Paul Mirengoff: Would the GOP Benefit from Amnesty?

Evangelical Groups Divided on Amnesty

“An open letter from the group demanded that Mr. Obama and the heads of the Senate and House of Representatives support a legalization program for the 11 million undocumented immigrants in the U.S.,” the Wall Street Journal reports.

“Not all evangelicals are on board with legalizing undocumented immigrants. But leaders say a shift is happening. ‘I think there is still anxiety but there is an openness now by more people,’ said Barrett Duke, vice president for public policy at the Southern Baptist Convention.”

Rand Paul Cited as New GOP Direction on Immigration Debated

“Republican Senator Paul is expanding his national profile in what has been tagged a ‘Rand Paul Evolution,’ Tuesday, according to Politico. It began when the Kentucky senator launched television ads in ‘Ohio, West Virginia and Florida Senate races, hammering incumbent Democrats on foreign aid,'” says the Examiner.

“With money from his political action committee, Paul is pushing a foreign aid policy that would block funds going to Libya, Egypt and Pakistan. Paul also hopes to endear himself and his party to young and minority voters. He is prepared to introduce two proposals to develop workable, conservative compromises on popular social issues.”

“Paul is proposing assimilation for undocumented immigrants already in America, with an ‘eventual path’ to citizenship. The ‘trade-off’ to make it palatable to conservatives would be ‘not to accept any new legal immigrants while we’re assimilating the ones who are here.’”

Rick Sanchez: Rewards for Illegal Immigration Will Turn Around the GOP

“When it comes to immigration, it’s no longer about tone or words. It’s about what I and many others like me in the Latino community have been saying all along: it’s about facts,” say Rick Sanchez at Fox News Latino.

“Are you telling me that someone who’s been here for a decade (or two), has consistently held down a job (or two) and has paid property taxes and sales taxes should be replaced by somebody, somewhere who’s just arrived and never contributed a dime to this country?”

Paul Mirengoff: Would the GOP Benefit from Amnesty?

“Where, exactly, does the clamor for “comprehensive immigration reform” come from? I don’t see any existing problems that would be solved, as a matter of policy, by “comprehensive immigration reform,” as opposed to more effective law enforcement, e.g. at the borders. The real motivation on both sides seems to be political: Democrats want to add millions of loyal Democratic voters, and Republicans are afraid that opposing “comprehensive reform” will cause them to lose votes with Mexican-Americans and others who are already citizens,” Paul Mirengoff writes at Powerline blog.

“Both sides cannot be right in their political calculations, and when it comes to political calculation, it is generally a good bet that the Democrats are the ones who have it figured out. In my opinion, the idea that the illegals who would become voters by virtue of “comprehensive reform” are Republicans in training is delusional.”

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Dan is the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR)'s President after joining the organization in 1982. He has testified more than 50 times before Congress, and been cited in the media as "America's best-known immigration reformer." Dan has appeared on virtually every significant TV and radio news/talk program in America and, in addition to being a contributing editor to, has contributed commentaries to a vast number of print media outlets.


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    Immigrants are pouring into this country by the millions from everywhere, especially Mexico. Once they get a Work Permit, they even take Government jobs away from Americans. From there they bring the parents, aunts and uncles who also get work permits, so they can travel back and forth freely and not get visas. They have no intention of working and when they get 65, they apply for SSI, and Medicaid, giving the address of the anchor person in the U.S. and going back to their country to live. There are people in the UKraine collecting SSI who never worked a day in this country or lived here! They come and visit a few times a year and get free medical. How much more of this crap can we stand?

    Here is the only way to solve the jobs crisis and the leak in the (tax) boat:

    1. Change the constitution where it says ” All those within the borders of the U.S. are eligible for our services….” to include the word “Legally” before “within the borders”. Why because around 1968 texas was going broke paying benefits to outsiders and a lawsuit went to the Supreme Court. The liberal Supreme Court determined that the constitution meant “Physically” within the borders. That set case law. The whole darn world can legally come here and collect our tax dollars, education and medical services and the system is about to collapse. Our forefathers never intended this when they wrote the constitution and insertion of the word legally really would be just a clarification.

    2. Cut off all illegals on welfare and SSI after we change the constitution.

    3. Patrol the borders and make it illegal for any state to declare themselves a sanctuary state. Require that law enforcement turn over anyone who is arrested and not a citizen to the border Patrol

    4. Install mandatory E-Verify so that employers can not hire non citizens and if they are paying them under the table, create a reward system for people to report to IRS.

