“Journalist” Declares Any Discussion of Population Growth Off-limits for Sane People

The New York Amsterdam News ran an article attacking FAIR’s report on the chronic water shortages emerging across the United States.  The headline was “FAIR’s Extreme Madness.”  Our insanity, in the view of Felicia Persaud who penned the article, is that we brought attention to the reality that U.S. population growth driven by mass immigration has negated the tremendous gains in water conservation made over the last thirty years.  Ms. Persaud seems to think that since “immigrants have made a significant contribution economically to the United States” that limits don’t matter and that environmental considerations concern only the lunatic fringe.

There is an ongoing and lively debate about how “significant” the economic contributions of immigrants are, but that is beside the point.  We cannot continue to grow by almost three million people every year, overwhelmingly due to immigration, and not run up against the limits of our national resources.  We have long passed the point where we are using water faster than it can be replenished naturally.  The key now is to not reach the point of no return, where a supply of clean water is something that can not be made available to all Americans.

Take New York City, for example, where the average age of city water pipes is 76 years and raw sewage is regularly released into surrounding waterways.  Where are the billions of dollars going to come from to repair the city’s water and sewer infrastructure?  I doubt Mayor Bloomberg’s soda tax is going to cover it.   Ms. Persaud’s article perfectly illustrates the intellectual bankruptcy of the ever-more-immigration crowd.  FAIR asks questions about how this will affect America’s future.  Ms. Persaud labels any discussion of population growth “laughable.”  Wherein doth the madness lie?

FAIR was unsurprisingly not contacted for comment before the article was published, but you may do so on the paper’s website.


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    We often think that the biggest pushers for amnesty and support of illegal aliens are: Cheap labor employers, Mexican and other Latino groups, and those that profit from drug smuggling and human trafficking. However, in my opinion, these may only be the Useful Idiots for those with a much larger agenda.

    The American female fertility rate finally dropped to 2.1 per female in the mid 1970s, the rate for zero population growth or decline . The fertility rate for native born American citizens has now dropped to 1.8 per female, which would cause a U.S. population decline. The very rich and powerful believe that this would cause an economic decline in their future wealth, which is more important to them than the quality of life for the rest of the Americans.

    In order to prevent this population decline, they are using their money and the groups in the first paragraph to help them “back fill” the population. In addition the immigrant fertility rate, legal and illegal, is 3.4 per female. The fear of a zero growth, or a population decline causes the puppet masters who want population to expand, and the faster the better, for the purpose of increasing their own wealth and political power.

    They fail to understand that U.S. population can’t expand forever without making the U.S like India. Go there sometime and you will see what over population causes.

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    richard harris on

    Ms. Persaud is a typical left-wing nut job who has the absurd notion that immigrants have some kind of god given right to come here. The fact is that America is a political entity created by Americans for the benefit of Americans. To the extent that immigration was benefiting Americans it was considered desirable. However immigration has occurred at such an outrageous rate over the last 30 years that it has been causing nothing but disruption, displacement, and disaster for Americans. The time has come to repeal the Ted Kennedy sponsored legislation that authorized immigration at such precipitous rates. We must establish a moratorium on all immigration for the next 30 years.

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    With immigration at net zero in recent years, what exactly is the “mass immigration” you’re talking about? Oh, fear mongering, that’s right. Never mind.

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      richard harris on

      Just how do you arrive at the conclusion that immigration is Net Zero in recent years? The idiot politicians are cramming 3 million legal immigrants a year into this country. Have you been living under a rock?

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      What fantasy land are you living in Mr Jackson? The USA allows 1 million people to become American citizens each year, that is only the people that are legally coming into the USA. Who knows how many are coming into the USA Illegally, our government has no idea, only guesses. My childrens heritage is being stolen by people that are invading our country, maybe it will have to be decided by a war!!

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      Stan, you are severely uninformed. How about an average of 1,000,000 + — that is million — per year on average. How about a depression,Stan. Check the Bureau of Labor Statistics [BLS] website. Most current issue which covers through 3rd quarter 2012 shows U6 @ 15%. The U3 is for you which shows 8.2%. So you can feel warm and fuzzy.

      FYI, NYTimes economist Paul Krugman recent book states: End This Depression Now! But Paul is three years late as I have articles by economists which, in 2009, began calling the Great Recession depression. Ya know why? Because the level of unemployment, not the stock market, distinguishes a recession from a depression. End of Econ 101.–:)

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    Lakes near Austin, TX are only 46% full and if the drought continues, would decrease a lot more. TX is being overrun with illegal immigrants and has more Spanish TV stations now than English stations. I think it is totally out of control now.

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    softwarengineer on

    Ask Martin Luther King Jr, Hades, Even Richard Nixon

    They saw American overpopulation at 200M as a HORRIFYING plague needing Earthday in America in the late 60s and early 70s…now its 300-400M in America, its TOTALLY OUT OF CONTROL.