FAIR Article Addresses Issues Our Politicians Have Long Ignored

The election is now over and unsurprisingly the calls for “comprehensive immigration reform” have been renewed – something which would have happened no matter the outcome last Tuesday.

Amidst all the talk about the changing demographic makeup of the electorate, no one is raising the point that the (vastly over-hyped) demographic shift America is experiencing is due to rapid population growth driven by mass immigration to the United States.  There are economic and environmental consequences of rapid population growth that affect all Americans, and the only way to address these issues is to implement an immigration system that prioritizes the interests of all Americans.

FAIR has an article in this month’s livebetter magazine on “Immigration and Unsustainable Growth.”  You can read the article here.

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    Thanks for the well-written and succinct article that appeared in Live Better magazine Eric. I hope a lot of people see it and that FAIR fans will read it and then forward it to all their friends and relatives. Only if many more become aware and concerned with the negative impacts of our immigration policies is there any hope of reigning in the open borders advocates who seem to be in control of our media and government.

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    Living in the failed welfare state of Mexifornia where the idiots re-elected the goofy Moonbeam Brown who seeks nothing more than a total welfare state where unelected fools will dictate to us what when how who and where…so, when there is no money for welfare and the food runs out and the riots begin, understand that you need to abide by the 2nd Amendment to survive.

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    Living With Open Eyes on

    I am so glad to find this website. I thought I was going crazy – that I was alone in this country because I perceive continued immigration (both legal and illegal) as a threat to my economic survival. We will get continuous population growth from our descendents who will always need jobs and fair wages, and we are screwing them by letting everybody in the world come here. My understanding is that China actually closed its borders for 100 years and rebuilt its economy before recently allowing foreigners in. I strongly believe that we must do the same or become the biggest third world country on Earth.

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    softwarengineer on

    I it Saw on CNN

    Where almost all the states in the union got 1000s of signatures to concede from the union. Yes, this country does not feel represented by government anymore….the 12th man [the majority of Americans] screams holy hades [check almost all the blogger comments against amnesty polled everytime the Republicans want to cave in to amnesty in a news story]….but somehow they have that this same 12th man is for amnesty?

    Its time for the Fascist [its neither liberal or conservative] runned Dem/Rep politicians, that were suppose to represent the 12th man against overpopulation/amnesty, to just do it! They defy us in the name of Confederate Flag Waving Foreign/Corporate interests that fund our elections and in essense then, pick these same turncoat candidates out, then pretend since we voted for them, we agree with them.

    Its a circus that breeds division of our country.

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    why would anybody enter the USA and not avail themselves of all the entitlements offered and having done so simply improve their material life from where they emanated to the point where they are happy just to swing in a hammock and contribute nothing. Better yet obtain as many entitlements possible and seek out employment surrepticiously and “double dip” so to speak.

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    Illegal voters in California pass Prop 30 to raise taxes on legal American tax payers. Is this constitutional?
    If Calif is going to sit back & do nothing to make the system fair? Why should anyone pay taxes?
    Corrupt politicians don’t care they want what they want. Yes Jerry Brown you are a disgusting person.
    Raise city taxes through the roof at least when the illegals buy things with the cash they have stockpiled they will be be paying something, instead of sending money back to Mexico, so there economy benefits. They can track who buys cough syrup, but do nothing to attack illegals.
    Equality I don’t think so, votes perhaps? This madness has to be addressed. Sorry to everyone on a fixed income that pays taxes, the next few years are going to get worse. Voter fraud is all over the news. Scary what politicians will do to get a vote. Horrible examples.
    Handouts have to stop to all illegals. If the illegals weren’t catered to for votes our state would be in better shape financially.
    Take care of the elderly that have been legal, tax payers their whole lives.

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      Makers and Takers is what we are reduced to now that Obama is in office.

      One of the consequences of Entitlements is that people who have contributed nothing to society feel that society owes them ssomething,apparently just for being nice enough to grace us witgh their presence.