    5. Stop all college incentives to illegals at the expense of U.S. Citizens.

    6. Declare La Raza a racist hate organization and put the foot on all these pro open borders groups who are bringing this country to it’s knees. Declare them illegal. Defending illegals is illegal.

    7. All those children who were brought here illegally by their parents, who can prove they completed junior high school and high school, could [possibly be given Work Permits if they have never been arrested, however U.S. citizens shall have first priority over all jobs before work permits are considered.

    8. Anyone working with a false Social Security number shall have their property and assets seized and shall be arrested and deported.

    9. Install a Farm Worker permit program where they come and go back and do not stay and get a Govt job doing janitorial work or maintenance at the expense of Americans. They shall not bring their children for the taxpayers to support educate and provide medical expenses to.

    10. Allow only 2 minor dependents on the tax Return and two elderly. That’s it. Both the new immigrants and illegals who pay taxes are taking deductions for tons of people who don’t even live here. This has to stop.

    Amnesty only causes more mass immigration. Right now there are thousands who have come here recently just to get in on the amnesty they think will be happening. Valley towns are much more crowded with these newbies. Initially expanding the population always causes jobs in the way of construction and all that goes with it, however, after that passes there are more people competing for the same piece of pie and every area can support only so many people and it is a bigger mess than ever.

    The reason everyone flocks to this country is because they have fouled their own nests with overpopulation and now they are overpopulating and fouling ours.

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    Once again our government is going award amnesty to illegal people. Our government does not understand the mistakes of the 1986 Amnesty BIll. Look at what happened from 3 million to estimated 12 million and the numbers continue to increase everyday with more illegal people coming.
    Start protest across the nation and demand No Amnesty or you will have future immigration problem again.

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    Tides are shifting. America is changing. For the better if you ask me. And newsflash Mirengoff: comprehensive immigration reform would help 12 million families across the country. Plus boost our economy. Would help fix a broken immigration process. Guess you’re not looking very hard if you think it won’t fix any problems.

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      LOL Stan

      Go to an unemployment office and ask ’em if they want more foreign overpopulation lowering wages and competing for scarce jobs….I bet you hire IAs, admit it.

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    Hai rick sanchez

    My question is “any of these illigal peoples not working like just siting at home ? They are working for cash money … not paying tax … make them legal let start pay tax .. let them pay fine for they broke law…. they are not replacing anybody … they are here act like shadow … they are not taking anybodies job… they are working with out paying tax if they started pay tax good for economy …. don’t feel not contributing anything to this country .. “

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    Several left-leaning blogs have also argued that not only immigration, but also economic policy inclines immigrant ethnic groups to vote Democratic. Policies that would help immigrants advance would also benefit poorer citizens. Republicans need to take a broader look at their policies if they want to shore up their share of the vote.

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      Its Not Left Leaning for Amnesty

      Its foreign/corporate Fascist Leaning for amnesty. The terms conservative and liberal get replaced when corporations fund our elections and pick out our candidates.

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    softwarengineer on

    I’d Not Only Add That General Voter Republicans for Amnesty is Delusional Thinking

    Democrats for amnesty is too, when it becomes intuitively obvious to the Democrat voter that amnesty overpopulation, if implemented, means more job competition, lower wages and social costs deficits off the Richtor Scale.

    A lion’s share of the Democrats I talk to are dead against amnesty, most likely, most of this voter block….but does the DNC really care?

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    Concerned Citizen on

    We’re in the middle of a terrible jobs slump, yet some people are warming up to an amnesty. As far back as 2006, I was open to the possibility of a guest worker visa program, but none of the prerequisites has been met yet.

    No guest worker program should be passed without: 1) securing the borders, 2) credibly accounting for unemployed/underemployed Americans who would like to have these jobs, 4) making sure society doesn’t subsidize health care and other hidden costs, 4) implementing tough, verifiable standards to make sure employers don’t continue to cheat and 5) eliminating the anchor baby magnet.

    My recent comments about changing the country’s borders seemed very premature at the time, so I wasn’t expecting the sudden surge in secession petitions. I haven’t signed a petition, but if Washington doesn’t very carefully navigate through the immigration issue, it will shatter the country into countless pieces.

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      No doubt our Nation is at a major crossroad, with immigration being ‘the Boars Head’, We could pass ANOTHER amnesty and possibly survive, but it would be the last, at least for traditional America, because the next one, and there would be another, would be the death knell. Our politicians/people refuse to learn from history…believe me, any mention of amnesty is akin to a giant “Gabriel’s Horn” blowing to mexico/ south america, COME ON IN!….