Robert Cringely – Bill Gates is Wrong About H-1B Visas

Despite the rhetoric of many mass-immigration apologists, it’s clear that immigration harms American workers. Immigrants have received a huge share of new jobs created over the last few years. And part of the reason is that they are willing to accept lower wages. This point shouldn’t be controversial by now.

Berkeley, CA Council Rejects Detainers for ICE

“In a surprising twist, the Berkeley City Council voted unanimously Tuesday night to decline requests from U.S. immigration officials to apply more stringent detention rules to arrested individuals depending on citizenship status,” reports.

“Advocates in attendance said the council made a landmark policy decision believed to be the most comprehensive and definitive in the nation as far as refusing altogether to cooperate with a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) program to detain and potentially deport non-citizens who are arrested.”

Two-Thirds of New Jobs Go to Immigrants

“Two-thirds of those who have found employment under President Obama are immigrants, both legal and illegal, according to an analysis that suggests immigration has soaked up a large portion of what little job growth there has been over the past three years,” the Washington Times writes.

“The Center for Immigration Studies is releasing the study Thursday morning, a day ahead of the final Labor Department unemployment report of the campaign season, which is expected to show a sluggish job market more than three years into the economic recovery.”

Smuggling Truck Stuck, Abandoned on Fence

“Suspected smugglers tried to use ramps to drive an SUV over a 14-foot fence along the U.S.-Mexico border, but they abandoned the effort when it got stuck on top. U.S. Border Patrol spokesman Spencer Tippets says agents spotted the SUV perched atop the fence early Tuesday near the border between Arizona and California. Two people on the Mexican side were trying to free the Jeep when the agents approached. They ran further into Mexico,” reports.

Robert Cringely – Bill Gates is Wrong About H-1B Visas

“Big tech employers are constantly lobbying for increases in H-1B quotas citing their inability to find qualified US job applicants. Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates and other leaders from the IT industry have testified about this before Congress. Both major political parties embrace the H-1B program with varying levels of enthusiasm. But Bill Gates is wrong. What he said to Congress may have been right for Microsoft but was wrong for America and can only lead to lower wages, lower employment, and a lower standard of living,” says technology writer Robert X. Cringely.

“[A]t the same time companies are claiming they need the H-1B program to bring in skilled workers, the workers they are bringing in aren’t very skilled at all. Or if they are skilled, then the sponsoring companies are fudging their paperwork to justify paying lower than market wages. Either truth is damning and the latter is downright illegal.”

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    softwarengineer on

    Bill Gates from MSFT and Alan Mulally from Boeing Have Something in Common

    They both got the hades off their old CEO positions when it it became intuitively obvious that the new O/S S/W and the 787 A/C, the new insourced/outsourced foreign tech staff were assigned large portions of, became litterred with HORRIFYING quality and schedule problems neither company had seen in their entire existance for major product lines. They didn’t want to be blamed, they should have been.

    If this is the best examples of how globalism replacements of our “GLUT” of legal American technicals [many chronically unemployed and give-ups] by cheap foreign replacements is a good way to go; its time for our CEOs to go back to the planning room and hire back the old Yankee Ingenuity for more money too.