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      I agree- our laws are being passed by illegals committing voter fraud. these people want the government to support them after all it is something they can’t in their own country. The real problem is that our Government will not enforce the laws already on the books because it helps them get reelected. We have voter id laws until the government says it’s illegal to enforce them. We have immigration laws but again our Government says it’s illegal to enforce them. I’m am amazed that the citizens of this country have any trust in the Government. The only laws they enforce are the ones that affect law abiding tax paying citizens. Where will we immigrate to when our Government has ruined this Country? You know what- they don’t care. If our Government was truly their to protect us- the people, passing laws and enforcing them would be easy. There would be no loopholes to worry about. The truth is , they are for themselves and using illegals and the poor helps them get what they want. Why else would they keep letting in more illegals and passing laws that make us poorer and more dependent on them? Look at all the other other country’s and you’ll see the rich and powerful are the politicians and their people are all poor. This is against everything this Country was founded on. Remember that this Country was for the people so you can tell your grandchildren how we started when your explaining to them how we let it be destroyed.

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    AmericanPieHole on

    I never thought I would see the day Americans would stand by while their country is overrun. Americans have become the home of cowards.

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      Not cowards. Our politicians are bought are paid for, its not in their interest since they are not being affected. Big business wants it this way, they don’t want to pay a living wage standard. So long as illegals and work visas are being issued they can continue to abuse the work force by paying substandard wages and forcing individuals to work without overtime.

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    The article makes a compelling case for reducing immigration to a sustainable level. Our population must be stabilized, and it is the moral duty of America, indeed every nation, to do so as soon as possible.

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      AmericanPieHole on

      Good point!
      I don’t know how you got there but over population is in my opinion the greatest threat to us and the world.

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      Hallelujah! Thank you for bringing up the P-word. Many complain that China is doing little to thwart Climate Change. But China is the only country with a population policy!

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    Concerned Citizen on

    If the GOP helps pass a mass amnesty, they’ll be lucky if they get a “thank you” from Latino voters in return. The better path to success for the GOP is to put a Latino name on its next presidential ticket but otherwise stick to its conservative principles, including law enforcement.

    The economy isn’t going to get any better during Obama’s second term. All the data I’m seeing says it will get much worse. The electorate will punish the Democrats severely on this issue alone, regardless of the GOP’s amnesty position. Check out the Rasmussen polls: 50% of the electorate approved of Obama’s job performance, giving him the win. Policy wonks in Washington should note that polls tracked the stock market closely into the election, suggesting that social mood mattered more than demographics.

    Don’t believe me? Check out a peer-reviewed paper, “Social Mood, Stock Market Performance and U.S. Presidential Elections” at papers.ssrn.com (search for author Bob Prechter, the famous stock market forecaster who called the 1987 crash and subsequent rally).

    Truth is, if the GOP goes all-out for amnesty, I may be extra glad to be a Democrat because for all our party’s and Obama’s talk, so far the Democrat Party has not stuck it to the poor and middle class by flooding the country with more cheap labor via amnesty. As I’ve said here before, Obama’s first term legacy is notable for the Administration’s lack of an amnesty. Maybe the Democrats are better at handling the mixed political currents of immigration than Boehner, Hannity and company.

    Maybe the Democrats will even become an inclusive party and go for the white male vote. They are without a doubt the party of women and minorities now, but that leaves them very vulnerable to a shift in the nation’s mood.

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    Barbara Griffith on

    I have a good idea that thousands of illegal aliens voted in this election. From what I understand there was a 100,000 voter spread between Obama and Romney. Can you imagine the voter fraud in California? Spread out over just a few states would have covered that amount easily. We need a federal voter ID law that covers all the states. The UN observers were stunned that no ID’s were required to vote. Their countries all require a photo ID. It seems that they were lied to and told that legal voters here in the US were not being allowed to vote because they were minorities.

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      Where do you get your information, barbra? People claim there is no voter fraud in our elections. However, voter fraud wa invented in the US, as were many other great ideas. In addition to requiring id (you don’t even need id to register), each voter should get his finger stained with ink upon exit of the polling place.