Illegal Aliens Rally for Last Minute Get Out the Vote Effort

The Obama administration has decided to grant another amnesty without Congressional approval. This time, citing a regional disaster as the excuse, the Obama administration is again letting visa violators and others off the hook.

CNBC – Comparing Romney and Obama on Immigration

“Congress has failed time and again to come up with a comprehensive policy on immigration, and it looks like it won’t do so anytime soon. However, that hasn’t stopped the presidential candidates taking a position on the hot button issue—as we see below,” says CNBC.

“In an attempt to get some immigration legislation on the books, Obama had urged Congress to pass the Dream Act, which would give young illegal immigrants who were brought to the United States as children a path to citizenship if they attend college or serve in the military. But the Senate blocked the bill in 2010. Obama has vowed to try and get the bill passed if he is re-elected.”

“In the GOP primary debates, Romney attacked his fellow Republicans when he felt they were being too soft on immigration. He has consistently said he opposes providing “amnesty” for illegal immigrants. Romney has stated that he is uncomfortable with the idea of rounding up and deporting people and that he favored a long-term, comprehensive solution to illegal immigration.”

Esther Cepeda: Meet Mitt Romney’s Most Surprising Supporter

“Lest you think I put out a call for the weirdest election season outlier or responded to a pitch from an overzealous Romney campaign operative, I swear I simply had a jaw-dropping moment when I saw [a]tweet from Casas dance across my timeline last month,” notes Esther Cepeda in her column this week.

“‘Some people call me crazy and, yes, it’s hard to understand being [an illegal alien]and being for the candidate of self-deportation and no amnesty for immigrants — he’s pretty much against my dream,’ said [Manuel Guerra] Casas, a 28-year-old landscaper from Port St. Lucie, Fla. ‘But, yes, I am supporting Mitt Romney to become the next president of the United States even though he pretty much doesn’t want me to contribute and serve this country.”

DHS Says Anti-Profiling Program Still Delayed

“Seventeen months have passed since the Department of Homeland Security announced it would create an internal civil rights review of the Obama administration’s signature immigration enforcement program, but now department officials cannot say when, or if, they will complete it. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Director John Morton announced in June 2011 that his agency would create a statistical monitoring tool to ensure that law enforcement agencies were not using the Secure Communities program to engage in racial profiling,” USA Today reports.

Illegal Aliens Rally for Last Minute Get Out the Vote Effort

“They can’t vote, but many undocumented immigrants are rallying citizens around Mesa to cast their vote for President Barack Obama in the election. 30 year old Carlos Martinez is hoping people who can vote, will,” AZ reports.

“But Martinez can now apply for work legally. He is one of the first undocumented immigrants, or ‘Dreamers’, granted deferred action by President Obama last summer. ‘It was the happiest day of my life. I will never forget that day,’ said Martinez. He can legally work for two years, before having to apply again.”

Sandy Provides Another Excuse for Unilateral Amnesty Declaration

“Citing the destruction of Superstorm Sandy, the Obama administration has waived immigration laws for illegal immigrants now in the United States, arguing that the immigrants’ ability to maintain their lawful immigration status or obtain other immigration benefits may have been hampered by the deadly storm,” the Washington Times reports.

“Through the Department of Homeland Security, the administration said ‘eligible individuals’ may request or apply for temporary relief measures, including extensions of non-immigrant status for those in the United States even though their authorized period of admission has expired.”

“Because of Superstorm Sandy, the administration also said Homeland Security’s U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) will extend or re-parole those previously granted parole, expedite adjudication of off-campus employment authorization applications for students experiencing severe economic hardship, and expedite adjudication of employment authorization applications.”

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    Let’s Face It

    Amnesty is just another “Confederate Flag Red Neck” slave lord low wage foreign/corporate business tactic, using the inappropriate term “liberal” to hide behind. Obama, Romney, Bush, hades even Nader, all wanted amnesty the last decade…..did they get it….NOOOOO!!!!

    The reason is simple, with a current 14.7% U6 unemployment rate, adding more amnesty overpopulation to America’s destroyed/scarce Labor Market would have put masses of angry unemployed, give-ups and severely underemployed on the streets with torches and pitch forks in their hands.