were ‘satisfied with the direction of the nation,’ 45% of Latinos expressed such optimism.”

Lawsuit Challenging DREAM Amnesty Likely to Succeed Says Kobach

“Kris Kobach, architect of Arizona’s controversial immigration measure, as well as similar ones in other states, says he is confident that by January courts will declare Obama administration’s program for suspending deportation for some undocumented immigrants a violation of federal law,” Fox News Latino reports.

“Kobach told Fox News Latino that the debate between President Obama and his Republican challenger, Mitt Romney, over the president’s program –which Romney said he will end if he assumes the presidency in January– likely will be ‘a moot issue by the time he takes office.'”

40 Bicycle Cab Drivers in San Diego Detained for Immigration Violations

“U.S. authorities say nearly 40 bicycle cab drivers have been arrested on immigration violations in downtown San Diego.
Immigration and Customs Enforcement spokeswoman Lauren Mack said Thursday’s arrests include many with student visas that didn’t allow them to work,” the Sacramento Bee says.

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    Where were the polls taken? Puerto Ricans and Cubans are Citizens, and don’t want illegals draining the economy. They are mostly in New York and Florida. The Illegals are mostly Mexican, they are mostly concentrated in the southwest and western states. Puerto Ricans, and Cubans only make up about 10% of the Hispanic population. The 40 Illegals detained in San Diego were from Eastern Europe here on Student visas.

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    I agree SW. Three presidents deported illegals when our economy was like it is now to create jobs for law abiding american citizens..The states that have strict immigration laws are finding that illegals are leaving in droves to move to a stae that is a sanctuary for them. In which we need to pass the 2008 Federal Immigration Laws in all of the states because in this case”what is good for the goose is good for the gander.”

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    Of Course Amnesty is Not a Priority for Legal Latino Americans

    They’ve got families and they don’t want their kids’ future destroyed by overpopulation too.

    Now, the conundrum, immigration overpopulation being the current root cause destroying the economy is clear as a bell. We must counter the La Raza IA and WTO brainwashing that immigration and the economy are two separate issues; lest even the legal Latino lose sight of their real enemy….La Raza and its foreign/American corporate greed cohorts for open borders politicing for more overpopulation in America.