Romney, Obama Discuss Immigration at Debate

If President Obama wanted to reassure voters that he would respect enforcement of the law, choosing the month before the election to stop successful local enforcement measures like 287(g) is the wrong way to do so. Secure Communities does valuable work, but as a screening program it is not proactive but reactive.

LA ID Card Passes City Council

“A plan to provide illegal immigrants with an official city ID card easily won a key vote Tuesday when members of a Los Angeles City Council committee agreed to solicit bids for a third-party vendor to handle the program. Councilman Ed Reyes, a member of the Arts, Parks, Health and Aging Committee, said it’s ‘about time’ that L.A. residents, regardless of immigration status, have the ability to easily open bank accounts and access city services,” the LA Times reports.

“‘It is clearly an accommodation,’ said Ira Mehlman of the Federation for American Immigration Reform, a group critical of illegal immigration. ‘Los Angeles is making it easier for people who have violated federal immigration laws to live in the city.'”

Romney, Obama Discuss Immigration at Debate

“President Barack Obama and Republican candidate Mitt Romney sparred over immigration policy on Tuesday for the first time during the course of their debates, and the sparks did fly,” says Univision/ABC.

“Obama raked Romney over the coals for the tough positions he adopted earlier in the campaign. Romney tried to soften his hardliner image, but stuck to many of the conservative policies he adopted during the primaries. He also tried holding the president to account over his pledge to pass a comprehensive reform bill in his first term.”

“Speaking for the topic in front of the largest TV audience he has faced yet, Romney framed himself as a problem solver who could accomplish what Obama could not in his first term: a comprehensive immigration reform bill.”

Cuba Changes Exit Permissions

“Cuba will scrap much-reviled travel restrictions starting in January, making it easier for its citizens to leave the communist-ruled island in the first major reform to its migration policies in half a century. The changes reverse tough restrictions imposed in 1961 when the government tried to put the brakes on a mass migration of people fleeing after the 1959 revolution that put Fidel Castro in power,” Reuters reports.

“Now, most Cubans will only have to show their passports, national identity cards and, if needed, a visa from the country they will visit to go abroad, deputy immigration chief Colonel Lamberto Fraga told reporters. In theory, the changes should make it easier for Cubans not only to travel but to work abroad and return home when they want.”

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Dan is the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR)'s President after joining the organization in 1982. He has testified more than 50 times before Congress, and been cited in the media as "America's best-known immigration reformer." Dan has appeared on virtually every significant TV and radio news/talk program in America and, in addition to being a contributing editor to, has contributed commentaries to a vast number of print media outlets.


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    Granting IDs of any form will come back to bite us the next time someone emrolls in flight school to learn how to take off but not land a plane. Or the next time someone attempts to set off a bomb in LA or NYC. I wonder if the politicians who pander to illegal aliens will be willing to stand by their positions to legitimize illegal aliens on that day. I further wonder why no one has brought criminal charges against politicians and municipalities that flout federal and state immigration laws.

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      Beverly in Tucson on

      It will go on unless you (and many friends) write your congressmen, express your OUTRAGE, and threaten to replace them — and do it. Those politicians who pander to illegals are VOTED into office — unvote them!

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    I have nothing at all against LEGAL immigration. What I have trouble with is alien invaders disrespecting the laws of my country, breaking the law, being criminals….and having that situation exacerbated by a president and Congress that could give a good flying dang. Right is right, wrong id wrong. Breaking the law should never be rewarded!

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    The mayor of LA should be in a super-max cell for treason.

    Why don’t we take his database of illegal aliens and have a weekend clearing operation… bring in the army and clear all the illegals out of LA?

    Granted it would end up being mostly empty but imagine the relief in commute times for real Americans!

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    Barbara Griffith on

    You know what I doubt Romney will bother with immigration reform because this country is in to much trouble to waste the time or energy on it. I too have said on a few blogs that the Latino population is to small to have that much influence on the vote in any state. Their unemployment rate is 15 % all they are interested in is jobs. The dems can spin it to death but that’s a fact. The white population put Obama in the White House and they can remove him just as easily. People had the idea that anything was better than Bush. Well things have changed in four years and not for the better either. I’m voting for the Governor.

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      You May Have a Point There

      Good possible observation.

      Let’s continue just doing nothing about unemployment’s chief cause, adding the current levels of more illegal/legal overpoulation, may seem small and moot if you’re working right now. If you’re unemployed or your jobs have been mostly outsourced like Big Three American automotive engineering in America or eliminated, like NASA’s engineers….then they lie and call it an engineering shortage.

      Keep separating the economy from immigration, the Dem/Reps have you brainwashed well, when its clear, they’re one issue together.

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      Barbara, I’m not sure where you live, but the town I grew up in is now predominantly hispanic. The elementary school I went to as a child has 93% hispanic. By the way, 91% of the school is also on free lunches, so we, as tax payers, are also supporting them. This isn’t a border state, I’m in Illinois. They do have a large impact on the election. I do believe many are illegal in my town. They won’t get to vote, but I am positive their families will vote Obama.

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        Beverly in Tucson on

        You are so right! I’m from Illinois and on a recent visit, I was in a department store for almost an hour before I heard a word of English. Is it any wonder Hispanics are fastest growing population? They get free food, free lodging, free education AND they can bring all their relatives here for more freebies.
        The answer is to write your congressmen and DEMAND changes. BTW – your biggest obstacle in Illinois is Luis Guiterrez.

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    I’m disgusted that Mitt Romney is still declaring “We need to staple green cards to their diplomas.” Why, Governor?
    So unemployed Americans have more foreigners to compete with for jobs? How can anyone with half a brain think that when a country imports a million legal immigrants, allows millions of illegal aliens, takes in refugess, brings in thousands of visa workers, has innumerable people who overstay their visas and just anyone who washes up on our shores, and expect Americans to have jobs? Anyone who doesn’t belong here needs to be sent home. Just demand they leave the same way they got here. It was fine when Eisenhower did it, now we’ve become so afraid that we’ll offending the third world, that we just give them anything they demand. They both sicken me on this issue. We don’t need anyone else here. The US sends money to many countries, yet still them come, sneaking across the border until we are fast becoming the next third world!